Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Questions for you, because the Internet is Smart

...and pretty, and has an ass that looks good in, like, any pair of pants, no matter what.

I'm working on a post for you about how I almost killed and/or ate my waiter at Chili's this afternoon.  But first I have questions about multiple pregnancies.

First, some updates.

I had my 12 week appointment and NT scan a few weeks ago, and everything looked good. 

Most importantly, my identical twins are monochorionic diamniotic - they are inside the same chorionic sac but have their own amniotic sacs.  I'm not going to get into the details, but here is an excellent blog post I found explaining the different twin scenarios in kindergarten terms.  There are major risks for identical twin pregnancies when twins aren't separated by a membrane and do not have their own amniotic sac.

But they were able to see a membrane, so we're good there.

Here's my main question: Do I need to see a maternal-fetal specialist?  Or...just my regular OB?

I asked my OB, and he said that they don't work with a MFM unless there is a complication.  Which...OK.

But.  I had gestational diabetes, and preeclampsia(ish).  So I kind of feel like I'm a total pain in the ass when it comes to the whole gestation thing.

Next: I'm reading this book about multiple pregnancies.  Ummmm...it all sounds good in theory, but mostly I think this lady has lost her fucking mind. I'm supposed to gain 50 pounds! and eat like 5 bazillion grams of protein a day! and eat healthy (HEALTHY!!!) but consume 3500 calories a day! What's that you say...you don't feel good? Well, shovel it in when you feel good! Easy peasy!

I mean, I'm all for fattening these baybees up and being healthy and you know...etc.  But I just don't really feel like it's realistic.  I'm supposed to have gained like 25 pounds by now and I've gained 6 so obviously I'm on the right track and everything.

So, tell me: how much weight did you gain - not because I don't want to gain a lot of weight, but because I'm worried about my ability to eat enough to gain 50 pounds - and how did you eat and just generally, give me your assvice but don't be an asshole. 

I've had my fill of assholes, particularly the ones who tell me that I look YOUGE even being pregnant with twins *insert sideways judgemental glance here* 

Finally, what else?  What random advice do you have for me?


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seussgirl said...

I had the same type of identical twins! I only made it to 29w5d, but gained 40 lbs. Perhaps I'm not the best example?
If you'd like ideas on what sorts of things I used two of vs. what I got away with one of, please e-mail me!
seussgirl at gmail dot com

Just add butter and bacon to everything. :) Oh wait, there was that healthy word in there, huh? Hmm...

A New Beginning said...

I would like to say that I must be REALLY good at the weight gaining thing. I gained 50 lbs with #1 (and she was born at 35 weeks and was a singleton) and I am on my way to gaining 50 with the second one (again a singleton).

I wouldn't worry so much with the numbers. Especially since you have been so sick. You and those babies will be fine.

JSR said...

I read that book too, when I was pg with my triplets. Then I talked to my MFM and they said if I ate that much and gained that much I would be too obese to chase them around when they were toddlers. I gained about 55lbs and had big healthy babies at 35wks. Gained about the same with my singleton too, but he was a whopper! So - no need to eat the waiter at Chili's - really.

As for whether you need to see an MFM... I dunno. I did automatically because of having 3, but I don't know the protocol for twins - especially since they're mono-di. Maybe your OB will refer you to one if the GD gets to be an issue...??

Jill said...

Congrats! :)

I have a toddler (almost 2!) and fraternal twin girls that are almost four months old. With my toddler, I had pre-e and made it to 38 weeks (was induced).

With the twins, I had a c-section scheduled for 37w2d due to pre-e, but my water broke at 36w6d -- the twins were 6lbs, 9oz and 7lbs even. I seriously ate as much as I possible could, and I only gained 30 lbs in the end -- but my babies were very healthy weights. Honestly, it was just not possible to eat that much, especially after 20-ish weeks when there just isn't much room. The babies obviously took what they needed, because they were big and healthy. To increase (healthy) fat in what I was able to eat, I upped my protein intake (helloooo peanut butter!) and dairy intake (seriously had ice cream every.single.night. Unfortunately it is a hard habit to break after they are born).

As for the MFM, standard protocol in my doc's office is to see one for the big u/s at 20 weeks, then monthly for a growth scan. At 32 weeks, I started going to the MFM weekly for biophysical profiles (which include non-stress tests). I definitely recommend this -- while my OB coordinated my care, the MFM would bring up more twin-specific concerns and would speak to the OB about them.

Laura said...

I have fraternal twins and made it to just 28w5d. I gained 24 pounds total. I was working with a perinatologist (MFM ultimate specialist) and she didn't express any concern about my weight gain, or lack thereof. I was obsessed with eating enough protein but didn't worry too much about calories.

Good luck! Just wait till they both start kicking up a storm at the same time. One morning they made me nauseas they were so active. But it's so much fun.

lis said...

I would say yes, see an MFM. Better to go and not need to than never go and wish you had. Good luck and I really hope yyoure feeling okay. Xoxo Lis

Laura said...

Hey Girl! I have fraternal twin girls. I think you have to see a mfm specialist to monitor you closely for twin to twin transfusion syndrome. (TTTS) But, I may be wrong.

I gained 7lbs by 16 weeks with my girls. They told me to gain 50 as well, i think as long as you eat okay, somewhat healthy, you will gain the necessary weight. Don't worry so much about the number. The bigger I got, the harder it was to gain the weight because there was no room and I got full faster. I gained about 45 and had 5lb some odd oz babies at 37wks and 1 day naturally.... soo, it can be done!

My advice is, don't sweat the small stuff in the beginning because it's going to be all about "the twins" and you will get stressed for your other little one making sure they have the appropriate attention. Make sure that when you are out in public people will pay a lot of attention to your twins and I know other moms who have another child besides their twins always finds a way to point out that child, so they don't feel like the redheaded stepchild.

Be prepared for everything to take longer than you thought... in the beginning. AND my final best advice is... KEEP THEM ON THE SAME SCHEDULE! That helped me tremendously because then it felt like just one baby because they ate, slept and played the same schedule... which for you will be crucial, bc you can time it to nap your other child, then the twins and then you will have an opportunity to nap during the "nap" period eventually...

Laura said...

oh yeah... drink TONS of water, that helped with pre-e AND peanut butter on toast really saved me, got my protein in, but wasn't that filling.

ahh, and seek out your local twin group... mine saved me!

Magenta said...

Thanks for this post! I'm 9 weeks with di-di twins, and at the same place... just started reading Dr. Luke's book and I'm not sure how to eat that much when I feel so sick, and am questioning whether I need a MFM as well... Looking forward to seeing the answers you get!

Stace said...

I'm not much help for the weight gain because we only got to 27 weeks. BUT I HIGHLY (I can't stress enough) suggest seeing a maternal-fetal specialist. It's a plus because it's fun to see the babies extra. But seriously, I wouldn't have my surviving son if not for my regular cervical measurement checks. (I was being seen every 2 weeks by one doctor or another) At my routine 23 week check with my specialist they found a severely shortened cervix and I was able to last the extra 4 weeks with bedrest. Better safe than sorry... so I say GO FOR IT. As someone said, you don't want to regret not taking every precaution if it ends up you needed it.

Mandy said...

First of all, I gained an ungodly amount of weight (ahem, 90 lbs) so you may not want to take my advice! Just so you know, though, I easily lost every bit of it and slide right back into my pre-preg clothes now (they are 10 months but this has been the case for a while). I saw an MFM and definitely recommend doing so, because the amount of knowledge those guys have is far more advanced in multiple pregnancies than a regular OB. I developed pre-e very close to the end, and even went through several bouts of preterm labor, and I HANDS DOWN believe I delivered healthy babies with zero NICU time because of my MFM team.

I'm sure there are many people who make out just fine by not seeing them, but if your insurance covers it, I say go. Also, if you want to know what I did to pack on the weight... Bedrest and many, many milkshakes, double cheeseburgers, and sausage mcmuffins will do the trick. (To my defense, I was actually directed by the docs to eat full-fat foods every 3 hours, and my husband & family saw to it that I adhered).

