Monday, August 13, 2012

Adelle The Giant

I finally got around to taking the 1 Month onesie sticker pictures...two weeks late.  As previously discussed, I suck at life and most other important things.  Most recently I discovered that I suck at not smelling like BO when I forget to wear deodorant.  Livin the dream, my friends.

She is six weeks old and already she is judging me.
In all fairness, I probably hadn't bathed in days and may have been wearing
mismatched pajama pieces.

It would appear that Adelle is a GIANT OMG.  All her one month stats are 70th percentile and up - in stark contrast to Olivia, who has always clocked in at 20th and below.

Fe Fi Fo Fum
I smell the stench of the Enfamil
Be it hot or be it cold
Shove it in my formula hole
Before I cry you all into oblivion.
(I am not good at tetrameter.)
(Yes, I googled it.)
(Shut up.)
And the giant-ness continues into two months.  She was 11 pounds, 4 ounces, and 23.3 inches.  All 75 percentile and up.  I managed to take these pictures at the two month mark exactly, which means that I am an excellent mother and amazeballs at parenting. 

This is either a smile, or a scream of terror.

I can't even believe that I am typing this but, Prevacid?  Bullshit.  Like Tylenol.  Prevacid actually makes Adelle WORSE.  Like, it seems to give her stomach cramps and a bad case of Cry All Motherfucking Day. 

We went to a pediatric gastroenterologist who...meh.  I heard his bedside manner was lacking so I was expecting the worst.  I don't know what I was hoping he would tell me but I was all Fix Mah Baybee.  And he was all, No.  He doesn't think that babies have acid reflux pain at all and that meds for it are pointless (the horror!) and that she has colic so good luck with that, Kneppers.  He was pretty nice while telling me what I didn't want to hear so that was the bright spot of the visit.

Do I look like a cry baby to you?
He is probably right.  She cries all the time for no reason.  This is Adelle's general schedule:

Sleep: 12 hours/day
Cry: 11 hours/day
Smile and Be Adorable: 1 hour/day

So that continues to be super fun and everything*.  The good news is that it goes away...eventually.  And until then there is beer, glorious beer.

*Also, obligatory - we are just so glad she is healthy!**
**Seriously.  This crying bullshit sucks.***
***But she is healthy!  Yay!


Mrs. Higrens said...

Screw the formula Mom, I just want to eat your face!

Seriously, that girl could eat your face and she's so cute you wouldn't even notice it was missing.

Michelle Hanway said...

I'm sorry she's cry-y and such, but man, what a cutie.

Also, try infacol. Smells like creamsicles & worked like a dream with LJ.

Anonymous said...

Firstly - she's adorable
Secondly - silent reflux is not a myth! I hope you get some helpful meds soon...

Cry babies are no fun :(((((

but still cute.

Ginny said...

She is so damn cute. Zantac worked great for my little crier.

Anonymous said...

We had a cry baby too- emfamil nutramigen worked wonders... it's expensive and it smells a bit like dog food but my little girl was only on it until 4 months and then we switched with no problems to a sensitive formula.

PJ said...

The universe owes you guys sunshine and rainbows! I'm so glad Adelle is healthy!

That infant thing is ridiculously hard! I like my tantrumy toddlers much better now! lol!

We used liquid Zantac with our girls, but I didn't think it worked that well. Surely reflux in infants is a real thing!!!

I started doing the monthly pics with the Teddy bear and we got to month 2. Then I went back to work. End if story. Don't feel bad.

She is so adorable!!!

alison said...

Cutest. Ever.

Simona said...

I had a crier baby too. And in perspective, when he grew up a little and started being better at expressing himself, I realized he was crying for the most random reasons (like a pajama pant up higher on one leg than the other and so on), so I realized the doctor was right. Just one of those super sensitive babies, sensitive to everything that surrounds them. The good part - it gets better, a lot better. He's 5 1/2 now and he's A LOT better, most times he will tell me what's bothering him BEFORE he actually starts crying, so at least we can try to fix it :-)))
Adele's a cutie, love your girls, all of them are and were gorgeous!!!

aryanhwy said...

So fun -- in the second picture, she looks so much like Olivia, in the third, so much like Ainsley. Gotta love genetics!

Michele said...

OMG! She is adorable!

That stinks that she is growing like a week but so uncomfortable most of her awake time. Have you tried finding a chiropractor that specializes in treating babies. They don't do adjustments like they do on adults - more massage, facia release and stretching to help their little bodies adjust to being out of the womb. They've also been known to help with colic. I believe that some things can't always be treated with medicine prescribed over the counter. Sometimes our bodies just need help getting on the right track.

