Tuesday, July 7, 2009

4 Months: Olivia Jones and the Milestone of Doom

Over a month ago, when Olivia was just a tiny baby, she learned to roll over.

Belly to back.

It was less of a "milestone" and more of an alternative to shaking her fists at the heavens in protest to tummy time. Because how can one shake her fists at the heavens when her fine motor skills have yet to fully develop?

She is a baybee, after all.

So Olivia was rolling belly to back and all was well with the world.

But now? NOW?! Whooooo boy! All is not well with the world.

You see, Olivia has figured out how to roll back to belly. And this sounds fantastic, right? Genius baybee! Huge, giant, practically growed up baybee!! Strongest, smartest baybee Alive!


It seems that Olivia has forgotten her belly to back trick, now that she is practically a teenager and rolling back to belly. It's, like, so lame and buy me a cell phone and some designer jeans mom and oh by the way I PIERCED MY NIPPLE.

Olivia: Oh, hai. I have rolled to mah belleh from mah back. Am speshul and awesum.

Olivia, 5 Minutes Later: Hmmm...am slightly dissatisfied with life at the moment. I wish there was some way to move from mah belleh to mah back...alas! Iz impossible.
No baybee in history haz ever moved from belleh to back, especially not me last week or anything...

Olivia: SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I did it! Oh, let me just eat that camera real quick...

This is all very adorable during the day. Especially when the baybee is wearing plaid Gymboree shorts, and after Mommy has consumed an entire 10 cup pot of coffee.

This is all not so very adorable all.night.long. when Olivia cannot stop herself from rolling onto her belleh in her sleep. Because OMG I AM ON MY BELLEH WOE AND SCREAM AND MURDER!

Oh, but she is adorable. I make it all sound so awful, don't I?
It isn't awful at all.

The things she does just make me all melty - smiles and laughs, and recognizing mommy and daddy. And playing with toys, for real. Not just looking, but grabbing and examining. And slobbering on. And the squeals and babbles.

She makes a really good attempt at holding her bottle. I mean, she usually ends up ripping it out of her mouth and squirting formula in her eye, but still. And speaking of ripping? She loves to rip my hair out of my head, and rip my glasses off of my face.

She has her first two best friends...Baxter and Milo. She watches them and touches their fur (and grabs it in hunks). Baxter cries when Olivia cries, and if she cries too long he runs up to us like TAKE CARE OF THAT BABY, YOU MORONS. Milo lays next to Olivia so that his entire body is touching the side of her body.

She is getting so big.
Well...so much bigger.
At her 4 month appointment, she weighed 11.2 pounds, and was 23 inches long. 5th Percentile for both.

In a week? She will be 5 months old.
Sometimes, when I am rocking her to sleep, I look at her and get all panicky. Like, Her FEET! I need to take a picture of her FEET because I want to remember them exactly like this FOREVAH! And her chubby little THUMB! Must Photograph!

I bought a camcorder, so now I have about 30 shaky, off-center videos of her just sitting there doing nothing. Because chewing on linkadoos is advanced and amazing for a baybee and must be documented on film so that future generations may witness her astounding skill and ability.

It should be just a matter of weeks before she starts blogging about how ridiculous I am.
(Don't worry, I'll give you the link.)


Amy said...

LOL! I feel the same way about Lexi!

Olivia is so precious! Love the look on her face! Priceless!

Malloryn said...

She is *clearly* both speshul and awsum! Those are some great pictures. It must be tough because while you love to see the changes in her, at the same time you want to hold on to the memories. I'll be waiting to read her blog! :)

KellyGreen said...

Your baybee is incredibly prosh. Love the "squeeeeeee" face.
I do not have children...but I have dogs and one of them learned to swim this weekend. I was so ridiculously excited it was a bit absurd, and of course I caught it on video. A video that I am making all of my fiends watch one by one just so I have an excuse to play it over and over.
I can only imagine how speshul it will be with "real" kids.

lifefamilysanity said...

She is too cute, Jen. I love how surprised she looks at having accomplished the impossible feat of rolling back over to her back!


calliope said...

you crack me up!
& those photos are amazing.

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say - thanks - you ALWAYS crack me up and my husband wonders what I am doing! I have jacked a couple of words from you .... bewbies & baybee. And every tme I use them I actually laugh at myself.

Anyway, just wanted to say thanks (especially for the going back to work post). My baby girl, Charlotte, is only 2 days older than Olivia (also by IVF#2), so your blog totally hits home. (except my baybee could eat your baybee -- haha)


Bekah said...

I always wonder if I'm going to scare people away from children by talking about poop so much and also how stinky I've gotten since having a child (I KNOW. Will I just shut up about my sweaty armpits already?!). It's just hard to talk about the things that make it all worthwhile without all twinkle starshine, angels singing, etc. And the tears! When you think about how mah baybee's all grown up now. He used to be so tiny! *sob* He's like, the BIGGEST baybee evah!!!!! He's not, but I totally feel that way. I digress.

My son loves pictures of Olivia, by the way. He reaches out to the monitor to touch her face. *sob* It's just so cuuuuuuuuute!!!!!

Beautiful Mess said...

LOL too cute! Take lots of pictures of her tiny feet and chubby thumbs becuase one day you'll look at her and she'll be 12...OMG 12!!! And you'll look at her and see the chubby baby and then look again and she's almost a teenager but SO pretty and beautiful! She's adorable, but you know that!

andrea said...

oh olivia, so adorable with your mad skillz!

i do that with G too -- like OMG! i must take a picture of you with your tongue out..and your tongue in..and your smile now, and now and NOW! :)

they will grow to love our craziness right?

uncomplicateme said...

She's obviously adorable and highly skilled for a baby of her age! :) Plus she's such a little peanut, I really do want to put her in my pocket. But I won't, I think the baby manual said that was hazardous. I think B and O should get marrrrrried. Just sayin'.

Sandy said...

Oscar winds up on his belly several times each night. Sometimes he cries and sometimes I just hear him grunting with frustration.

Olivia is SOOOOOOOOOO CUUUUUTE. MUST bite her cheeks. Must. Oh well, I'll just go bite Oscar's cheeks.

KimboSue said...

I feel the same way about Miles! He will be 3 months on Friday - WHAT?

The pic of her on her back is hysterical. She's like WTF just happened?

SmartAssMom said...

Ah, kudos for capturing the moment she landed on her back - that's very elusive!

Nic said...

I love the shocked/amazed pic of her on her back, too cute!!!

Jaime said...

My son, Connor, was also born on Valentine's Day, so it is fun to see what your daughter is up to! Connor has almost figured out how to roll from back to belly, which I'm looking forward to b/c hopefully I can sleep again! He wakes up crying because he goes from belly to back and doesn't like it. And I am also in a complete panic about how big he is getting. Last week I did take pictures of his hands while he was sleeping. I get sad that he'll never be this little again!

Parsing Nonsense said...

That last picture of surprise is precious, such a character!

Sam's Mom said...

I've just stumbled across your blog and cannot believe I haven't read it before... you are my new favorite blogger. There, I said it. Don't tell the others.

ALin said...

she's is absolutely adorable! I'm usually a lurker but I just wanted to say that I always enjoy reading your blog!

Wendy said...

She is so cute! I love the pictures you posted of her!

I wanted to tell you we got good news...if you get a chance, visit my blog. :)

Jules said...

So cute! And we're at the hair-pulling stage too -not so much fun

Anonymous said...

That last picture... looks like she's saying, "Holy shit! Did you SEE THAT?!"

Entirely too cute!