I have my whole twin pregnancy chronicled in my blog if you're interested to see what the broad side of a barn truly looks like :)

Good luck!

Courtney said...

I have been reading your blog for years and I am coming out!

I have fraternal twin girls (1 yr old). I made it to 37 wks and 5 days. I was induced because I begged to be. No pre-e or gest diab. I gained 69 lbs. I ate whatever I wanted... and then some... probably too much. Whatevers! Anyway, you will gain it, I promise. I lost weight at one point and then gained it back. So I don't think it is a big deal.
Cause at the end you will be so big you wont have room to eat, yet I managed to still eat because the girls needed ice cream at night. They kicked me until I gave them some...every night!

I agree with a PP to keep them on the same schedule. That rule of "You shouldn't wake a sleeping baby" DOESN'T apply to people with twins/multiples!

Oh read this book: http://www.amazon.com/Juggling-Twins-Strategies-Pregnancy-Toddler/dp/1402214057/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1283301340&sr=8-1
Recommended to be by another mommy of twins, I still look at it for ideas now.

Oh, see the MFM dr. I went cause reg OB u/s tech couldn't see the membrane or 2 placentas. The MFM u/s tech saw it immediately. She took nice u/s pics and was super slow on the u/s. That was fun!

I am excited for you!

Angie said...

Especially with your history of minor complications with a singleton, I would definitely at least have a consult with an MFM with twins. If they don't think they really need to be monitoring you/managing you, they'll give you some guidelines and let your ob handle it. (And some even still work with regular ob's even if they decide to keep managing you.)

HereWeGoAJen said...

I think I gained forty pounds with just the one baby. I managed that by eating a lot of doughnuts. I know, it is a highly secret formula.

Check out this for twin stuff: http://missionimpossibleinfertile.wordpress.com/2008/11/16/opinions-are/

Lisa said...

OMG I have been waiting for you to ask for advice! I have 17 month old fraternal twin boys, very healthy, thank God! I saw a perinatologist from week 10 until week 37, and I would definitely recommend that you see one! They monitored my pregnancy closely and I ended up having no complications whatsoever - no bedrest or anything! I also made it full term for twins - 37 weeks, 2 days, and had a c-section. I read that same book and took most of the advice in it. Eat lots and lots of protein (big macs count!), lots of water, and dha (I lived on eggland's best eggs), and rest as much as possible. It's hard to eat in the beginning, but by 14 - 15 weeks you will have an appetite. My boys were born at 6 lbs. 4 oz, and 6 even. No nicu stay, they came home with me after 3 days. The biggest issue for me when I brought them home was sleep deprivation - I was not expecting it to be so bad. Definitely take all the help you can get, and if you can, keep them on the same schedule (might be hard in the very beginning). Please email me at keeny17@aol.com if I can help you in any way!!!

Mel said...

I had a MFM and I was just a regular old patient with nothing crazy to worry about (other than the fact it took 20k and lots of stabbing myself in my own ass to get pregnant). I saw the MFM for my triple screen at 13 weeks and then went back to him for the big appt at 18 weeks. That was who handled all of my genetic testing. I know that part is totally optional, but it was covered by insurance and meant I got to see the baby on cooler, better equipment. It was nice. Their equipment was seriously like 1000 times better than my OBs, it was like going from reg TV to HDTV. Awesome.

I gained 50 lbs with just 1, but I am 5'8 and have lots of room to add on... I started by eating LOTS of Taco Bueno, donuts, ice cream and M&Ms. Even though my OB assured me at least 25 lbs of that weight was baby and water, I know it was not.

Jaci said...

I liked finishing up the 1st trimester in the red as far as weight gain. 'Cause lord knows there's always that one week right before the 3rd trimester where you gain 10 pounds overnight and your Dr. gives you the stink eye.

Apparently, peanut butter pretzel nuggets are fat bastards. (But so addictive.) Hopefully the protein will keep your blood sugar from spiking.

Once Upon A Time said...

Well, I had fraternal b/g twins and I saw a MFM specialist regularily. But, I chose my OB because they had one I knew I would get to see. I didn't really have any complications throughout the whole thing, but was glad I had those extra appointments (and u/s).

On weight- yeah, I read that book too. I gained 62 lbs (delivered at 37 weeks) and ate healthy, but I ate a lot. I was constantly worried I would have super-preemies and so I shoveled it in to get their weight up as much as possible early. I was a hobbit- I ate pretty much ate every hour: had 3 breakfasts, and lots of snacks, etc. But all healthy. I am now almost 6 months post-partum and lost all but 2 lbs of it, without the help of breastfeeding. Try to eat a lot of healthy stuff, but don't lose sleep over it.

Random advice: Get a pregnancy pillow if you don't have one, stat. I adored the Back N Belly pillow by Leachco. Get your doc to write a note so you can get a handicapped tag so you can park closer. I did that around 25 weeks, and it was so nice to have.

Mermaid said...

My twins were born at 28wks. If I had not been monitored by a MFM, I think my babies would not have fared as well. My blood pressure seems to be part of the problem. And, one of the twins was IUGR possibly due to poor implantation. Either way, the regular OB was not even slightly competent to deal with our situation.

I gained less than 20 pounds (through 28 weeks only). My doc said not to gain too much. Which was hard for me given that I was measuring my meals as Breakfast 1, Breakfast 2, etc. Eating for three is a lot of work! Kidding. Don't listen to that book, I read it too. That's not healthy, per my doc.

Lots of luck. Here's hoping you make it to 35-37 weeks and are as big as a house! Twins are double the hugs and kisses, which makes you gloss over the triple the trouble part. Good luck!

Melissa H. said...

I have 8 month old boy/girl twins. I only gained about 35 pounds and still managed to have decent size babies at 36 weeks. 5 lbs 12 oz and 5 lbs 10 oz. I would say don't worry too much about gaining the weight.
My OB sent me to a MFM for the big 18 - 20 week ultrasound. The MFM didn't see anything to concern them, and the pregnancy went fine, and I didn't see them again. I had almost weekly visits to the OB, though, because I have high blood pressure even when not pregnant. I also developed the DIABEETUS toward the end of the pregnancy, and my blood pressure was creeping up, so they did a c-section at 36 weeks. If I were you, I would want to at least see the MFM once, just because they are so knowledgable.

Once the babies are here, the best piece of advice I got was to try to keep them on the same schedule. And also if you can find a way to feed both at once, that helps too. I just used boppy pillows to help to feed them both at the same time.

Good luck! Twins are awesome!

-K said...

Holy crap chex cause I'm only 10 weeks preggo with twins...mmm ..barf.. and had gestational diabetes with my last pregnancy...mmm...barf. Haven't had the main appt. to check out the sacks (doesn't that sound romantic and fluffy).. barf.. but what I do know is that the diabetes keeps the weight down. Example: I only gained 29 pounds with my daughter 12 of which being the 1st trimester, yeah I'm off. I think my goal this time is to gain less than 40 pounds... barf... cause book or no book my back is gonna hurt come January though my main obgyn did give me the scary twin preggo stories already and since I'm a c-section, hey that's what the file calls me, I have to go to 38 weeks (cough, eek, ack, ugh!)... barf.

Ellie said...

Hey there- I read that book and OBSESSED about not gaining enough weight. I lost weight in the first trimester because I was so sick, and only ended up gaining 26 pounds by the time my twins were born at 33w5d. My husband used to tell me I needed to stop worrying about gaining weight, to which I would reply "I'll try, but if these babies come early then you'll know I was right to obsess!" Well, they came early and we have no reason why (I had a really easy pregnancy after 20 weeks of morning sickness and GD and it was a complete surprise when my water broke at 33w3d).

If I could go back I would tell myself to try not to worry too much and just follow my instincts. The GD diagnosis had me MAD because by then I had only gained about 10 pounds and that freaking book had said I should have gained what, 30 at least by then??

