Sunday, December 2, 2012

Mr. Worldwide

I was fixing my hair in the bathroom across the hall from my bedroom, where Mark and Olivia were playing.  She likes to jump on our bed while Mark throws pillows and stuffed animals at her.  Usually, there is much music and fly booty shaking included.  Today they were listening to Pandora when  a Pitbull song came on.  It doesn't matter which one because they all sound exactly the same. 

Perhaps you are not a Pitbull fan?  He is a...rapper?  I guess?  And he calls himself Mr. Worldwide.  According to his website, "You need to generate a lot of heat if you want to be Mr. Worldwide, but if there’s one thing Pitbull has — besides a way with rapid-fire rhymes, billion-dollar beats, and globally infectious hooks — it’s charm by the boatload."  Basically, his bio totally cracks me up.  But I am behind on sleep so you can't really count on my taste in hilarity.

Anyway, inspired by the rapid-fire rhymes, billion-dollar beats, and globally infectious hooks, this is what I heard coming from my bedroom:

Olivia: Daddy! Throw the duck at me!

Mark: I'm Mr. Worldwide!

Olivia: Daddy!  Throw the duck at me!

Mark: I'm Mr. Worldwide!

Olivia: Hey Mr. Worldwide, throw the duck at me!

I swear, Olivia and Mark need to start blogs.  They are some of the funniest people who live in my house.


Kristin said...

"I am behind on sleep"

I am actually sleep deprived enough to think that this is the funniest thing I've ever heard.

Rachael said...

I got almost a full 8 hours last night, and I still thought this was the funniest thing I've read recently!

Rose said...

LMAO... not only is that really funny, but I think you've ruined Pitbull for me. He's on a bunch of tracks that I listen to when I workout and he always seems to throw "Mr. Worldwide" into the mix. So I fear that I'm either going to see your husband in his Rapunzel braid or imagine Pitbull in one as he's singing. Either way, I'm screwed. :)

JP said...

I read this days ago yet I still randomly have "Mr. Worldwide" go through my head several times a day. This can only be attributed to this posting as I am seriously behind on hip music.

aftertheyhatch said...

I am mostly impressed that you went to his website.