Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Bunny Made A Mess!

That's what Olivia said as she saw the path of eggs left by the Easter Bunny.  She may look like her mom but she's getting a cleanliness complex like her dad.

I was surprised by how much Olivia understood the difference between her basket and Ainsley's basket.  I was afraid she would want all of the toys to herself but she was actually really excited to give them to Ainsley.

Stupid Potterybarn with their Stupid Cute Expensive Baskets and Stupid Cute Liners.
Also, Stupid Pillow Pets.

Ainsley had a very encouraging few days on a Portable Ventilator - you know, the kind that can be used at home but are not called home ventilators - but when we walked in to the hospital today it was just very clear to me that she was feeling terrible.  However, she was such a trooper and played with Olivia and laughed and smiled for a few pics - you know, before she went directly down the respiratory shitter.

Ainsley finds Easter to be very amusing.
However, this portable vent can suck it, I guess.

I would like to note that my 15 month old former preemie is wearing a 12-18 month dress that could not be buttoned up the back.  It was wide open like a V.  And people wonder why I want to call her a meatloaf??  She smiles so big her cheeks make her eyes squinty!  I love it.  My little side of beef...the opposite of my teeny little Olivia, who I fear may blow away in a strong wind and who could probably rock that very 12-18 month dress as an adorable tunic with leggings.

Olivia: Look at this balls for ya!
Ainsley: OK, and also I can't breathe but yay Easter!
Olivia loves to go see Ainsley, and Ainsley seems to be mesmerized by Olivia.  They get along pretty well.  I hope that it carries over to the days when we eventually all live under the same roof with two ridiculous dogs and another little lady Knepper.

Best of, like, 300 attempts at a family shot.
Olivia acts like being photographed is corporal punishment.

Age 3 is still an appropriate age for me parents to eat all of the candy from the plastic eggs, right?  You know, only so Olivia doesn't get a belly ache.


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Jill said...

I tried to post this before... and it's not showing up. So if it shows up twice later, sorry. :/

I'm just wondering what is different between the portable vent and the hospital one that works so well for her?

Also, wondering how your pregnancy is going?

HereWeGoAJen said...

I ate all the candy from the eggs too. I plan to make sure I do this every year in the hopes that she will think that is just what we do with it. (I do not expect this to actually work.)

Gracelyn Zegarelli said...

So glad to see you had a lovely day. The baskets are so cute and the girls looked so adorable!

Sarah said...

You look fabulous!

alison said...

Adorable family pic! You look fab, momma.

A New Beginning said...

Olivia and Ainsley look so cute together. I love how they are holding hands. You may want to frame that picture!

Mrs. Higrens said...

Ohhh those pottery barn baskets and liners...DH had to talk me down from them, but I'm hoping one of these days.

What a happy looking family (even Miss O and her don't take a picture of me face)!

areyoukiddingme said...

5 is still appropriate for me to eat all the candy, right? Because the kid gets crazy with too much sugar...

The girls are adorable.

Rebecca said...

What is the longest a child has stayed in the hospital without going home?

I'm wondering if your little meatloaf is going to make any records. I think that is what she is trying to do. She wants to have the most consecutive days in the hospital and she wants to make sure to make it long enough so that her record can't be beaten anytime soon.

Michele said...

Oh yes, definitely eat her candy. I let my 4-yo have at it with hers. Her 3-yo buddy came over for dinner and he'd had his candy too. Sooo... after dinner he blew out his outfit with poop, and so we put them in the tub together, and then she blew up the tub with her poop. Too much candy on Easter = bad bad bad for little munchkins. At least in the explosive poop department. So yes, definitely eat her jelly beans!

Laura Diniwilk said...

Ha, I call my chubby baby "pork roast", so the meatloaf / side of beef comments are cracking me up. Cutesy easter baskets ever.

PJ said...

Olivia's expression in that family pic is too funny! Love it!

Totally oversharing but...
Soooo... I was cheap and didn't even put anything in the plastic eggs that we put out for the egg hunt! Haha! The girls are 21 months, I wasn't even sure they would "get" the whole hunting for eggs thing, but sure enough they did. And they totally cracked open those eggs, and I just KNOW they were thinking, "WTH, mom? Could you BE any cheaper?" Ha!

I did give them peeps and cupcakes though. Also, I get brownie points for having to hose down Lauren's blue icing and every article of fabric within 50 miles with a fire hose. :)

Rebecca said...

We have the same Easter baskets for our three. They were expensive but at least they will last a long time. I also got the liners with their names on them. I wish I had seen those pillow pets!