Just eat what sounds good and what will stay down! Everyone used to tell me that the babies are getting what they need since they always measured on schedule.

On the MFM front- I would totally go to one! I did and although I saw her the day my water broke and she said all was good earlier in the day, it was still nice to have that specialized care. I think the more people caring for you, the better.

Hope this helped.

Lissa M said...

I started a little overweight and gained a little over 50 pounds with my mo/di twins, but they still came out small for their gestational age (4'3" and 5' at 36 weeks). I probably should have focused more on the protein and less on the Pop-Tarts, but they still came home with us with no NICU time.

And I just stuck with my regular OB, but the good thing about mo/di twins is the frequent ultrasounds. I was getting scanned every other week, and got used to seeing them frequently. It made my second, singleton pregnancy, where there were no scans after the "big" one, seem scary--how would I know she was OK?

Anonymous said...

My twins were di di, only saw a mfm at 30 wkd when one had a small erythmia , turned out to be nothing. So with your twins, and previous history , hmmm . Don't know , go with what you are comfortable with . Mfm might see you and say, " stay with me" or " relax you regular ob can handle it".

With regard to weigh gain, I read that book too . And she is a little on the scary side. But weight gain early on. Is a good thing. I think ( I got too scared to see to final number at the end) I was close to 60lbs, but I am a big girl an we have big babies. My singleton daughter was 9.5 Lbs at 40 wkd and I think I gained almost 70 lbs with her. This isbeside the point. ( btw I am 5 '9" , and an heathly 150 lbs prepregnancy, again beside the point. The point is, your body is working HARD to grow those babies and you may not see the numbers on the scale but you do need the calories. I think I ate more, and burned way less calories activity-wise (despite the fact that I had a 2 yr old to chase , but I heeded advice and rested a lot) but every calorie I ate went directly to growing those boys . The proof is I only gained about 60 lbs, but my boys were 7lbs 6 oz and 7 lbs 8 oz. That s 15 lbs of baby for those of you how are counting. So for you, knowing that Miss Olivia was full term and still on the petite side, chances are these munchkins will be little as well and being twins it will hard for them to get above 5lbs. So in my non-professional medical opinion, do not worry so much about what weigh you have gained but di , by all means pump youself with as many high quality calories you can stomach. Your babies will not have those last few weeks to pack on extra lbs, the wiil likely be a few weeks early . So right now is crucial, grow baby grow , and again you might not see the numbers on the scale go up but the babies are sucking it and bennifitinf from every bite you choke down. Last but not least , drink water round the clock. At least a gallon a day, not joking. You need to hydrate. Now go put your feet up.

strongblonde said...

i had only gained 8 by the end of the first trimester, but i worked hard at it...at a lot of arbys (the only thing i could stomach) and ice cream and ended up gaining 55+ lbs. honestly i stopped counting by the time i got up that far. i know i did have some water on me, but who knows how much. i delivered my kids 6 wks early and they were right around 5 lbs a piece which is awesome for twins born at that time.

i read the book, but took most of it with a grain of salt. i think you could follow it and do exactly what it says if gestating was your full time job. mine wasn't.


Jill said...

It looks like you're getting a ton of redundant advice, but I'll toss in my two cents. I also had monochorionic/diamniotic twins, which I carried until my planned c-section date of 36w4d. I would heartily recommend seeing a MFM specialist. I had already consulted with mine before I got pregnant because I have a complicated medical history. The mono/di pregnancy pretty much sealed the deal that I would see her exclusively, and I'm still so glad that I did. I saw her bi-weekly until 30 weeks, and then weekly after that. I was able to do the bi-weekly u/s right in her office to assess for TTTS, which she always did herself. She was the best doctor I've ever had, and she was always calm and reassuring. A MFM sees some pretty crazy stuff, and it was reassuring to hear that I was one of her less complicated cases. It was nice to be on the low-challenge end of her spectrum, whereas I think some regular OBs might have just run in terror reading my chart.

I gained around 40 pounds, and really struggled to do so. I had a lot of nausea early on, and then a lot of heartburn later, and started feeling really full really fast around 20 weeks. My doctor's advice was to make sure that my calories counted. I drank a lot of milk, and probably ate my weight in McDonalds chicken sandwiches for lunch. Those were probably my main sources of protein. I tried to get some protein in at dinner too, but I craved pasta constantly (particularly mac and cheese). I also snacked on a lot of granola bars and string cheese. I was also known to put away an entire box of Whole Foods bakery chocolate chip cookies in a few days (two days, once on bedrest), and many Friendly's Wattamelon Rolls were slaughtered during my pregnancy.

My best pregnancy purchase was an ENORMOUS body pillow for sleep. I started sleeping a thousand times better once I bought it. It was shaped like a U, and I slept surrounded by it, using the bottom of the U as a pillow for my head. A lot of my daytime aches and pains went away too. It was made by Today's Mom, and I sprang for the COOLMAX feature, that I would not recommend. It's crap. You are pregnant. You are HOT. There's no miracle pillow that's going to take that away. But the pillow itself- fabulous. Yes, it did force my husband into our guest room, but he was already on his way there because my snoring was (allegedly) obscene.

People who tell you that you're huge can suck it. You're growing and housing two people at once! What's the last impressive thing they did?

Mom of the Twinkies and Tot! said...

My girls were born at 29 weeks and I gained about 30 lbs and my doctor never worried about my weight gain (even when I didn't start gaining until about 18 weeks. I tried to concentrate on quality over quantity. Stick to foods high in protein and vitamins in order to ensure they are getting what they need, over being a stickler for counting calories.

As far as a specialist goes...if this pregnancy is going well I wouldn't worry...but it if starts to act up or you aren't feeling well (like a gut instinct) then seek more help. But if it does start to go downhill put yourself on bedrest even before the docs can...the most important thing is healthy babies that stay in you as long as possible! With you having a toddler like we did as well, NICU time with the girls was so hard because of our little one at home and our little ones in the hospital. It was stressful, tiring, worrisome...something I would never want anyone to go through.

If you have any other questions just email me, I'm glad to answer anything...we have twin nieces as well so we've seen pretty much anything!

Jill said...

Wow, Google felt the need to shame me for my comment being too long. But then it looks like it posted it anyway.

How embarrassing. I'll shut up now.

Anonymous said...

When I was pregnant with my twins, I gained 35-40 lbs. That is exactly what I was told to gain for someone with my build (fairly thin to start with). I think the amount you should gain depends on your starting weight. I stuck to my normal, mostly healthy diet, and increased quantities to satisfy my hunger. I wasn't concerned with weight. I had two healthy 5-6 lb babies at 37 weeks gestation and was back in my old clothes in less than a month.

Kahla said...

I don't have twins, but I was an identical twin and I would worry about it too much. Hell, my mom didn't even know she was pregnant with two until after she woke up from the c-section (talk about a hellofa surprise)! Your body will know what to give those babees to fatten them up. ;o)

Anonymous said...

I gained 60 lbs with my twins.

Denise said...

I have to admit some of this might be repetitive because I am too lazy to read through all the comments left before mine. You are just too damn popular! Anyway, a friend of mine had momo twins and yes, be VERY happy yours have their own amniotic sac. I would say that if you are concerned, you should talk to your OB further about seeing a MFM and explain why you are concerned. Of course maybe you've done that. If so, you could always see the MFM and get their opinion on whether or not their services are needed.

I only gained 35-ish pounds with my twins. I was really sick during the first trimester, lost weight and was on zofran for 16-ish weeks. i also read that book (given to me by aforementioned momo twin-mama) and it scared the crap out of me. But there was NO way I could eat that much and when I could eat, it had to be whatever I could get down and keep down. I think there is good advice in the book, but it doesn't all work or apply to everyone. I say just do what you can, but don't stress about it too much.

