Thursday, February 18, 2010

In Which I Hog Another Blog

I did a guest post for Beverley, on her blog A Baby? Maybe.

Go check it out...I need some assistance. I'm trying to be a slutty whore. I think you might be able to help.


Crossed Fingers said...

I commented - love the post!

bella leanne said...

Hahahaa you have a girl crush.
Jillian may look like an uber-dyke, but really she's bisexual. I'm sure she returns your crush.
you know what? I'd hit that too.

asterix said...

I love you and Bev sooo much!! Will post a detailed comment about how I came across your blogs and how much I enjoy reading, them some time in the future.

JenJen said...

loved it! I's hilarious. Good work, Guestie ;)

Jodie said...

Thanks for this post. I actually went out and got the video based on it and I totally agree. I did want to punch her in the face when she told me that she 'would kill for abs like that'.