Sunday, June 16, 2013

Nutrisystem Week 14: Weight Loss Problems

I'm currently going back in time one month to tell you about this week of Nutrisystem.  The self inflicted busy is just out of control, I swear!  And I am tired of my own excuses for not blogging.  So hello!  I'm in the middle of a lifestyle change, how are you?! 

When I started Nutrisystem in February, I felt so horribly bad about myself.  I had 20+ pounds to lose, no energy to exercise, and was full of excuses why it was too hard to lose weight. Because honestly, I've never in my life been overweight.  My weight struggles consisted of losing 3-5 pounds which were probably period weight anyway.  This 20 pounds felt like a million and it just seemed too hard.  Two years of eating my emotions made me a totally different person - I didn't know how to get out of the rut.

My BMI was bumping up against OBESE and so I figured, what the hell.  May as well try Nutrisystem.  I wasn't at all thinking of changing my eating totally - I was thinking of losing some weight with an easy diet.  And like most "diets," I lost pretty quickly at first.  Which was an awesome confidence builder.  Like, hey.  I can maybe do this thing! 

Lighter 18 pounds, I started back to work full time the first week in May.  When I started interviewing for jobs in February, I bought size 14 pants.  And they were tight.  I returned to work wearing size 8 pants that are on the verge of being loose.  My underwear almost fell off as I was walking across the cafeteria one day.  I seriously told the other girl who was training with me that she was in charge of giving me a heads up if she saw my underwear around my ankles.  (Way professional.  Always.)

Lost the baby weight in my ring finger.
Married again for the first time since July 2010.

My Progress So Far:

Week 1: -2.4
Week 2: -3.8
Week 3: -1
Week 4: -1.8
Month 1 Total: 9 pounds lost!
Week 5: -.4
Week 6: -2.2
Week 7: -1.4
Week 8: -.4
Month 2 Total: 13.4 pounds lost!
Week 9: -.6
Week 10: -.6
Week 11: -1.4
Week 12: -.8
Month 3 Total: 16.8 Pounds Lost!
Week 13: -.6
Week 14: -.2
Total Lost: 17.6 Pounds

Another kick ass week on Nutrisystem.  My workouts are super hard and last an hour, and I love them.  I'm eating so many healthy foods as snacks.  I'm making excellent decisions when I eat outside of the Success plan.  I'm used to smaller portions and more frequent meals and am never hungry.

I'm happy and sad that my time with Nutrisystem is coming to a close.  I'd like to continue but blogging is just too much of a commitment for me right now.  I have two more posts to do and my program will be complete.  I've gotten a few grumbles about missing my old blog (I do too - I used to be very funny!) but I've gotten way more emails with questions and updates of readers who are starting out on Nutrisystem because of me.   Which is awesome!  I'm getting the food for free in exchange for blogging, but I don't get anything when someone signs up.  I could jump on my blog and tell you that I hate it and it wouldn't change the terms of our agreement.  The truth is, I LOVE NUTRISYSTEM for giving me the tools to shed all these freaking stupid pounds and feel normal again.
If you'd like to join me in using Nutrisystem to lose weight and start a healthier way of eating, follow this link: Join Nutrisystem or call 1-888-853-4689.

Disclosure: I am being provided the Nutrisystem Women's SUCCESS Select as a part of the Nutrisystem Nation Blogger Program, in exchange for writing about my experience with the program. All opinions are mine and have not been influenced in any way.