My OB was great at validating my weight gain (or lack, thereof). She recommended between 35-45 pound weight gain (assuming you are neither underweight or overweight to start with) and agreed that every woman is different. She assured me at the beginning that my body was giving the babies what they needed, so if I wasn't gaining weight at first, it was likely me that was suffering (fatigue, nausea, etc.) and not the babies. That helped to relieve some of my guilt from not being able to eat or keep food down.

EB said...

Opinions on twin pregnancies are like a-holes (everyone has one & you only have a general idea of what's going to come out). There's no exact science to twins. I gained 54 pounds with our twins. 8 months later, I still have 8 pounds to go.

Dr. Luke's book is good but she's a little bit like a twin nazi. The best advice I got about the weight issue? You have a lifetime to lose the weight and only a few months to fatten those embryos up. I say, eat up.

My twin pregnancy (and bed rest woes- yeah, my pregnancy was kind of a suckfest in the end) are in my blog. Regardless of what you decide, I'm sending you some twin mom solidarity!


Suzanne said...

I have fraternal twins and gained about 50 pounds. I was a preschool sped teacher so was very active for the first 6 months and was always hungry. I tried to eat healthy and always had a bunch of snacks on hand. I ate peanut butter, fiber cereal, and Luna Bars were my best friend!!!

I started seeing a specialist around 6 months due to a shortening cervix. Made it to 38 weeks and was induced! They were each 6 lb 12 oz! Just eat whatever you want!

sadie607 said...

I would say yes to getting an MFM and I gained 32lbs but I delivered at 32 weeks. (I was on bedrest and gaining while on bedrest was really hard). I know the book you're talking about and I was also shocked by what the eating and weight gain recommendations were. I wish you a healthy pregnancy.

The Press Family said...

I only gained 25 lbs. with my twins, although they were born at 34 weeks. I also had gestational-fucking-diabetes (sucks ass, can you tell I have no fond memories of it?) and I pretty much starved my last month of pregnancy. I ate very healthy and almost never cheated...I actually lost weight in the last month because my sugars were really wacky. None of my doctors were worried about it...I saw my regular OB as well as a perinatologist. Seems standard here with a multiple pregnancy.
Oh, and my babes were 4.6 and 3.10 and in the NICU for a month. That was really, really hard, so I hope you don't go that route. Nothing can prepare you for it, trust me. If the Dr puts you on bedrest later on, be a good girl and sit on your ass...I cheated with that one (I had a 2 year old at home!)...and I wonder to this day if I didn't do something to make one of the bags break and have to have my guys 6 weeks early. Oh and my MS ended at about 16 weeks, so hopefully you're almost done with it.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I haven't read all the other comments, so sorry if I'm repeating. Me: endocrinologist, have singleton baby (gained 20 lb) and mono/di twins born at 33 weeks (gained 40lb). Also long time reader first time commenter...

1. http://missionimpossibleinfertile.wordpress.com is an awesome blog for all things twin.

2. I saw an MFM. Worth it. I had GD with the twins (not with the singleton). Depends on how referral happy your OB is but I would at least do a consult now and then go back to the OB if the MFM is unconcerned. IME more OBs think they can handle twin pg than actually do them really well.

3. Weight gain-I gained exactly twice as much as with my single pg-mostly by eating junk which was all I could with my savage MS. The MFM was totally fine with me eating whatev as long as it was calories. Unlike with single pgs you need to put on weight earlier (as you know from reading the book) so I would say 6 lb is undercooking things a bit but I know what the MS is like so kudos to you for not losing wt.

Good luck and I'm really glad you've got mono/di. Also am looking forward to the blogging bc O.M.G do twins have so many blog worthy moments. If I had time I totally would blog them.


Heather Rodriguez said...

No to the MFM, unless needed. They always think worst case scenario and stress you out. Think positive and relax.

I gained 45lbs, but most of that after twenty weeks and I didn't eat like a cow. Eat what you crave and try to throw in some balance. You'll be fine.

Congrats again. My twins are 6 now. FUN!!

MFA Mama said...

Maybe this will help? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8myLUgrxd3Y (I love where she says "I've never done this before!")

Heather Rodriguez said...
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Heather Rodriguez said...

Oh... and I carried to 38 weeks, 2 days with no signs of labor. I CHOSE a csection because I was done. :))

Cheryl said...

I hated that biatch Barbara Luke and her crazy book. How the heck was I supposed to eat anything when I wanted to barf all the time? I sucked at the twin pregnancy weight-gain game. I'd gained 15 lbs when I delivered at 32 weeks. But what worked for me--before the beetus kicked in because yeah, I had that special blessing, too--were chocolate milkshakes and whole milk. After the beetus, I ate meatballs and chicken salad oh and chicken fingers with marinara sauce because bbq sauce spikes your blood sugar like nobody's business.

Crazy Sister said...

50 pounds sounds like way too much. But then, I just ran an online conversion to kilograms thing, and wow, apparently I gained nearly 50 of your crazy imperical pounds when I was pregnant with only one baby.

Perhaps you could think of it as gaining 0.025 tons.

Ha ha ha ha ha

Jennifer said...

I had fraternal twins and saw a Neonatologist once a month starting when I was 16 weeks. There were never any complications, but we just met to go over my monthly u/s results.

As far as weight gain - I read those books too and immediately put them down. I ate how I wanted - as much or as little as I wanted (when you're 8 months pregnant - you can't fit too much food in your belly all at once - there just isn't the room!!). I gained like 40 pounds & had healthy 5lbs 1oz & 5lbs 11oz boys!

Do what you feel is right for you & your babies. Who the hell can eat 3500 calories a day?! It's virtually impossible for me to!

Stina said...

I think I'm about as far along as you are (14 weeks and change) with fraternal twins. I also picked up that book and was completely overwhelmed (and kind of disgusted, if I'm being honest) by what she was saying we need to eat. Quarts of full fat milk, ice cream every day, packing in food like it's the apocalypse?

I decided to go with what's always worked for me and that's eating a healthy, balanced diet and listening to what my body wants. I'm eating more now than I did before I was pregnant, but that's because I'm hungrier not because I'm on some mad dash to largess. I try to eat good, lean proteins plus fats and I feel good about what I'm putting into my body. Maybe it's old fashioned but it's working for me so far.

Best of luck to you! Looking forward to reading your blog as our pregnancies progress.

Brenda said...

Jumping on the bandwagon here: fraternal twins born at 36.5 weeks at 6 1/2 pounds each. I read the "eat everything" book. Scared the crap out of me. But I was sick most of the pg. I gained a total of 30 lbs during the pg. The OB didn't seem to care. The nutritionist that I saw also didn't seem to care that much. I did try to eat more protein and drink more water than I normally would have. I saw a MFM doc, but mostly because I had had two previous uterine surgeries. My two cents: it was nice to have the MFM doc because I was sooooo nervous about the pg, but in the end, I don't think it mattered. It is nice to have one in case things get more complicated. About the weight: do what you can do. Again, me: 30 lbs of weight w/ twins carried to 36.5 weeks. I could barely keep down the food anyway, let alone pack more meals in. After I lost the water weight, I weighed less than before the pg. The kids were fine. Seriously.

Jen W said...

I read that book too. And lots of others. And when I talked to my doctors they all said the same thing. Eat healthy foods, drink a lot of milk (I drank about 1/2 gallon of Organic Chocolate milk every 2 days.) and drink lots of water. I had lost 15 lbs by 16 weeks due to morning sickness, but I rebounded, gained all that back and about 45 more. Toward the middle of the pregnancy, about 24 weeks I was ravenously hungry and felt like I was eating the 4,000 calories recommended in that book. But then I got even bigger and I had to eat smaller portions due to no stomach room. The weight gain toward the end was fast and furious, though I never felt "fat" only gigantic if that makes sense. It was all in the belly, which is awesome since my boys were 6 lbs 11 oz and 6 lbs 12 oz. born at 38 weeks.

