Friday, October 30, 2009

I love an excuse to eat candy

Happy Halloween!!!!!!

As it turns out, I cannot stop taking Olivia for cheesy photo shoots and putting weird things on her head. Also? I cannot stop spending an unholy amount of money on said photos.

Olivia is going to be a ladybug for Halloween.

I'm going to be a First Time Mom Who Has No Sense of Style and Needs a Root Job and Possibly (Definitely) Some Lip Gloss. It was incredibly easy to put together.

Mark doesn't have a costume, but I think he should go as Flavor Flav. Or Dick in a Pumpkin.

What is your halloween costume?
Whatever it is, have a happy weenie!


Shandal said...

Love the lady bug costume! I was going to get that for my 7mo old daughter, but they didn't have the right size. We had to settle on a pumpkin costume for her.
Happy Halloween!

Calliope said...

soooo cute!!!
loves it

are ya'll trick or treating or just being door people?

Sandy said...

You are clearly setting a standard that is too high for the rest of us, lol.

But seriously, with what you went through to have Olivia? You spend as much damn money on pictures as you want.

I have no costume for Oscar. Haven't been able to find one in his size. I'm going to run around one last time today to see if I can find him a costume or something to make a costume. I am a terrible, terrible mother.

But candy? I just wrote a love letter to candy on my blog.

Two Moms, Two Monkeys said...

Ahhh so adorable! Love the costume and that orange and black outfit! We won't be dressing up but the twins are going to be monkeys!

Candice said...

She is so PRESHUS!! :)

Joel was a soccer player, I was a ladybug, and Graham was Mr. Potato Head. All costumes homemade. Pics on my blog. :)

Delenn said...

Happy Halloweenie too! Love the pics. Willow is a kanagaroo, Michael is a bleeding grim reaper, I am going as a disheveled mom, my husband is the walking dead...(oh, in real life too).

Lauren said...

I adore ladybugs.
That is quite possibly the cutest thing ever.
I'd wear that outfit, but I would not be near as cute as she is. And why embarrass myself?

I'm going as Flo, the Progressive Auto Insurance Girl this year. I can't decide if that makes me lame or awesome. Whatev. :)

Happy Halloween!

PJ said...

LMAO! Flava Flav!

Mrs. Higrens said...

Who needs candy when the cuteness is enough to induce sugar shock?

Happy weenie to you too!

KimboSue said...

Miles is going as a racecar driver and we are his pit crew! Pics coming soon.

Milla said...

Olivia looks amazingly delightful, it's easy to see why you might keep going with the photos and head gear. I hope that you all have a good time.

I'm the scary crazy-clomid-woman complete with sweating and spots and bloating and, worst of all, extra crazy (for a change).

Anabelle said...

Adorable! we were the cast of Hannah Montana... :) I even convinced my hubs to be billy ray lol

Nicole said...

So cute! Love the ladybug. We completely punted on Halloween. I even forgot to put DD in the pumpkin onesie. By next year I better get my butt in gear and bring it times 2!

Aunt Becky said...

She is so cute that I might actually die.

Parsing Nonsense said...

Hey, I think I'm going as the same exact thing next year!

Megs said...

Okay...she is absolutely adorable!!! I love the orange and black outfit :) And seriously, spend all you want for those pictures! You deserve it!