Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I have a preschooler, you guys.

Like, a for real, big looking, sassy preschooler.  See?

This is an Instagram picture of a picture.
Photo Credit: Lifetouch
There is a house that we pass on our way to school.  It is brown.  Like, all brown.  Kind of a wanna be log cabin, but it is just a house painted brown.

"Hey mom, look at that chocolate house!"

I love this kid.


Rebecca said...

I seem to remember a time when one of the kids called brown/black/African people......chocolate people.

JP said...

Your preschooler is adorbs. And hilarious.

The Lamentings From A Slow and Joyful Descent Into Madness: said...

I bet they have a dog and it's a Chocolate Lab too. From a preschooler's perspective - all things worth trying to lick - just in case.

Leah said...

She is so cute!

JoJo said...

Your daughter is beautiful!