As for the MFM, we went to one, I am glad we did. We had much better ultrasounds there than through the hospital my OB practiced at, they are accustomed to twins and know what to look for. I always felt more reassured there than at the other ultrasounds. My OB insisted we do all our ultrasounds and an every-4-weeks visit to the MFM so we had a relationship with him "in case something happened." He was associated with the nearest Level III NICU, which was an hour and a half away. It was not convenient and ultimately was not the hospital or doctor we used for delivery, but my OB said that if they were born before 32 weeks we would for sure need to use that doctor and that hospital.

Another thing I attribute my ability to carry them as long as I did was a weekly visit to a chiropractor. Gestating two babies put a lot of strain on my lower back and hips and weekly adjustments made a world of difference. My Chiro's office specializes in women and children, so they were really supportive and awesome. ow I take my twins there too, since they have some neck and hip restrictions due to being all scrunched up for so long. It's really been great for our family.

Lindsay Teague Moreno said...

hey, saw your post through the link to mine. Very cool that you're having i-twins. They're so fun and a huge pain in the ass! It's awesome. Don't worry too much about the weight gain. I actually lost until I was well into my 2nd trimester with twins and then I packed it on at an incredible rate. I gained 50 lbs by the time the girls were born at 35 weeks (TTTS and slight preeclampsia). Good luck. Love your blog.

Shanny said...

I don't really have assvice on the maternal fetal specialist, I am seeing one but I had a slightly abnormal first NT scan so they sent me to the fetal specilaist for 2nd opinion (which was fine) and I've been going every month since.

On the weight gain... well I'm in my 32nd week and have gained no more than 22lbs. I think its just impossible to gain a lot of weight while following a healthy gestational diabetes diet. None of my doctors are concerned because both babies are growing nicely.
So, I would say don't stress the guidelines that much about how much weight to gain, if the babies are good and you are eating as much as you can, then you are ok... otherwise it means I'm a total failure!

M and M Mommy said...

Since you gave such a nice compliment, I thought I'd de-lurk and give my assvice!

I had twins, born at 34 weeks 5 lbs 7 oz and 5 lbs 1 oz. I only gained 24 lbs during the pregnancy. I say don't worry about gaining weight, but DO try to eat as much protein as you can stand. Water, water, water.

I also had an extremely hard pregnancy with preeclampsia and GD and got lucky because the doctor that happened to deliver me (my OB was with his own newborn and why he ever took me on as a patient with twins when his own wife was preggo, I'll never figure out... I digress) had a reputation to be "the best" with multiples in our area. (Not a specialist, but he lived up to his reputation). Hind sight-I would have totally gone to a specialist.

Anonymous said...

I definitely think you should see a perinatologist, preferably one who specializes in twins. I did IVF also and I have fraternal girls. I saw a peri the whole pregnancy. He was like a walking encyclopedia on twin pregnancy and how it differs from singleton. I felt very well taken care of! I did not have gestational diabetes or pre-ecampsia and I delivered at 38 weeks, but if you've had these or been close, I think it's extra incentive to be monitored by a MFM specialist!
Second, I read that book, too. My peri does not agree with the weight gain recs, and actually told me not to buy that book! I did read it and found a lot of interesting info (like the growth charts, NICU stuff, etc). I ate normally, as much as I wanted. I eat a varied diet with different meats, diary products, nuts, fruit, etc. If you like yogurt, try Greek yogurt since it is high in protein. I started out overweight and I gained 42 lbs total (35 was the rec for me), most of which I think was baby and water, since I lost 30 lbs the first 2 weeks after the birth! I gained most of my weight between 18 and 34 weeks. It was the holidays by the end, so I gained some more from that and from my reduced activity (from pain, not bedrest!). I ate lots of cookies!
I never counted calories or grams of protein since I did not have g.d.

I also recommend you join a local twins club- they not only have great advice about doctors to see and gear to buy, but also sell and give away a lot of twin gear. I got my double snap n go for $20!

Good luck!

LibbyinCT said...

hi! I have fraternal twin boys and gained about 50 pounds. However, until the 15th week or so I had only gained about 12 pounds, and then after that point they just started packing on as the babies themselves got bigger. I never believed I could gain 50 pounds, but all of a sudden it just happened. I tracked my calories for the first 12 weeks and then got tired of it, said "screw it" and just made healthy choices but ate the volume I wanted.

Regarding a specialist, my OBGYN practice sent me to a high risk OBGYN for the 20 week ultrasound and a second follow up, but otherwise I was seen by my regular practice, and they did ultrasounds every other week to check on the babies.

Good luck!!

Superstar said...

1. My OB sent me to an MFM specialist for my "big" ultrasounds and biophysical profiles. I saw the MFM every four weeks, starting at 18 weeks, and then every six weeks. Week 34 was my last visit to the MFM.

2. I was a chunky monkey from the effing fertility treatments, so I was 25 lbs heavier than normal going in. I gained 28 additional pounds. The doc wasn't thrilled about it, but she understood that I was heavy going in. I had two healthy critters, carried to term, normal vag delivery.

3. Don't go for perfection. Do what you and your doc feel is right.

I'm sure I have oodles of assvice if you want it.

Anonymous said...

I carried fraternal twins to 37w1d, when I had a scheduled c-section because one of them was breach (both my ob and MFM were of the opinion that twin pregancies should be delivered b/w 37-38 wks). Fortunately, the pregnancy was pretty uneventful. The babies were born 6 lbs 14 oz and 6.10, which are obviously solid weights for twins, and had no NICU time. I gained 45 lbs total, and felt like all the weight literally went into my *gynormous* belly. Oh, the looks and comments I used to get...

I also had read that book by what's her face, but thought its advice was a bit extreme. What worked for me was to eat more protein. I aimed at 100-120 g per day and kept a post-it note on my desk at work where I would write down protein grams in whatever I had comsumed. Never counted calories, just ate when I was hungry. In the early weeks I actually craved steaks, burgers, any kind of meat, so I certainly indulged. Other proteinaceous things I ate were cheese, greek yogurt, regular yogurt, milk, nuts.

As for MFM, I also say go for it, especially if your insurance covers such care. I loved my mfm appointments, they gave me such piece of mind. They kept a close eye on the cervix length, to rule out pre-term labor risk, and also looked at the symmetry of growth, etc. As other people have mentioned, the u/s image quality is so much superior at the mfm office.

Best of luck! I will be rooting for you.

Erin said...

You're getting the same advice over and over again, but why not add mine, too ... Don't read that book, it sounds ridiculous. That being said, do eat as much as you can, you want to get as many calories as you can because your body is working so hard. The books that I read suggested 24lbs by 24 weeks -- I thought that was ridiculous, I had only gained a few pounds by the end of my first trimester, but then I did have a big weight gain starting around week 16 (when I finally stopped the all-day puking), and was at about 24lbs by 24 weeks. After that point, your stomach will be big, you won't have much room for food, and you'll be uncomfortable, and probably not all that hungry. I ate a ton of cereal and Instant Breakfast, and would often wake up in the middle of the night for a snack because I craved milk. I had PPROM/PTL at 30w, but stayed on hospital bedrest until they boys were born at 32w, and gained 38 pounds. My boys were giants for 32 weekers -- 4lb7oz and 4lb2oz -- and were only growers and feeders during their 3 week NICU stay. If I had carried to 38 weeks, I am sure I would have gained 50lb!

As for seeing a MFM, I would definitely go if you can. You are already high-risk having a multiples pregnancy, and with one placenta, they will probably want to watch you for TTTS -- and seeing a MFM will ease your mind about that, and about the GD, and pre-e, etc.

sheilah said...

I didn't have twins but I know a lot of people who did. Dr. Luke is a recognized expert on multiple pregnancies so I would do what you could. One of my friends credits following her (Dr. Luke's) advice to having 7 lb twins w/no NICU time. If you are still having all-day sickness, I would just eat what you could hold down. LOTS of water (I am sure you know this) and protein.

One of my twin mom friends was happy to say that for your calcium...ice cream counts...so chow down, girl!

