Monday, November 12, 2012

First World Problem

Seriously.  If you aren't watching Homeland you totally should.  I found it hard to follow at first, and you have to really pay attention because there is so much detail.  But after the first few episodes, they all feel like a finale. 

And also, for some reason, Claire Danes can do no wrong in my book.


Hoping to do the Facebook etiquette post tomorrow - part one anyway.  It is too long, and the suggestions too amazeballs, to limit to one post.  If you didn't get to submit your grievance, go to the Maybe If You Just Relax Facebook Page and let me know what drives you crazy.


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1 comment:

Jenn Elting said...

I, too, puffy heart Homeland, although Carrie has been grating a bit on my too-short nerves lately.