Thursday, September 6, 2012

First Day of Preschool

I never thought I'd be the teary-eyed mom sending her kid to school. I always loved school as a kid and so to me, going to school is just so exciting and fun.

And then I had kids.

Last year I had to meet our babysitter at her son's school to drop Olivia off. It was drop off time and I was sitting in my car watching all these little tiny kids and their big giant backpacks hop off the bus and walk into the huge scary school. And then I was all WUT?! This is making me want to cry!  My emoshuns are making me unnnncomfortabbbblllleee.

Giant backpack on my tiny girl.
I guess it is one of those things that happens while you're not paying attention. Becoming a freaking pansy wuss, I mean.

I took Olivia to preschool Tuesday and was not tempted at all to cry. So I guess my freaking pansy wussness does not apply to preschool.  Yay me.

So excited!

There isn't much to do to prepare.  Orientation was last week and so we spent the weekend memorizing her teacher's name.  We also spent the weekend telling her, "NO IT IS NOT TIME FOR SCHOOL YET STOP ASKING."

She is Olivia K. at school, hello top 3 name!
Her backpack hook is, like, the kewlest thing evah.
 She ran in the room and didn't look back.  I went home, put Adelle down for a nap, and did a workout.  It was a pretty fantastic day for all.

The teacher told me that she did great.  I knew she would. Also, the teacher told her she was tiny to which Olivia replied, "No I'm not, I'm BIG!"

Yes, Olivia.  You are.  So big I can't even believe it.


My blog is crazy embarrassing this week.  All of these review publish dates were supposed to be weeks apart but were pushed around and now it's all ADS! and REVIEWS! all at once.  So...sorry about that.  Here is a fat and very serious baby picture to try to make it up to you...

I'm going to roll over, but only because I'm super pissed.


Rebecca said...

You have the most beautiful babies. All of them.

Preschool, kindergarten, preschool the second year, first grade, second grade and kindergarten all made me cry. I'll likely cry next year when my oldest goes to third grade and the youngest in first grade *sob*

Maegan said...

You're one of the few bloggers who could do reviews all month and I'd still read faithfully. I'm glad you're staying home now, if only because you're blogging more!

JP said...

I am a big pansy regarding this stuff, so good for you not being one. We want them to grow up and leave eventually, but not so fast!! It is somehow comforting to me that my own little is SO small for an almost 3 year old. His being small allows me to fool myself.
Anyhow, Olivia K. looks adorably excited and I am glad she ha a great time.

Lissa said...

But YOU make reviews entertaining!

My 4-year-olds are ittybitty (not even 30 pounds), but don't you dare let them hear you say any such thing. They will cry and sob and say, "Never ever say that, Mom. We're MEDIUM!"

Yes. Very, very medium.