Amy said...

Howdy! Congrats on the twins!

I have 5 month old mono/di twin boys. I carried to 37 weeks 3 days and delivered vaginally. My sons were 7lbs and 6lbs 11oz, respectively. I gained 57lbs. I was so freakishly huge that people actually gasped and pointed at me in Target.

I had a PTL at 34 weeks, which was stopped-obviously-and that was the one and only time I saw MFM. Just because you had GD and pre-e with your first, doesn't mean you will this time (hey, I'm thinking positive thoughts for you!). I read that scary twin book, too. Then I ate it. Okay, not really. First I sprinkled it with sugar, dunked it in my coffee, and then I ate it.

I didn't know I was having twins until my anatomical u/s at 22.5 weeks (I know, I know, how did I not suspect...blah, blah, blah). I only gained 12lbs by that point and while I was showing, I wasn't showing huge, okay? OKAY?? I was very nauseated up until that point and food just made me feel bad, so I didn't eat much. After the 28 week mark I became RAVENOUS and ate cake like three times a day. I was monstrously large (53 inch waist, anyone?), but lost almost all of the weight (42lbs to be exact) within 10 days of delivery. I have subsequently lost all of the remaining weight, plus 10lbs. My favorite pastime while off work (for the last couple weeks) was eating sleeves of Oreos, watching "The Biggest Loser", and feeling superior to those fatty-fatty two-by-fours.

My advice? Eat what you feel like eating, what makes you feel good. Get some movement and exercise if you can. Stay hydrated. Dehydration can bring on contractions. When you are tired? Frickin' sleep, k? Ignore all the doomsayers and people who will try to tell you how awful your pregnancy will be and how you will have to be on bedrest at 25 weeks and your babies will be born premature or sick or whatever. Half of all twins are premature, which means half are NOT. Some people go on bedrest, most do NOT. Educate yourself on the risks so that you can be prepared, but don't freak out. That's no good for you or those babes.

Cherish your daughter now because her life? Is about to chaaaaaaaange. My 3yo daughter is still reeling :)

Most of all...revel in the wonder that is a twin pregnancy. You'll be amazed at how their personalities will show even in utero. Be amazed at the sheer wussiness of those women who are only carrying ONE baby (amateurs!). Laugh in their faces when they bitch about back pain and heartburn!

And when it's over, get Essure done :) I highly recommend it.

Deanna said...

I gained 26 lbs. with my girls. I was pretty average weight to begin with, and my doctor was very happy with my weight. We call her the "Weight Nazi"...she puts a lot of focus on a healthy weight, and is very against a specific set amount of gain during pregnancy. I focused on protein after the first trimester, when I was no longer just trying to make sure everything stayed down. That helped with the gest. diabetes too.

My advice? Take the Dr. Luke book with a grain of salt...it will have you worried senseless about EVERYTHING if you let it. Try Elizabeth Berg's 'Ready or Not?' book for a more realistic approach to life with twins.

Second piece of advice, which I'm sure others mentioned... SCHEDULE. It will save your life and your sanity, I promise. The three-hour eat-play-sleep routine worked for us for many months, and our whole family (babies included) thrived on the sense of routine.

Sandra said...

I gained 65 lbs in total with my b/g twins (born 37 w @ 6.9 & 6.11). Must have been a lot of water weight though because at 4 weeks PP I was already down 50lbs.

I did gain the majority of the weight in the 2nd trimester. I found it hard to eat in the 3rd because of heartburn and lack of room. My tummy got bigger but the rest of me got skinnier. I followed Dr. Luke’s recommendation in general but didn’t stress about the numbers. I tried to eat lots of protein but didn't count grams or anything. I certainly never force-fed myself.

I did like the Dr. Luke book for the following reasons:

1)she considers cheeseburger and milkshake an appropriate pregnancy meal. yay!!

2)I realized that I might not be able to work right up to my due date like I’d planned. In fact, I ended up on disability leave at 28 weeks.

3)it scared me into taking the high-risk pregnancy thing seriously. I took better care of myself – eating regular meals and getting lots of rest. And if I had anything remotely like pre-term labor symptoms, I got them checked out.

More assvice:

1)Increase dairy consumption with tasty hot milk drinks – my fav was milk w honey, cinnamon and a drop of vanilla. Yum

2)Have a casserole shower where everyone brings a meal for your freezer (not lasagna though – Lord am I sick of lasagna)

3)Help at the beginning is great but make sure it’s someone who will actually BE a help. I chased my MIL out of my house after 3 days because she was driving me effing nuts!

4)It might be easier if you kept Olivia in daycare for a month or two after the girls are born. (btw I’ve arbitrarily decided you’re having girls…congrats!!)

Pyjammy Pam said...

i haven't read the preceding 59 comments, so i'm sure i'm just repeating what others have said.

- yes, see an MFM. this is a high risk pregnancy.

- don't worry about dr luke. just eat lots of protein, fat, and snickers.

- i had triplets and gained 75 lbs by the time i delivered at 33 weeks. so 50 lbs sounds right for two babies. :P

good luck and congrats again!

Pyjammy Pam said...

ps mine were mono/tri, and while fraternal twins *might* not need to see an MFM, please please please do because they're sharing a placenta. TTTS is a real possibility with monochorionic pregnancies, and you need to be seen more often than di/di pregnancies.

Shannon said...

Hmm, I don't think that lady is correct on the weight gaining part. I started my pregnancy weighing in at 115 and was 140 pounds when I gave birth, they were 4 weeks early, breech, and weighed 5'8lbs and 5'9lbs, perfect and healthy. Though my daughter had a bit of jaundice for the first couple of weeks, but it cleared after some tanning booth sessions.

Not sure about seeing a specialist. If you feel like you should, then go for it. My twins were boy/girl.

Barbara said...

I haven't read all the comments either, just a few. But yes, I'd see an MFM as well. I have triplets. Two are identical and one is fraternal. My identicals were the same as yours as far as having their own sac within the sac. I ended up making it to 35 weeks and 1 day, but spent 13 weeks on bed rest. I don't think regular ob's are going to check your cervix for preterm labor as often or know as much as an MFM when it comes to identicals.

The Dr. Luke book made me want to rip my hair out. There was NO WAY I could eat that much. I had severe nausea until around 24 weeks anyway. I ended up gaining just 43 pounds. My babies were 3, 4, and 5 pounders. Only the 3 pounder had NICU time. Just eat protein and drink a lot of water and don't worry about your calories as much.

Also, check with your local mothers of multiples group. I'm sure someone there can refer you to a great doctor.

Barbara said...

Oh and also Pam made an excellent point. My 2 identicals had TTTS at the end of my pregnancy and that was why we delivered. My 3 pounder stopped growing. (She's a happy healthy 19 month old now!)

Jennifer said...

HI! I had fraternal boys. We made 35 weeks. Also followed a very very similar path (Oh the puking and lack of well.. action on the other side). My Dr told me about 30 lbs, maybe a little more. I didn't get there exactly though. Lost so much at first that Net gain was only about 15 lbs. They were healthy but looked like little squirrels!!

Jennifer said...

OH! and YES YES YES on the MFM.

Kate said...

I had IVF twins last year. I read the gain 50 pounds book too, and was shocked beyond belief. So was my doctor. I gained 25lbs by 7 months, and then my body said OK so let's get these guys out now because after 7 months of absolutely no problems I went into labor at 27 weeks. And didn't realize it!

Long story short, take it easy, drink your water, pee and drink some more. Put your feet up and when presented with the choice of a vanilla or a chocolate cupcake, have both because you really don't know what they will prefer!

Can't wait to read the rest of the advice!

Kate said...

Sorry my last two cents...I didn't see a specialist until I went into labor. But with your history you may want to...And get them on the same schedule ASAP; and do your best to keep them on it. It is rough in the beginning, but it pays off in the long run!

uncomplicateme said...

