Sunday, August 19, 2012

Anything for a Smile.

Things are starting to (slowly) improve with Adelle Screamypants Knepper.

The happy periods are longer and more frequent; the screaming periods are shorter and less intense and slightly less frequent.

And, of course my kid likes fart jokes.

I will do anything ridiculous for a smile.  Occasionally I get a giggle and some serious story-telling but I'm never quick enough with the camera and I always miss it.

Sometimes I am quick enough, though.
I've had a busy weekend.  I'm going to watch Big Brother and probably stuff my face with something delicious.


Milla said...

Great to hear that the screaminess is easing up a little, how blissful. Lovely little smiles and also, those are the cutest little bottoms.x

Nelly said...

I almost always miss the perfect photo worthy moments. No matter what camera I use, I'm too slow.

Sarah said...

Love your blog! Wanted to jump in on the refux issue - have you tried soy formula? We tried Prevacid and all that, but it was the soy formula that made my child a completely different and happy baby. Good luck!!