Monday, November 5, 2012

Five, Four, One

Five:  Number of months since Adelle was evicted from my uterus.

Mostly, this seems unbelievable to me.  She is getting so big so fast.  She rolls all over, grabs at and inspects toys before tongue swabbing them, and squeals with excitement when you smile at or talk to her.  She can sit up for a few seconds at a time.  She smiles like a goon at Dora the Explorer.  She giggles on occasion. 

In general, Adelle is such a pleasant, happy little lady.  Big smiles, big squeals, loves being held by anyone willing.  She has two delectable dimples in her chub-filled cheeks.  The overall chub has started to go away already because she is pretty long, but the cheeks remain a daily snackable. 

Swiper No Swiping!!

Four: Number of teeth currently making our lives hell.

Sleep has been a struggle as of late.  Up every 3 - 4 hours over night and then only taking 45 minute naps.  Which doesn't sound bad but you know what?   It gets to be pretty exhausting as the days add up.  It has me missing the days that I went to work and could sleep for an hour on my lunch break.

I suspected an ear infection at first because the screaming was so horror film-like.  But that was really just a waste of a $25 copay because her ears were fine and she acted all adorable and happy for the doctor just to make me look like That Mom.  Jerk baby.

Finally, today, you could really really see her bottom two teeth cutting through.  But then I took a look up top and there are two giant bumps there, too.  I was going to go buy some Orajel but then, you know, with all of the screaming and fire and brimstone and having to write a blog I just pretty much ran out of time.

Plotting to take over the world.
Or, at least plotting to be held nonstop until she has a full set of toofs.

One: Number of months until we can start sleep training.

She will be six months old soon and I can start trying to eliminate some of the bedtime antics.  It is so random, because some days are fantastic - we feed her and then lay her down drowsy and she rolls around to get comfy and falls fast asleep.

Other days are so beyond freaking ridiculous with the rocking and the crying and the refusal to eat even though she's hungry.  And then we fiiiiinally get her to sleep and as soon as we lay her down she is wide wide wide awake. 

The only way that I can quantify this cute.

These two really love each other.  It is so cute and I so hope it lasts into the quickly approaching phase where Adelle becomes mobile and Olivia realizes that all of her toys?  Are also all of Adelle's toys.   


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Mrs. Higrens said...

I can haz cheek noms pleeze?

It should be a universally acknowledged fact that you & Mark have the cutest family ever.

Superstar said...

Gonna have to agree with the deliciousness. My boys are a few days shy of seven months and I'm still in shitty-naps-up-every-3-hours-at-night stage. I.need.sleep. I can relate. But then someone gives me the dimple-y-est smile and I just want to squeeze the non sleeping stuffins right out of 'em. It is a vicious circle.

Kristin B said... is my favorite! Best $ spent. It worked like a charm for my first son at 15 weeks and I just sleep trained my second son last week at 14 weeks. 12 hours=bliss. Good luck!

HereWeGoAJen said...

Babies getting teeth the way they do is a total design flaw.

Ginny said...

Adorabs! What sleep training method do you use?

Rebecca said...

Your girls are adorable and the teething phase (as you know) is just a phase. She'll move on to bigger and better annoyances.

M.E. said...

Those are the cutest squishy cheeks ever. Period. I don't care what side of the Mississippi you're on...

Leah said...

The last picture she looks alot like Ainsley. Beautiful kids you have!