Thursday, August 23, 2012

Jewelry Organization

I actually DID something that I pinned on Pinterest.  It doesn't matter what it is, the fact is that I am better than you now - a better wife, better mother, and better homemaker.  Better lady of leisure.  Please continue to strive to be as amazeballs as me no matter how unattainable it seems.

(Unless you make those Bento Boxes for your kids.  Then, you are better than me.  I admit it.)

One of my very favorite friends sells Premier jewelry.  So I had a party because that's what you do when your favorite friends sell things.  And I got a bunch of free stuff and do you know what happened?  I became addicted to the jewelry.  I know all the names of the pieces and if I didn't hate people and small talk I would probably be able to sell it because I really do love it so much.  It is nice. 

And now, when I go to other places I feel like the jewelry is kind of junky compared to my Premier stuff.  So then the new catalog came out and I had another party.  And then I went to all the parties of people who booked parties at my party (party party party - I've typed it so much it looks wrong). 

I officially had a shit ton of jewelry and I didn't really have anywhere to put it. 

That's not entirely true.  I had all my jewelry hanging from a hanger separated by little hair clips.  Like a middle school kid.

I decided that I should make use of the embarrassing amount of hours I spend pinning stuff.  I saved an idea forever ago but didn't have time to do it.  Then I bought the stuff and it sat on my dresser for weeks until Mark had to do it for me before his Mr. Clean head exploded because THAT HAS BEEN ON THE COUNTER FOR WEEKS, WOMAN!

So here it is.  My jewelry organization that makes me better than you (unless you make Bento Boxes):

Also pictured:
A lot of cute clothes that fit me 4 years ago.
Two towel bars + shower curtain hooks + exceptional charm and beauty = I am better than you.

(Unless you make Bento Boxes.)
(Seriously, though.  Do people do that shit?  I mean, everyone pins them, but do you actually make little lunches that look like Phineas and Ferb?)


Bree said...

I dont even like jewelry. But, now want a ton so my.closet.can look like yours.

CC said...

I actually made my first Pinterest project this week too. A calendar for the kitchen so the family can **attempt** to be more organized. Inset hilarious laughter here.... and nobody who has a real life makes that mess.

Carli said...

Glad you explained what Bento Boxes were because I thought "I look at Pinterest ALL THE TIME and don't know what the hell she is talking about".
Yeah, it is because I would never even attempt those things so I don't look at those pins.
Your organizer looks absolutely fabulous. Hope that you enjoy it!

Anonymous said...

I'm better than a mom who uses Bento boxes.

I let my kids pick whatever character lunchbox they want.

Then I proceed to make and cut up their lunch and put it in (drumroll please) little tupperware containers that go in their lunch boxes. Novel concept, right? My kids get fruit, cheese, beans, veggies, avacado all cut neatly into little tupperwares. I have a sandwich one for when there is a sandwich. I have larger ones for when I send leftover dinner as lunch.

You see, my system is better than a bento because it's not just one shape. It fits whatever I'm sending my kids with which changes on a daily basis.

Oh, and by the way, the school puts all the kids lunch stuff on a paper plate anyway. So if you sent your kid's lunch in a bento, it would end up in the same pile on a plate that my kids' lunches do.

Oh, and guess what else. Kids like character lunchboxes and they are cheap. And little tupperwares are cheap, too. And you can even get little glass and stainless ones that are chemical free and microwave safe (the glass, of course).

Why try to fit your kid into a pre-determined mold of a bento box when my method is cheaper and more versatile.

Oh, and my tupperwares go in the dishwasher and there is no waste into the landfill either.


kdactyl said...

I just love reading your blog because it makes me laugh. Pretty sure you are a better mom than only project I have been able to pull off is a really ugly dinner chart....the Pinterest version was way too crafty and perfect for me...I opted for a whiteboard, some ribbon tape and some stickers!!!! Ugly but functional...oh..but no where on that chart is freaking bento boxes for my kids!

Jessica said...

Have you seen this? Exactly what you were just saying!

Jennifer Wike said...

Ohhh, I like that. I bought something similar on Amazon, but don't like that I have to unhook the necklace on & off. Which I guess you still have to do with this, anyway, lol, nevermind.

And I'm wearing a Premier piece I bought 12 years ago. It is still fabulous and wonderful.

Rachie Pachie said...

I just got my party hostess goodies in this morning, so I was planning to revamp my current necklace storage... nails stuck in the wall. :) It bugs my husband to death, so I'm see he'll love this much better... seriously! Was thinking about doing the pretty picture frame thing for the new earrings I snatched up, too. I'm on the Premier wagon now! Oh, haven't actually used them for anything, but I scored some stainless steel bento boxes for less than a dollar each... another way I save as a SAHM. I'm now heading to search for your Pinterest boards and follow you!

J & M said...

I actually did make bento boxes for a while and it was super fun! Way too time consuming though. I got inspired by Pikko, she makes some AMAZING bento boxes for her whole family!

taradawes said...

I've made quite a few recipes off of pinterest and used a bunch of the cleaning tips and what not, but I am not motivated or crafty enough to do the craft stuff. I've seen a lot of the bento boxes though, seems way too time-consuming for something a kid is going to devour in like 2 minutes.

Nelly said...

Very fancy if I do say so. Classy!

Jennifer Pearson said...

I love that idea! I will definitely have to do that. I have a jewelry drawer in my dresser, but it has become way too disorganized. This would actually let me see what I have and match the necklaces with my clothes.

Ellie's Mom said...

Do you have heart cutters for your kids cheese?