Friday, October 19, 2012

One Two Three Four

Get your bootie on the floor.

Coolio?  Anyone?  Gotta gotta get up to get down?

It's been four months since I was sliced open and this tiny little human that I call Adelle was taken out of me.  Did you know that when you have a c-section, they take your uterus out of your body?  Like, they take it out and they scrape all the shit out, and then they put it back in like nothing ever happened.  Think about THAT while you make your jack-o-lantern this Halloween.  You.are.welcome.

(Also?  When I had my c-section this time?  The resident had a big plastic welder-type mask over her face when she introduced herself to me.  You know, "Hello!  Nice to meet you!  I am sure you are a lovely person but I prefer to keep your innards off of my face.  Lets get to cuttin!")

(OHplusalso Mark said at one point he noticed that she had her knee on the table and was "all up in there."  In there being, my innards.  So gross.)


She just loves smiling.
Smiling is her favorite.

For the record, these stickers are stupid.  I don't like them and I'd not do them again.  They don't show up on some (most) clothes.  They are stiff and show cracks easily.  Unless she is laying down you can't see them very well.  Boo, hiss, etc.  But now I started and I can't stop so I'll just do them all year and be irritated about it.  Yay!

Adelle is growing up fast, like all babies do.  She is four months old and over the colic and just generally a pleasant little enjoyable hunk of smiley baby fat. 

At four months, she weighs just shy of 14 pounds.  I find this to be totally chubbalicious since Olivia weighed about 16.5 pounds age one year.  She still gets up once a night to suck down a bottle, because she is a sucky eater like all of my babies have been.  

Look at those thighs!
(Adelle's.  Not mine.)
Photo Credit: Photography by Val
She rolls all over the place, but practically burns the neighborhood down with her rage when she rolls onto her belly.  Never mind the fact that she is perfectly capable of rolling herself over. 

Adelle LOVES her sister.  Which is adorable and also, maybe a little surprising because apparently at age 3, Olivia doesn't understand that she does not need to put her face against Adelle's face for Adelle to be able to see or hear her.  

Adelle also loves her toes and I must agree.  I kiss on her toes even though they are full of toe jam and always just the slightest bit stinky. 

Sleep is...I don't know.  I want to say it is a challenge but I can't decide if that is overly dramatic.  She is still up one or two times a night which is fine since I am a lady of leisure.  But I do spend a great amount of my day trying to get her to nap.  Some days are easier than others and that's pretty typical so I won't complain or call her an asshole over it or anything.

The dimples (thigh and cheek) are out of control.  OUT OF CONTROL.  She will probably go to her first day of school and have to go to the principal's office because she thought it was totally acceptable to NOM on someone's face out of pure adoration. 

Makes me hungry.

My most serious complaint about Adelle is that her tolerance for flowers, bows, and head wear in general has gone to the shitter.  I am no longer able to put ridiculous things on her head and photograph her for future blackmail.   Other than that, she is a pretty fantastic addition to the Knepper crew and I think that we will keep her.

Photo Credit: Photography by Val

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Stephanie said...

I'm pretty sure Adelle looks exactly like I remember baby pictures of Olivia. Month 3 for sure! Glad you're having fun as a lady of leisure!

areyoukiddingme said...


Allison said...

I have a little man not much older than Adelle and I could've written the paragraphs about the rolling and about the big sister. I also have a 3 year old and she is ALWAYS in her baby brother's face. OMG. And our little man definitely would get all pissy whenever he'd roll onto his belly even though he was perfectly capable of rolling back onto his back. All this is changing, of course, now that he's rolling everywhere happily and starting to crawl (ACK!).

Adelle is beautiful and her 4 month picture makes her look a lot like Olivia. You make beautiful babies!

Kristy said...

She looks exactly like her big sister. In fact I thought that 1 month picture was of Olivia. Adorable.

Joanna @ said...

She is just perfect! Love your new design too!

allthesunforyou said...

So glad to see that everyone is doing so well! Sounds like Adelle is a joy!

noswimmers said...

Omgosh, so sweet! And that top-right pic of Adelle? Little mini-Jen!!

Elle said...

Great, now I have Coolio stuck in my head, for the first time since...oh, lets not go there. Loooong ago! Haha.

Adorable pictures of your little one! Happy 4 months to her! :o)

Milla said...

Thanks for all of that, it's excellent to see how beautiful and delicious Adelle is and to hear that she's over the colic. What a relief. My 2 year old is a crappy sleeper, I am very envious of Adelle doing so well. I am so glad she is smiley, she is very photogenic. As is Olivia, that family portrait is just beautiful. Well done all Kneppers, it's good to hear that everything is so great.x

mg said...

Beautiful baby!

I did the stickers with my younger daughter, and they were kind of a pain to apply. I bought a bunch of white onesies and used those for the pictures so that the design would show up easily. Target sells packs of Carters for $7 and they worked well.

raisingmiles said...

Carving pumpkins tonight....thinking of you!

*The I am not a robot numbers are HORRID. Like I think I need glasses the first numbers are so blurry FOR REAL.

raisingmiles said...

Carving pumpkins tonight....thinking of you!

*The I am not a robot numbers are HORRID. Like I think I need glasses the first numbers are so blurry FOR REAL.

alison said...

Hang in there, sister. Jude was WALKING before he was sleeping through the night (10.5 months!). The youngests are destined to be little turdballs, but so! freaking! adorable we just don't care.

Damian Bathory said...

Congratulations, you got a little model in the family. Next thing you know, you'll be dressing her up in personalised baby clothes and teaching her to walk on a catwalk.