Hope you find some relief sooner rather than later!

Keep up the good work! Love your blog!

Strawberry said...

Zantac was the cure for our guy. Once he got on that, he started sleeping for realz. Gripe water, mylecon, sensitive formula...all worth trying as well if you haven't already. Any doctor that doesn't believe babies suffer from reflux pain should not be a doctor.

kdactyl said...

I have only found your blog in the last few months. I'm very very sorry for the loss of your twin daughters...I cannot imagine how that feels. Hugs.

In the same breath...congrats on the birth of Adelle. She is super cute.

Your writing cracks me up. You are so honest and it is so great to know that other mom's out there are living the dream and realizing it is HARD!!!! Thanks for the honesty and the freaking hillarious delivery of the truths of parenting.

JennyM said...

Adelle is absolutely adorable. Yay for big, giant, healthy babies! (minus the GI/colic issues...that part can suck it.)

I could seriously cry for you with the gastro bullshit you are dealing with. When my 3 year old was a baby, we were referred to a GI specialist for reflux. As soon as Dr. GI Lady looked at my fat, chub of a baby, she became totally disinterested in even talking about the reflux. She said the excessive spitting up was nothing but a "laundry problem" and sent me and my fat baby on our way. I guess a burning esophagus is a moot point for a GI Specialist if your baby is on the tubby side.

Anyway, have you tried infant probiotics? For whatever it's worth, I have an almost 3 week old who began screaming his face off around 2 weeks, as he slowly started waking from his womb coma. After lots of consultation with Dr. Google - he's never treated reflux with a RX for laundry detergent - I found probiotics might help. (Apparently, csection babies who are formula fed are usually lacking the "good" bacteria that balances out the "bad" bacteria in their intestines. The imbalance leads to colic/GI issues/reflux/babies who scream their heads off.) Walgreens sells a probiotic called BioGaia for infants which we have been using for about a week now. It's expensive, $30 for a 25 day supply, so unfortunately, the crooks who make it know we will pay anything to make our babies comfortable (i.e stop crying). The good news is, for us, the probiotics seem to be working! My little guy only screams half the day now, instead of all day long. Seriously, though, there really has been a marked improvement for us. It may be worth trying, if you haven't already.

PS. I totally LOL'd at your Fe Fi Fo Fum Ditty. Thanks for making me laugh on this boring, sleep deprived Monday.

Abs said...

Okay, You saw Dr. Fyda.
Dr. Fyda's advice led to failure to thrive in my first son. He gave us the "babies don't need medication for reflux" "the only thing you do is thicken formula". We had a suck/swallow and he gave us some Simply Thick and sent us on our way. Fast forward 3 weeks and my son was eating 8-10 oz/day and screaming all the time. We headed up to Cleveland Clinic and they were much more helpful. Yes babies have reflux pain. We tried Zantac, Prilosec and Prevacid. For us, Prevacid worked the best but there is also Axid and other options. If you feel she needs it, see a DIFFERENT doctor, Dr. Fyda is awful. I think he sees babies that are of good weight and is like oh well they're fine, the parents are exaggerating. He even wrote that I reported "questionable poor weight gain". My son was gaining at most 1oz/week and he wouldn't believe me.
If you need anything am369(at)njit (dot)edu

JP said...

Adelle is riciculous amounts of cute.

starcrossedmommy said...

She's ADORABLE! But it's like you know this, so yeah.

I really have no answer for the crying except I can offer hugs and beer. Hopefully the icky will settle soon and you'll get way more smiles then crying. Can you see another doctor?

HereWeGoAJen said...

She is so adorable!

I hope the crying ends soon! Or that you at least find some good earplugs!

Mermaid said...

what an idiot doctor. My kids both had reflux. In fact my daughter's got worse on medication because it was made with Sodium BiCarb. You know, the fizzy baking soda??? Vomit much? Anyway, once a brilliant doctor changed her formulation, it was SO MUCH BETTER. Oh and she cried all the time, too. From the reflux. Because reflux is real.

manapan said...

She is just too damn cute!

Our son broke out in a terrible rash from Prevacid. I have no idea if it made the reflux better because OMG the crying from an itchy baby without good arm control for scratching. We used ever-increasing doses of Zantac, generic Mylanta Cherry Supreme, and Enfamil AR with extra rice cereal added in to keep it down. He really started to improve when we started feeding him yogurt at 6 months, so I think infant probiotics would have helped too.

