Sunday, October 28, 2012

Frankenstorm Snacks

Our preschool does snacks on a rotation.  Each kid brings a snack for a week, and you end up only having to bring a snack a few times a year.  I am not picky (at all) about what my kid eats so this is fantastic for me!  Bring on the crackers and pretzels and juice!  As long as my kid isn't whiny and starving when I pick her up, I am good.

When I found out that our snack week was Halloween week I figured that I would make something Halloweeny.  (I know that sounds like weenie, but I spelled it with a Y so you would realize that I wasn't bringing a dick shaped snack to preschool.) 

I'm having so much fun making these Halloween treats!  I wanted to make these little witches filled with popcorn, but I couldn't find green plastic wrap anywhere and I didn't want to order online and pay shipping.  I AM a lady of leisure, after all. 

So I decided on Goldfish pumpkins instead.  Just draw a little jack-o-lantern face on plastic wrap, fill with crackers, and seal with green tape to make the stem.  Super easy, super cheap, and they require basically no skill at all.  Which is great because I?  Do not have skill.

I'm also going to make Chocolate Milk Mummies tomorrow.  I am sure I will post a picture, because all I do is post pictures and also, I have no other way to measure my self worth than to make my preschool snack cute for Halloween. 

Unless this whole Frankenstorm thing screws me over.  Then I will be huddled in the dark eating 10 Goldfish Pumpkins and drinking 10 Chocolate Milk Mummies and wrestling Olivia over trick-or-treat candy.


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Christina said...

This is perfect and something that I could actually do! Will remember this for next year!

Thank you!

evsmarie said...

I need to bring a snack for our ECFE group. Score!

On an entirely different note... I was re-reading your --- Years ago posts and for a giggle, read the one comment on your post from 5 years ago. You racist lady, you! Bwahaha.

Jen said...

BAHAHAHAAH! Forgot about that whole racist comment!

Sometimes I miss the haters. They can be very amusing.

Meghan said...

I have to say, I am a longtime reader (lurker), and I just want you to know how funny you are and how much I enjoy reading your posts. Thanks for the sarcasm and wit usually delivered at times I really need it!

Milla said...

Your self-worth should be looking pretty good. I am both impressed and chastened (for thinking that a small chocolate spider would do for the whole of halloween, bought not made I might add). I'm sure that Olivia takes your genius in her stride but you are doing her proud,x said...

I just re-read the racist comment and it made me laugh (again). I think what she really meant (or possibly HE really meant. I don't want to be called sexist for assuming the anon commenter was a woman) was that you hate fat people. All of them. It wouldn't have mattered if you had said any name of any other ethnicity (white folks included), your true message of hating on fatties rang out loud and clear. Much more so than the beginnings of your struggles with infertility.