Friday, November 2, 2012

Perfect Little Punzels

It is day two of writing a blog every day, and I'm already realizing that it is going to be completely impossible.  Proof that I must love stressing myself out.  Hey I don't even pee alone but I'm sure I could probably fit an hour of blogging in!  Sure!  I'll totally do it!

(Yeah.  It takes me like an hour to write this crap.  Unbelievable.)

Anyway.  Olivia has a little bestie.  If you ask her who her best friend is, it will be a pretty predictable group of little kids all born during the Great Baby Eviction of 2009 - Gianna, Maggie, Ben, Sophia, Emma, Aidan, Addison, Ella, and Reece are the usual suspects.  But she is pretty much Single White Female over Gianna.

(Gianna's mommy is one of my very favorite people and she has a blog.  You should read it!)

This year, Olivia and Gianna both decided to be Rapunzel.  Actually, Olivia was Purple Punzel and Gianna was White Punzel.  And they actually got to do some trick-or-treating together which was OMG SO CUTE.

They were yelling, "daddy has stinky feeeeet!"
Because I say gross things to get my kid to smile.

They were holding hands and talking to each other the whole time.  I kept trying to get a picture of it but these little threenagers are QUICK.  Here's the best I could get:

I heard them saying that next year, Gianna is going to be Purple Punzel and Olivia is going to be White Punzel.  Very serious plans.

Adelle was there too but she...well, she was not impressed.  It was past her bedtime and she was pretty much pissed about this whole penguin getup but whatever, Adelle.  You don't have to smile to be cute.   But you know what would be super cute?  Sleeping.through.the.night.

Not impressed.
Also, not sleeping through the night.
Mark and I dressed up, too. We were Care Bears because it was the easiest thing I found on Pinterest that I could make for cheap.  I wanted to be sunshine bear (for obvious reasons) but I just didn't think I could pull off all yellow without looking like a demented big bird.

Everyone smile!
Or not.
(That is Gianna in the bottom left.  Also, not impressed.)
It doesn't feel like Halloween is over because we still have our city's trick-or-treat this weekend.  So just pretend I posted this on time. 

Happy Halloween!  I hope your candy was razor blade free!


Wendy said...

Cute post! Looks like a fun the costumes, especially your little penguin!

Kara said...

How about Excedrin-free candy? Did you HEAR THAT?! OMG, sick people! But seriously, I'll take some Excedrin... BUT DON'T GIVE THAT SH!T TO MY BABIES!

Candice said...

Super cute...all of you!

Kate Sanders said...

I love how you say THREEnagers. LOL!

twointhemud said...

Isn't it amazing how long it takes to write a freaking blog post? It just takes time to get the funny right.

Nice update and good luck with the every day posting.