Wendy said...

You've probably already done this, but changing to Gentle Ease formula changed our lives and saved our sanity. Also, we put Mylicon in every bottle and we never swithed to the fast flow nipples. I would also suggest switching doctors. That ass is not the one living with the crying all day long.

'Murgdan' said...

Oh colic. The only good news is that one day it just. STOPs. I got desperate and at the 4 month appt I begged for something and my Ped gave us some barbiturate medicine they used to use for colic (desperate). I spent 3 days trying to find a pharmacy that stocked it.....and thank GAWD by the end of he week it.just.stopped. No meds needed. I am still shocked about the suddenness of it. Hell, im still shocked he sleeps period. Hang in there girl. It's so hard.

Karen said...

I call bullshit on your gastroenterologist. My son had reflux and screamed nonstop. Zantac didn't help, but Prilosec was miraculous. Three days in, he was a different baby. He still had reflux but it didn't cause him pain, so he would smile while dousing us instead of screaming.

Anonymous said...

Zantac + Nutramigin (sp) = Love
Prilosec + Soy forumula = CRYING!!

Anonymous said...

So sorry about the colic but after my second who had colic I am Sick, just Sick and tired of people assuming crying babies have reflux. My son did not have special formula and took no reflux medication and he stopped crying for the most part by 12 weeks. Now at 8 months you would never ever guess he cried all the freaking time for the first three months. I hate when people say "oh x, y or z stopped the crying and started working 4-6 weeks later" When the baby turns three months old! Puh-leeze. The nice part about colic is knowing that it does end. That is the only nice part. Do whatever it takes to keep yourself sane in the meantime. Don't be afraid to set the baby down in their crib and walk away for a few. That advice saved my life. Check out the section in "Healthy Sleep Habits Happy Child" about colic, he has a whole chapter on it I believe its the fourth one. Save yourself from all the reflux quackery going on.

natalie said...

My daughter was colicky... It's the type of thing you have to live through to get at all. I feel for you that you are living through it, I know the feeling - having a baby that cries ALL THE TIME. My son had reflux (Zantac worked well) and it was not like her colic, totally different experience. The only upside of colic is that it does go away. My daughter is now the easiest 5 year old on the planet and my son is the monster :). Good luck, hang in there!

natalie said...

Oh and I second healthy sleep habits, happy child - definitely the book for colicky babies, even though part of it does sort of say "sorry about your luck but this too shall pass".

Jill said...

Have you tried Zantac? It was a miracle for my kids. Also Prevacid is (I think) weight based for dosage.. so make sure they're adjusting for her weight gain or else it's useless. But Zantac was great for both of my kids. I could see a difference in 2 or 3 days.

Sarah said...

I call BS on your GI. I'd get a second opinion.

"Colic Solved" was a really helpful book for me too.

good luck, I hope whatever it is, she stops crying soon!!

Ali said...

Another vote for Zantac here. It cured my kid of colick although he still wore a perma-bib until he was 6 months old to catch the spit up. But the never ending grunting and crying stopped. Also, I'm sleeping my 6 week old in a fisher price rock n play and that has helped her tremendously. I've been able to treat her reflux with just that and a quarter tsp of mylanta (per docs orders). Good luck with her... She sure is an adorable little (er, I mean big girl).

Princess LadyBug said...

Prevacid & Zantac don't work for me at all. I take Protonix it does the same as the other acid reflux meds & also gives you a better PH level in your tummy which for me was the key. I have no kids so my only experience is with my own hellish journey through EVERY EFFING PILL ON THE MARKET. I'm not even kidding.

I don't know if they make a Protonix for little ones, but you might ask about it.

On a funny side note, when my brother was a baby in the early 70's no one knew about acid reflux in babies so they were all classified as having colic. And man could that kid get his wail on. Geez. I was 4 & packed him up to take him back because he was broken. No kidding. You won't believe what finally worked. A cap full of Jack Daniels in his evening bottle. Yup, you read that right. Mommy felt like the worst parent EVER, but it worked. And I don't mean it just knocked him out. It relaxed him enough that his tummy would stop cramping & his body could do its thing.

And if someone from CPS is reading this, suck it up. The boy is now 40 years old & doing fine. Smart, employed, & a good person. Except for that pesky drinking problem he can't kick. ;) I'm kidding. :)

Anonymous said...

I know this going to sound crazy...take her to a chiropractor...screaming baby one minute happy baby the next! Worked for s when nothing else did!

Anonymous said...

