Sunday, April 4, 2010

Should have purchased three sets of ears.

But I didn't, so my Easter gift to you is three separate ridiculous picutres of The Kneppers in bunny ears.

Jen: Dis Stoopid
Olivia: Gimme Dem
Mark: Wants Divorce
Olivia: Nevermind; dis stoopid.

And since you so politely took the time to click on this post, here are some delicious baybee pictures.
Easter dress: check
Bow on practically bald head: check, surprisingly
Frilly Socks: oh, you bet your ass check
$10 baybee shoes to be worn once: uh huh, check.
Zebra Wearing Red Tennies: Hilarious, in case you were wondering.
Why I never get anything could you resist picking her up?  HOW?

This kid always has food in her hair.  Probably because it is hard to eat with one tooth, and so she has taken to smearing food on her head as some sort of coping mechanism.
(We are working on FIVE teeth.  It's been about as fun as...well.  It turns out that it has not been fun and I cannot think of analogies when I have been up every two hours because boo hoo hoo teeth the end.)

Happy Easter!!  I hope you don't stain your clothes when you tear into your chocolate bunny!
(I hope that for myself, too.)

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Dawn's Recipes said...

She is too irresistible! I can't wait to be dressing my own little girl in frilly things. (Any day now!) :)

Hope you all have a Happy Easter!

JennyM said...

She is irresistibly cute and I LOVE her Easter outfit. Too cute!

Happy Easter!

Mrs. Higrens said...

Adorable. And I'm talking about Olivia too. :)

Enjoy your bunny!

HereWeGoAJen said...

I really need to get some frilly socks. Maybe some for the baby too.

e.k. said...

yes yes, olivia is ridiculously adorable... but is that glass? on the bottom shelf? how is it still intact? my son would not tolerate this. how have you managed? will you share?

Princess LadyBug said...

That Easter dress is too gorgeous!! Serious NOM there.

I want to know how you ever put her down? I'd be carrying her everywhere. 24/7. Seriously. She is simply too beautiful for words.

And that IS glass on the bottom shelf. You should be revered among all Mommies. Amazing!

Aunt Becky said...

Happy, Happy Easter, yo.

Jamie said...

She is so cute. I could never resist her. Happy Easter.

Allison said...

My girly is 8 months old and a baldy--how did you get that bow to stay in her hair????? I've resorted to headbands with flowers on them, but dream of the day when I can put bows in there.

Oh, and she has no teeth. And gets food in her....head. lol But it's easier to clean the food up without hair, I imagine! So yay for baldy babies!

Beautiful Mess said...

Adorable pictures! I hope you all enjoyed your Easter and she didn't stain her dress, either.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jen,

Olivia is sooo adorable and your posts are hilarious. I have been a silent reader for a few months now, but now I have a question for you - where did you find the cute baby bow to stick on Olivia's bald head. I have my own little cutie who is 5 months old and has a hairstyle (non-hair style?) very similar to Olivia's. I'm tired of the headbands and want to put some cute bows on her, but don't know where to find bows which will stick to bald heads. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!!


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