Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Party Girl's First Party

I'm trying to make good on my Fan Page Friday question from Kim only, oh, four hundred years ago.  She needs first birthday party ideas.  Maybe you could leave her some comment love?  Let her know what you did?

Or you could always become my Facebook BFF and post it on the Maybe If You Just Relax page!

The Invitations
I ordered the invitations from Etsy. I picked the design for the cake first, and got lucky enough to find this digital photo card at Invitations, Ink by Kottage on 5th.  It was personalized and sent to me within 24 hours, and uploaded to and printed them from Shutterfly.  Any smudges are my editing - I took out my address and phone number, because I don't need any of you crazy crackers peeking in my windows...

Everything printed perfectly and looked adorable.  I will definitely shop Daina's shop again!

The Dress
I got this dress at the Carter's Outlet after Christmas sale for $6.  It was originally $34.  It looks like just a tutu, but it actually has a really adorable bodice.  Too bad I forgot to take her bib off - I don't have a single picture of her in just the dress.  She also wore footless white tights from Target.

The Decorations
I don't like character themes for birthday parties.  That sounds snotty, and I know that I will have to get over myself in the very near future.  But for right now, I can get away with just picking a color scheme and going with it. 

I knew I just wanted a happy birthday banner, and a few other decorations, with matching balloons.  I planned to buy something from Etsy, but my coworker's cousin is a crafty little whore, and agreed to make me something.

This is a Happy Birthday Olivia banner.  I'm going to keep it, and even if I don't ever use the happy birthday again, I can hang the Olivia up in her playroom.
I also asked for two signs to hang in our kitchen; I left the wording up to her, and loved her ideas.

And, of course, a little decoration for the birthday girl's throne!  It says, "I Am 1."  I was pretty bummed that it got frosting all over it, because it was really cute and I would have loved to keep it.  But, once I post the After Cake, you will understand why it didn't survive.

The Cake
The cake was the inspiration for the entire party.  I found a blog with tons of cake ideas, and used this cake to design our cake, invitations and decorations.  I asked for that design, with Olivia's name instead of a bow, and no cupcake topper.  I'd say I got exactly what I asked for, right?

And the best part is that my little cousin Val made the cake for me.  She's just getting her business started, but she does a fantastic job!  It was adorable, and DELICIOUS!  And I don't even like cake, but I ate no less than seven pieces before my abdomen exploded and I gave birth to the smash cake.

(Not really.)

(I mean, I did eat like seven pieces.  I just didn't give birth to a smash cake.)

You could always go check out Val's cakes on her Val's Cakery Facebook page if you want some ideas, or hire her if you live in our neck of the woods.

This is the smash cake.  Or, as Olivia may know it: Demolish Cake.

Some kids are very polite with their smash cake, and some kids are very messy.  All one year olds are adorable, no matter what, but I'm not lying when I tell you that I really hoped that Olivia would totally dig into her cake.

As you can see, it started out totally polite and refined.  Then she remembered who her mom is, and she dug in. That's mah girl!  She sat in her high chair for about 20 minutes while we all ate.  We gave her a spatula, and she flung cake all over the kitchen and talked to herself.

Happy birthday, indeed.


One Year Ago: Titty Quitter


Mrs. Higrens said...


areyoukiddingme said...

It's fantastic when the baby is wearing the cake when she's done! I love all the decorations!

Princess LadyBug said...

OMG! First of all, Olivia is the DEFINITION of adorable. Seriously. Second, you are like the best mommy EVAH! You bought a cake just for her to demolish?! Genius. Sheer genius.

Your house is so going to be the cool house that all her friends want to play at. Totally.

Calliope said...

wow!! well done- everything looks perfect.
now I want cake.

Beckie's Infertile said...

Everything is so damn cute! It looks like you did everything to make that day super special!

Jen said...

The cakes are adorable. Love the bright colors. Maybe it's just me, but the "1" on top of cake looks rather phallic. I'm just sayin'. My mind *may* be in the gutter.

LB's Mama said...

I don't think that I've posted before, but I am now super excited for my little guy's first birthday. The wonders of the smash cake! :) Olivia is super, super cute. And you were a brave soul for wearing that white sweater (I think that was you).

Chris and Annalisa said...

Oh my gosh, that girl doesn't mess around with her cake! Lol! That's the best first birthday cake-eating I've ever seen. Hands down.


Salina said...

Just wanted to let you know that I have an award on my photo blog for you (Twice As Many Moments). Thank you for making me laugh out loud at each post!

JenJen said...

What an awesome party! I loved the decor and invitations.....so pretty and posh! What a happy lil' one-year-old! Great job, Momma!

Jaci said...

Is Olivia a strawberry blond? The picture in front of the fireplace made me squeal, "Ah, she's a red head!"

Or...maybe the color is off on my computer? Always a possibility.

poppy.f.seed said...

I love the designs and crafts, and of course the smash cake pics! I recently did the same thing with forgetting to take a pic of baby w/out bib. Ah well.

Amy said...

Too cute! I'm so glad Miss Olivia enjoyed her special day...the cake pictures are PRICELESS! I can't wait for Lexi's party!

Keepontrying said...

What great photos of a beautiful girl! Happy Birthday Olivia!

Laurel said...

Love the smash cake photos, especially the last one! How did I never hear of the smash cake? Looks like a beautiful party--not TOO fancy, but lovely decorations, lovely cake, and especially gorgeous little girl.

Jennifer said...

I love the smash cake pics

I'm in the process of planning my twin boys' first birthday party and there are SO MANY great ideas out there.

I'm so jealous of those "crafty little whores"!!!!

kimbosue said...

Thanks for the bday idea shoutout. I have myself a template for making a simliar banner for Mr. Miles!

OMG I was dying laughing when I saw her pick up the entire cake by the board itself! You go Miss O!

Crossed Fingers said...

Olivia eating the cake is the best part of the whole post - I love the last picture where she's sticking her tongue out - too cute!

Great job on the colors - I love the decorations you had too! Happy Birthday Olivia!

Shanny said...

Those pics are freaking priceless, that's how you enjoy some good cake!

Maggie said...

Looks like you had so much fun! Wanted to share a birthday theme (is this where you wanted us to give suggestions)....check out the theme I did for Charlotte's 1st Birthday....Bumblebees!

tilly and the bean said...

She really went after it--LOVE it!

BabyWid said...

looks alike a very successful first birthday! I bet the 1st year went by super fast. My lo is now 7 1/2 and I am getting excited to start planning her 1st bday but also in wonder at where the time went!

Sara B said...

Adorable! Olivia is a beauty and the decorations are perfect. BTW, my husband and I swore we would never buy character stuff for our boy and now we are knee deep in all things Yo Gabba Gabba and planning a YGG themed birthday party. He loves it so much (and he really isn't "in" to anything except that) we can't help ourselves! And we never even let him watch tv until he was 14 months old!