You make cute babies :)

Your GI doc sounds like a tool. If you haven't tried it yet, Good Start Gentle has a different protein (whey) which empties from the stomach faster than the other standard formulas. And it doesn't cost a much more. May be worth a shot before heading down the expensive Nutramigen route. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I have to ask... how does that pink flower-bow thing stay on her head? It's really cute but is is glue? Tape? I always have wondered that.

Milla said...

Dear Kneppers, I am in love with your giant baby. Adelle is the loveliest thing I have seen in a long time. Thanks for the pics and hurrah for Adelle!

My daughter is 2, I still haven't got round to doing those photos and I only have 1 to tend. You are impressively organised to have got round to this at all.

I am sorry to hear about the whole reflux thing but pleased that you have such excellent commenters who are full of ideas. My girl used to cry for 8 hours a day and then get over it minutes before her Dad got in. It is hugely hard. Good luck and hugs and hope you get lots of the beer. x

Mrs. B said...

i'm sure you've heard every type of advice out there about 'colic' and 'reflux' so i won't even bother saying a word about it except that we did it with our first for 3 months, and our second for 6 grueling months. It was awful, and it seems like you're alone and nobody understands. Everybody wants to tell you that their baby had colic too...every night for like 2 whole hours. Well that must've sucked...except we did it every day for like 12 hours. So suck it. So i totally understand and sympathize with you. Someone needs to write a book about how much colic sucks...and not a 'what to do about it' book...just a, 'you probably want to run and hide in a corner and curl up in the fetal position and suck your thumb because you're so frustrated' one.

Anne Marie said...

She is so stinking cute...just like her sisters! I'm sorry that she has colic. Have you tried wearing her? We would strip K down to her diaper and put her in the Moby with a paci. She would usually konk out after 15 minutes. And if she didn' least I could get the dished done.

Hollie said...

Our pediatrician said our daughter had reflux and instead of medicine suggested us to add 1 tbsp of rice cereal to every 2 oz bottle. She changed within a day. It weighed the milk down enough to stay in her tummy.

eeny meany said...

Our son had colic/reflux/whatever for three months. It didn't matter what we gave him--gripe water, Zantac, cherry-flavored Mylanta (no aluminum), prescription antacid, gas drops, new bottles, new formula, etc. It didn't matter if he slept on an incline, if I held him upright for an hour after he ate, if I put him on his back or his name it, we tried it. He cried constantly, especially at night from 6pm-12am. He finally grew out of it around 4 months old.

However, the thing that kept us from going insane (besides earplugs) was getting one of those big blow-up exercise balls and bouncing on it with him in our arms (or Baby Bjorn). Swaddling didn't hurt, either. This might also aid your exercise efforts.

emilyjean said...

I feel your pain! Riley is 6 weeks old and his schedule goes something like, sleep fitfully 10 hours per day, eat 3 hours per day, cry 10.5 hours per day, chill the eff out and be happy for once, 30 minutes per day... I hope to god they both grow out of it! But in the meantime there's beer!

Anonymous said...

I just read over all the comments and was wondering if you've had her tested for a milk allergy? My son was crying like that and it turned out he was allergic! For us the magic combo was prevacid and nutramigen. So frustrating!!

Eva.G said...

Oooh yes, I second the milk allergy idea! My brother was allergic to my mother's milk and they didn't figure it out for a loooong time. So he cried all the time and I was a 3 year old who asked questions all the time and my mom had major post partum and then accidentally poisoned me. But that's a story for another day. :-)

Adelle may be a giant but at least she's not a pumpkin! My niece was in like the 90th percentile for weight and the 20th percentile for height. Yeah. At 6 months old she was so fat she couldn't even sit up yet. At Halloween they had to prop her up in the pumpkins because she couldn't hold herself up. True story!

tempura said...

Hi- I just found your blog on line after googling something like "GI specialist doesn't think babies have acidic stomachs." Thank God I am not the only one who was referred to someone who believes this. He said the same thing your specialist said and told us to stop the Prevacid bc it was useless. This is after a week of improvement where my baby is actually acting normal and happy and only fussy when he is hungry or tired. He basically attributed my son's excessive fussiness to colic, as well. So what are you guys doing? Have you stopped the medicine? I really don't feel my son's fussiness is 'colic' because it doesn't sound like all of the cases I've read about. The specialist also attributed his good days the past week to him being older now- 12 weeks- and said colic usually stops around then. Hang in there- I know what you're going through and it is the hardest thing ever! And I know what you mean about the beer- sometimes just seeing a six pack sitting in the fridge brightens my day!