Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Destined to be a Hoarder. Or, a Pirate.

Here is my darling daughter, trying to carry her cup, sunglasses, a fork, and a teapot.  May the toy gods strike you dead if you try to help.

What you can't see is that she is trying to carry all of these things while she plays with a push toy that plays chimes when it moves.  See?

Someday, she will look back at these pictures and think, "I should have worn the sunglasses" as she adjusts her eye patch that she must wear because her incompetent mother let her run around with a fork!  Outside!  The humanity!

These pictures were taken last month, and her ability to carry massive amounts of shit around has greatly improved.  She has now taken to pushing a garbage can all over the house so that she can fill it with random treasures and then scream her fool head off when it is too heavy to lift up on to her chair. 

I would love to post a picture of her smiling face, but she is totally too busy for my picture-taking bullshit.  This was her reaction when I said her name and told her to smile:
It's like, help me or get out of my way.  I don't care if you gave me life, I am bizzay.  Also, go get me some milk.
But seriously.  Spying on the neighbors in only a diaper is so boring without a garbage can full of toys.

Oh, but sixteen months?  SO MUCH FUN YOU GUYS!  So much fun.  Olivia is so freaking adorable all the time.  Her newest tricks are:

-spinning in circles and yelling "woah"
- saying no
- climbing up into chairs by herself
- reading books (well, sitting still for 2 minutes while we look at a book.  Progress!)
- eating every meal with a fork
- fake laughing when anyone around her laughs

It's just not possible to have a bad day with a sixteen month old.


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HereWeGoAJen said...

Elizabeth likes to fill the laundry basket up with stuff and carry that around.

Rebecca said...

Gosh she is so stinkin' adorable!

Princess LadyBug said...

Maybe you guys could get her one of those toy grocery carts. Then she could push her stash around all day. Or a baby carriage. :D

BTW, your gorgeous baby makes me smile.

Aimee said...

Question about "eating every meal with a fork". Is the fork simply in her hand while she pushes food around her face with the other hand? Is the fork on the tray? Perhaps lodged in a dog's ear? I ask b/c giving Caden a fork is like giving him drum sticks, something you certainly don't eat with!

Jaci said...

Oh, god. The Treasures Stage.

I remember when it was adorable and we would find various bits her little bags and purses.

Then she hit 3 and it started to piss me off to find the Face cards from CandyLand in a bag with strawberries so old old they exploded and turned to moldy mush.

Then she hit 4 1/2 and I found a dress up purse full of *get this* the old wrappers and stickers from MY PADS that she dug out of the bathroom garbage can. She thought they were "pretty". I was totally disgusted. Geesh, garbage picker.

I'll let you know when The Treasures Stage finally ends. If she takes a bookbag full of shit to kindergarten I'm going to scream.

Sunny N. said...

So cute My 2nd Daughter is like this. I know what Olivia would love a Little Tikes Shopping Cart. You should get her one that way she could push all her toys around :)

Mama Tully said...

She is histerical! Such a busy little girl!

Kahla said...

Ugh, so tired I actually had to go back and see if I had posted last night... apparently I had not.

She is a cutie and always makes me feel better to know I'm not the only one that likes to know what's going on with the neighbors. I remember Chase at that stage, it is fun. Kinda makes you realize that someones crap is another man's treasure.

P.S. Good luck today, I know it'll be just fine though... and can you not wait forever to post... because I'm impatient. Just sayin' ;o)

Crossed Fingers said...

OMG too cute! I love your little captions for each picture too - they crack me up!

andrea said...

I have a hoarder too. her newest obsession is taking her sippy cup everywhere and saying "no no mama" when I try to take it from her, so she can go to bed or take a bath!

also? impressed @ olivia's fork skills!

I agree - it is impossible to have a bad day with these girls around.

The Lease Family said...

I love that she figured out a more efficient way to transport her loot. Smart girl you have there!

Alyssa said...

Wow. My preshous does not eat every meal with a fork, unless what you really mean is "I will put this fork off to the side and stick my whole hand palm down into whatever we're eating and maybe look at the fork once in a while and then sometimes try to eat with the fork, but using the handle to scoop up the food and holding the tines in me hand." Because if that's what you meant, then my baby is also eating with a fork.

MoKa424 said...

Olivia is stinking adorable, whether she be a hoarder or a pirate. Is she going to be a big sister? Your repeat beta was today and I've been stalking the blog....

Kahla said...

If I had your email, I'd email you. I was out of the house all day, came home, got in the shower, and thought, "Jen's BETA should be up by now." And it's not. Why do you torture me? Praying for great news for you!