Random advice...ok! Don't use vinegar to clean the windows, Windex is much easier. Brandy works well for 18 month olds who are teething (not that I know) (for reals). Don't stress yourself out trying to eat healthily 24/7. You're growing two (2!) human beings. Which requires energy and calories. And carrot sticks don't have many calories. I say eat cake and bacon for every meal!

p.s. you're awesome. :)

JenM said...

Okay, you've heard my take, but for the record - yes, see an MFM (see mine in fact, lol) you will get extra ultrasounds and will be with someone with plenty of experience with multiples. I gained a little under 40 pounds and my kiddos were born at 36w5d, 4lbs 8 oz and 5 lbs 8 oz. I didn't gain anything until I was 16 weeks, so that means I put on those 40 pounds in about 20 weeks.

Sandra said...

One more comment on the Dr. Luke book. She never says you HAVE to gain 50lbs in order to have a good outcome. Just that, on average, moms who follow her plan have babies with higher birth weights. And she does acknowledge that this would not be a "healthy" diet for a normal (not pregnant with multiples) person.

Stephanie said...

Haven't read the comments, but just wanted to say that I gained 55 (!) pounds for my pregnancy and that was just with one baby inside!! Of course, she ended up being 9 lbs 9 oz and 22 inches long, and I had the worst hobbit feet you could imagine from all the water weight, but still! 55 lbs!

My co-worker's sister had momo twins, and it was pretty scary (especially with the umbilical cord all twisted up), but they're 2 1/2 and doing great. So that's all the advice I can give.

Anonymous said...

totally not related to this post. at all. But thought you'd get a giggle about this post!


Anonymous said...

I had faternal twins that were 8 pounds each at38 wks. I tried to make sure I ate enough protien however, someone suggested that I drink Carnation Instant breakfast at least 1 to 2 times per day. I believed this help a lot, especially when I was big, round and could not breath. I ate other small meals but I knew I was getting good nutrition in this drink.

PJ said...

OK, you know my story. Fraternal twin girls, dichorionic/diamniotic (di/di).

Weight at IVF 192 (yes, way overweight). Final weight 204. Yes, that's right, 12 pounds. Weight now 11 weeks postpartum, 162.

I had major all day sickness. Food didn't taste the same. But I did try to eat healthy. I had that book and thought the same thing, that it was impossible! My OB (who was a high risk OB, and no I didn't see an MFM) said my lack of weight gain wasn't worrisome, but that was partly because I was already overweight. I know that probably wouldn't be you.

Anyway, I also had gestational diabetes and it was IMPOSSIBLE to eat as much as Barbara Luke suggests with that.

I did try to eat a lot of protien. I ate every 2-3 hours, lots of nuts, fruit, yogurt, and before gestational diabetes, Ben and Jerry were my best friends.

As for assvice... just be ready extra early for everything because there's a good chance you'll go on bedrest early, or deliver early, etc... BUT, I'm hoping you have a beautiful, uncomplicated, healthy pregnancy!

Twins - it's such an amazing experience. I feel incredibly blessed.

PJ said...

Also, I think my OB compared babies to parasites, just saying they were efficient and would get what they need, even if they had to take it from you. But he did stress the importance of prenatals...

Kind of odd, but it makes sense.

Anonymous said...

Fraternal twin girls here. I did not gain what the perinatologist wanted me too but it was not for lack of trying. I did drink a big glass of milk every stinking morning to make sure that I got enough calcium. My friend had twins and she broke her ankle right after they were born because the pg depleted her body of calcium. Soo...just drink milk and whatever you can stand to eat. You'll do great!

The Marty Party said...

Hi there! Congrats on your twins!

I can't comment on the weight gain because I'm still preggo (24 weeks with mono-di boys), but here are my two cents about the MFM docs...

I was seeing a regular OB until my 20-week u/s. At that time, my boys were diagnosed with TTTS and I've been with the MFM team ever since. Honestly, I really liked my OB but after meeting the MFM team, I feel like the difference is like JV vs. Varsity. My MFM doc deals with multiples every day, so she easily answers any question I have. She is also very calm, optimistic and realistic. Even with our complications, she makes me feel like everything will be alright.

The other reason I would recommend the MFM docs are because there are some weird, uncommon complications that twins can have that I honestly don't even think my OB would have caught. I have developed Cholestasis and the only symptom is crazy itching. I feel like my OB would have been like, "Oh, that's just pregnancy." My MFM doc, however, knew exactly what it could be and tested me immediately. It requires more frequent monitoring of your babies (um, hi Doc, can I just LIVE at your office? I'm here all.the.time) and I hate to think it might have been missed by another doc.

Good luck and I wish you a very healthy pregnancy!!

The Marty Party said...

Sorry!! One more thing...
When my boys were diagnosed with TTTS, several people/websites recommended Boost protein drinks to help the kiddos get some extra protein. I'm drinking one or two a day and my little guy has doubled his weight in the last three weeks (he was severely growth restricted and now looks great)! So, just a thought if you're having trouble getting enough protein.

Valerie said...

Hi! I just found your blog - love it.

Don't want to repeat too much of what the others said but yes, see a MFM. I don't think my babies would have been here today (fraternal twins) if I had not been seeing my peri. I had ultrasounds every 2 wks and they were able to catch my cervix funneling and get me on hospital bedrest and steroid shots for my twins' lungs - they were born at 27wks and are doing great now. So IMO it's better to see one even if it's just for peace of mind.

I read Dr. Luke's book and in the beginning was crazy over the calorie intake. Eventually what I got out of it was to eat as much good protein I could (I ate an avocado a day and chugged whole milk because I couldn't stand those shakes) and drink lots and lots of water. I drank a gallon a day. I'm sure everyone is different but I gained about 60lbs and my babies were born very big for their gestation which I believe helped them in the long run. Whether that had to do with my diet or just the way I grow babies, I'll never know.

Good luck with everything!! I hope you start feeling better.

Matt and Melissa said...

I have a 3yr old singleton and gained 40lbs and 16mo old fraternal boys and gained 35lbs. I did eat more but nowhere near what they tell you to. My Dr just said to increase but no real number compared to the books. I tried to eat healthy but when you are pregnant and all that sounds good is french fries I ate french fries. My boys were born at 36w2d and 5 1/2lbs each. Healthy strong babies. :) Do what feels right for you and eat what you want to eat.

Colleen said...

I have boy/girl twins. Gained 85 lbs (that is a LOT of Chipotle and Five Guys) and delivered them at 38w6d weighing 5 lbs 8 oz and 6 lbs. I too saw a perinatalolgist for my ultrasounds and he was in charge of their fate, while my OB was just the middle man. I was scheduled for a C/S at 40 weeks, but they came on their own. I blog too, if you want to share in our journey.

Colleen said...

Oooh and I totally agree with keeping them on the SAME SCHEDULE, even if it means waking one up. We always had to wake our daughter up to feed...

Anne said...

My friend had the same kind of twins, only gained 35 lbs, had the babies at 38 weeks, and only weighing 4lbs5 oz, and 4 lbs. Not sure if she was the best example. You would never know she was carrying ID twins. Looked like a singleton pregnancy.
And yes, she was seeing a peri.

Nicole said...

I was worried about not gaining weight even though I felt like I was eating all the time (because I wanted to... at least once the nausea was over) and my super relaxed, oh so comforting midwife told me this... She used to be a home health worker/midwife working with the immigrant populations around the twin cities who are generally pretty traditional, not reading books or counting calories, but eating real food, in moderation, according to what their body tells them and often they wouldn't gain much weight (at least for a good ways into their pregnancies) and despite that they had some of the healthiest, most thriving, babies around... because (drumroll please) it turns out, we, and our bodies, pretty much know what they're doing and eating real foods is healthy. I like this theory. I try to trust that. Long story short (too late) my pregnancy and daughter turned out to be great. I'd do it all over again in a second.

Ashlee said...

