Saturday, August 18, 2012

BlogHer TV and PB&J

I am slightly obsessed with BlogHer TV.  I am admittedly an online video junkie and could get lost on YouTube for hours and hours.  I guess it isn't surprising that I'd love watching a bunch of bloggers talk about random topics.

So anyway, I have a strong belief that there is one way to make a PB&J sandwich. 

Two pieces of (wheat) bread.

Spread Peanut Butter (JIF only, smooth not chunky) on one piece.

Spread Jelly (grrrrrape!) on the other piece.

Put the Peanut Butter piece on top of the Jelly piece.

Let them make sweet love for a moment.

Cut in half diagonally.

Eat.  Quickly.  Before your kids can get their grubby little hands on your PB&J.

(Or, turn on the TV and eat the sandwich in the laundry room, which is what I usually do.)

Now, I can only be somewhat open minded on this topic.  I would consider a different brand of peanut butter, for example, or a different fruit jelly.  Try to give me white bread or chunky peanut butter?  I might slap you in the face, unless you are tall.  I am short so if you are tall I would possibly kick you in the shin or even step on your toes.  I'm unpredictable in my retaliation.

But then I saw this video about the world's best PB&J and now I am just super pissed that I don't have a waffle iron.  (I do have a quesadilla maker that is ah-mayze-ballz.)  And?  And!  AND!!!  She follows my method up until the cutting part which validates my belief that I am the best PB&J cook ever.

(PB&J is cooking at our house.  Obviously our meals are quality and I am a fantastic home maker.)

So anyway, check out BlogHer TV if you have time and feel like getting lost in a bunch of cool videos.  Right now, on my left sidebar, is a video of Katie Couric.  Click that and you can watch that video and all the new videos that were added this week.

Tomorrow?  I'm going to post a fart-related video.   Do I know how to keep my readers coming, or what?!


HereWeGoAJen said...

I have a Mickey waffle iron. Do you think that would work?

mommacommaphd said...

I use Simply Jif (less sugar and salt) and Polaner All Fruit (added fiber and no added sugar, all fruit juice) and then I call it health food and is assuages my guilt over having a 2 year old who lives on PB&J.

Erica said...

We are Skippy All Naturals peanut butter and Smuckers all Natural Grape or Strawberry type of house hold. However.. I have found that jelly on top gets the kiddos eating the whole sandwich. I guess with peanut butter on top it sticks to the roof of their mouths. Never thought of putting it in a waffle iron!!!

Lilly said...

oh yeah. that made my night "Let them make sweet love for a moment"!

Anonymous said...

In grad school a gentleman taught us tht peanut butter should go on top AND bottom if packing the sandwich. - it keeps the jelly from making the bread soggy!

Betsy said...

holy moly...this looks delicious and would be more spectacular if we added nutella to the mix. PB&J, tried and true comfort food at work...a client yells at you, just have a pb&j. vendors are late, PB&J will solve the problem. NOw to bring in the waffle iron...bliss