Monday, May 27, 2013

Nutrisystem Week 13: Less Chubby, More Sweaty

Week 13 of Nutrisystem was fabulous as always.  My only actual complaint is that I had to go shopping and buy a bunch of new cute clothes to wear to work because all the stuff I've been wearing is too big.  Woe, etc.

Lots of confessions this week.  I didn't drink enough water or eat enough vegetables.  I ate out.  Twice.  I even had a beer.  I exercised like crazy though and I think it made up for it because I still lost another .6 pounds.

I was trying to find a couple of face pictures to compare but sadly, I have no recent pictures of myself.  Or...I should say, I have no normal pictures of myself.  I do have pictures of myself that I text to my friends when I feel like they might be missing me.  Which is always because my company is way pleasurable.

September and May
Less chubby, more sweaty.

My Progress So Far:

Week 1: -2.4
Week 2: -3.8
Week 3: -1
Week 4: -1.8
Month 1 Total: 9 pounds lost!
Week 5: -.4
Week 6: -2.2
Week 7: -1.4
Week 8: -.4
Month 2 Total: 13.4 pounds lost!
Week 9: -.6
Week 10: -.6
Week 11: -1.4
Week 12: -.8
Month 3 Total: 16.8 Pounds Lost!
Week 13: -.6
Total Lost: 17.4 Pounds

This Friday is actually my last day of Nutrisystem, wrapping up week 16.  I'm behind on writing but have still been killing it on the Success plan.  I'm hoping to get all caught up this week, but we all know that I'm not super reliable so whatever. 

If you'd like to join me in using Nutrisystem to lose weight and start a healthier way of eating, follow this link: Join Nutrisystem or call 1-888-853-4689.

Disclosure: I am being provided the Nutrisystem Women's SUCCESS Select as a part of the Nutrisystem Nation Blogger Program, in exchange for writing about my experience with the program. All opinions are mine and have not been influenced in any way.


lifefamilysanity said...

Um... job? Did I miss a post about the lady of leisure gig not working out as expected?

Aimee Lopez said...

I cannot even describe how much I would like to try this now. Your crazy face still shows results. Someday when I have the moola!

Stacey said...

Great job!!!! That's awesome, and I'm sure you're loving your new body :) I have started using/selling a body wrap called the "Ultimate Body Applicator".. It tones, tightens and firms any area of your body in as little as 45 minutes.. The botanicals in the wrap penetrate the skin and start breaking down the toxins in your fat cells, shrinking them.. It's all natural too.. I have lost 14 pounds and 6 inches :) If you're interested in stregthening what you're already doing, check ot my website :) You won't be disappointed!!!

Unknown said...

You look amazing! Well done!!

Joanna @ said...

Great job Jenn!!!

Aaryn Rubin said...

Losing weight is such an awesome feeling! I did WW after my first and it took care of those stubborn last 10 lbs and then more! But I didn't think it was truly changed my life! So happy for you!