I am 31 weeks and 2 days today and as of this morning I have gained 52 lbs! I am preg with boy/girl twins thru IVF. I didn't gain much at first either until I started feeling better. I pretty much eat whatever I want but I crave a lot of potatoes and bbq chicken and peanut butter and ovaltine.
As for the MFM I don't see one, but I didn't have any complications with my first and this pregnancy has been super uneventful so far.
Best of luck!

Erin said...

I, unfortuneatly, have no wisdom to pass along... but your post reminded me of my 2 year old niece... My brother always tells her "Gracie, you are so smart and pretty!" and she always says "Daddy, I'm 'Mart!"

Thanks for the laughs - as always!

KristenWiley said...

I don't have twins, but I really feel that if you just try to eat healthy, your babies will be healthy. I ended up losing 45lbs throughout my singleton pregnancy, but was overweight to begin with. After suffering 2 MC's, I was very careful of what I ate, but I also let myself indulge too (Hello Ben & Jerry's cinnamon roll!!) You are intelligent and have your babies best interest in mind. That's what matters most. And you are 100% right, people lose their mind when they see a pregnant woman... I had an almost 9lb. baby, so yes, I was pretty huge, but I sure as hell did not need anyone pointing it out. Good luck, you are going to do great, and I will totally take the 3am feedings!! :)

Tasha said...

Mine are fraternal b/g, I gained 6 pounds - total and I went 36 weeks delivered by c/s. A was 6.1 and B was 5.10 and they did fabulously. I ate when I could and what I could. I did drink at least 1 ensure high-protien a day and ice cream every evening that I wasn't puking, other than that, mostly pretty normal actually. YES YES YES see the MFM, let's face it jen, you are going to end up there, might as well start hating him/her/it now! Seriously, I was SOOOOO glad to already be a patient when they discovered my son had a kidney problem, she was able to look at it and tell me what was up and skip the whole wait a month to get an appt. with the super specialist, lucky if she even accepts you as a p;atient etc, etc, yes get one now. There are 2 kinds, one that works with an OB and just does extra special high-tech ultrasounds and one that does all that and delivers, mine also delivered which was nice with baby bs problems and I ended up having problems to so I was glad she was used to problems since all the patients were high-risk anyway!

elizabeth said...

My stepsister carried twins to term, and both babies were over 6 lbs. She gained about 40 lbs...

Anonymous said...

Hey - I went to a maternal-fetal specialist with both of my pregnancies (both singletons). I have to say, you definitely feel well taken care of - at least I did. I was a LEEP patient (at risk for pre-term labor because of shortened cervix) with my first, which is why I was referred to them. I also had preeclampsia with my first pregnancy. Then was borderline gestational diabetes with 2nd. They ran every test known to man during both pregnancies and I didn't mind one bit. I say, with those complications, go for it! They know what they're doing.

Bekah said...

I'd say go see the specialist, particularly if you don't feel like your very valid concerns about your previous pregnancy's history are being addressed adequately at your OB's office.

I've kind of just given up on eating like a pig like that book says to. I actually caught up to the weight I'm "supposed" to be at, but I'm fraking tired of eating. So I'm only eating what I can stomach, and it's fairly less than what I was eating to gain this weight. And in three or four weeks I'm sure I'll put myself on a harrowing guilt trip of "how could you be so careless and eat so little?! Tha baaaaybeeees!" But in reality, I'll probably gain weight just sitting on my ass and drinking water. That seemed to happen with my first pregnancy anyway. Also, I don't know how the hell you're supposed to gain anything with GD. I'll just try and send fatty vibes your way.

Steph said...

I only had one baby, gained 34 lbs. I didn't try to gain that. It just happened. I wasn't eating for 2. I didn't even have an appetite. He was a leach and sucked the calories out of every morsel I ate. My friend just had twins yesterday. She also gained 30+ lbs. The girls were both over 5 lbs, one was close to 6 lbs. She didn't over eat or try to put on the weight. Her dr didn't advise her to do this either. She ate when she was hungry, she ate really whatever she wanted, she gained an appropriate amount (not much in her boobs tho) and the babies are healthy. Hope that helps a little.

Clair said...

I've never been preggo with twins, three singletons, but I just want to chime in about the weight.

1st pregnancy I felt great and gained 25 pounds and had a 7 pound 4 oz baby.

2nd pregnancy sick for 5 months, gained 15 pounds and had a 7 pounder.

3rd pregnancy sick the entire time. morning, noon and night. Barfed constantly. I tried really hard to eat healthy but couldn't keep anything down. By the end of the nine months I only weighed about 2 pounds more than I did before I got pregnant. The baby was born weighing 6 pounds 12 ozs.

My point is, I think the best think you can do is eat as healthfully as possible and take your vitamins. I think if you worry too much about a number that is just going to be just one more stressor that you just don't need.

And I would see the specialist just for my own peace of mind!

:) Clair

Susie G said...

I am currently 25 weeks pregnant with fraternal twins- conceived through IVF. So far I've gained 22 lbs. With a singleton pregnancy, they say you're supposed to gain 25-35 lbs. (the hospital gave us a breakdown- your baby weighs X, the pacenta weighs X, etc etc to get you to 25-35 lbs.) So it makes sense that with twins you should gain 50-70 lbs. Now I don't know about you, but the tought of gaining 50 or 60 lbs is enough to make my head spin! That's a lot of damn weight! So far, I've been lucky and it's all been in my belly. Hopefully, it stays that way over the next few months. I didn't feel good through my first trimester and actually lost weight, so don't worry about only gaining 6 lbs- you'll catch up!

I'm not seeing a specialist- just my OB. I've had several friends with twins who also only saw an OB. Unless you have complications, or your doc suggests seeing a specialist, I'd think you'd be fine with just seeing your OB. Good luck with your twins! Maybe I'll see you at the annual twin festival in Twinsburg, OH!

Anonymous said...

Hey! I'm a NICU nurse and love all you hard working twin mommies out there! I'd follow your OBs advice re: weight gain. As far as the MFM consult, if you would feel better speaking to one, go for it. I don't think it's necessary at this point though. How exciting for you! You've avoided the dreaded twin to twin transfusion syndrome with the sac setup ( way to go baybees)! Keep up the gestational work!

Pyjammy Pam said...

That's not true at all, what the Anonymous commenter above is saying. The sac setup you have is mono-di, so you absolutely *can* have TTTS that way.

Heather said...

I have fraternal boys thru IVF - 17 months old now. Gained 39 pounds, carried 39w2d, and the boys were 6 lbs 9oz and 7 lbs 2oz and both 20 inches. I ate my way thru the day. First half of pg it was pepperoni pizza, mac & cheese, tortilla chips, peanut butter crackers. Seriously, pizza every day. Dropped off in the second half, to be replaced by baked goods. Soft cookies were the best, followed closely by muffins or pretty much anything else that isn't "healthy". By the end I was stopping at the corner gas station to shuffle in and buy Fritos and Cheetos. Good lunch. Lots of cereal, oatmeal, and most nights I tried to drink a protein drink - Boost is the brand I went with. But watch the sugar in those if you're on the brink with GD. I went to MFM only for twice weekly tests after I hit about 32 weeks. About 20-30 mins hooked up to monitor heart & movement, but I didn't have any other complications. See a peri if it'll make you feel more comfortable.
Advice for twins: changing table on each floor of your house, otherwise you'll be going up & down all day. Or you can install an escalator - which ever you prefer. Same schedule is my lifesaver. We'd wake every 3 hours to feed during the day, let them sleep at night til 1 woke up then we woke the 2nd to feed at the same time. Hubby helped w/ every feeding. Everyone up, eat, back to sleep. Maximizes sleep time for adults, otherwise you'll always be up w/ someone. Stock up on all you can early & ask people to bring food if they want to help. No way you'll be cooking for a while! You're gonna do great! Oh, and you might wanna get carry-out at Chili's near the end of your pg...I couldn't fit in the booth by 33 weeks (and those are some biiiig booths!). Best of luck!!