Friday, November 23, 2012

Zoey Is Stealing My Mom Glory

This morning was the introduction to the Elf on the Shelf. Olivia decided to name the elf Zoey.  Zoey has a little sticker that tells Olivia what kind of Christmas fun will happen for the day. 

It occurred to me that Zoey is going to get all of the credit for planning and executing the Christmas of super duper scheduled magical fun.
Zoey, the glory hog.
I don't think that Olivia really buys this whole, "the elf watches you all day and then visits Santa at night and then comes back in the morning" thing.   She wanted to know how Zoey sees in the dark and when Mark told her that he has a big flashlight (which, hello penis joke!) Olivia was like, "where does he keep it?"  Excellent question...better parents probably have an answer to that question but we just changed the subject.

We spent three hours at Lowe's picking out and buying all new appliances.  Which is like, giving me a total stainless steel-coated appliancegasm by the way.  (Being an adult is weird.) We were trying to use the elf to encourage good behavior but it turns out that a happy meal is more effective.  Maybe I'll scrap the elf and get a giant Ronald McDonald to move around my house on a daily basis.

We'll see how this goes! 

Day 1: Meet and name your elf. 
Day 2: Put up and decorate the Christmas tree.


areyoukiddingme said...

Now I understand! Someone wanted a use for those vaguely creepy 70s model elves that were sold as Christmas decorations, and so the Elf on a Shelf was born! It's just recycling. We had those lurking about our house when I was young, along with Mr. and Mrs. Claus (in heroin skinny chic, of course) and Miss Mistletoe in her mini-dress and go-go boots.

Immediate rewards are the key to good behavior...long-term stuff just doesn't work.

Debbie said...

There was an Elf on the Shelf cartoon that premiered last year. It will answer all of your elf questions. Our elf only hides in high places. He does not make a mess - the kids are experts on that.

A Engineer in the Kitchen said...

Okay why does the elf look so creepy...?

Sarah said...

What I want to know is how you explain the elves on the shelves at Target? Are they orphan elves that still need kids to stalk?

I just don't get it!

BUT - sounds like you're going to have fun making Christmas memories, so maybe that's all that matters.