Saturday, November 3, 2012

Beer blog.

Day 3 of posting 30 days in a row: pretty much fail.

Today I slept in until 9:30 because my husband is pretty damn nice, and because I didn't feel well. 

Then I took Olivia to see a new Tinkerbell movie at the library until about 2 which was fun because I got to dick around on my phone for almost two hours and chat with actual adults!  Who say grown up things and don't try to watch me pee!

Then I had to buy a few groceries for the week, and also a bottle of chocolate raspberry vodka.  You know, just the staples.

Then we went to watch football at a friend's house at 4:30, and tried to help install a new kitchen faucet.  Oh wait!  We are not handy!  So instead we ate all of their food and drank all of their beer and then stayed until 9:30 when Olivia lost her shit so hard that she didn't even make sense while she was talking.  Our friends should find more useful friends.

Then I put Adelle to bed while Mark got Olivia to bed.  But first we had to do a puppet show using a night light, which Olivia requires every night and involves dog hand puppets pooping, peeing, and puking on her.

THEN I ate 7 fudge stripe cookies.  And I was super pissed when they were gone but also super pissed that I ate them because none of my pants fit.

Now it is 10 and I'm half drunk and I am supposed to write a blog.  But I'm so tired that I can't even funny drunk blog and you know what else?  I keep typing everything wrong and having to backspace and then retype.  Not very efficient, this whole drinking and blogging thing.

Good night, friends.


Stacie Leatherberry said...

Sounds like a normal night to me! LOL!!! I am jealous you got adult time where no one watched you pee! Oh and raspberry chocolate vodka?? Please do a whole post on just that...LOL!

Mrs. Higrens said...

Adult time? What is this so called adult time? Please clarify for the enlightenment of those of us who are not afforded such luxury.


May your morning be late and your hangover, well, not be one.

Amber said...

Solo peeing? Wow, you spoil yourself!!!!

Amy said...

What I just got out of this:

OMG is there a new Tinkerbell movie that I don't know about? Because Tinkerbell is pretty much god in this house and my understanding is that the new one won't be out until 2015 when my babies no longer care. Aaaaand my life is super sad except about four times a day (they are sick, is my excuse) there is a whole commotion in y house because OWLS!! Carrying baskets!!! They almost hit us this time!!!