Sunday, April 12, 2009

Two Months, Five Hundred Names

This second month has been nuts. When I call the pediatrician, they know who I am when I say my name. I think Olivia is that patient who has that mother who calls about everything.


Mark thinks that Olivia is never going to learn her name. Because I think of something new to call her every day. Sometimes twice a day. Sometimes twice an hour. In no particular order:
Olivia. O. Livie. Liv. Livie Lou. Livie Lou Lou. Livie Lou Lou Lou Lou LOU! Lou Lou. Honey. Honey Punkin. Punk. Punky Brewster. Sweetie Peetie. Stinky Linky. Stinky Linky Linky. Chubby Cheekers. Chubby Cheeky. Chubby Cheeky Monkey. Pretty Girl. Pwetty Gwirl. Bootiful Girl. MAH BAYYYYBEEEE!

Is it worse to not know your name? Or to answer to, "Hey, kid!"

Olivia does a lot of the same things outside of my uterus as she did inside. At all of our ultrasounds, Olivia had her hands on or around her face. And she still does that!

And she is awake at all the same times. Every.single.night during my third trimester, I would bolt awake at 3 a.m. and wonder if my uterus exploded, only to find that it was just Olivia trying to bicycle her way out of my belleh. You can always count on Olivia being hungry at 3 a.m. And she's always awake at 10, 1, and 6 - her most active movement times in utero.

Much like her mother, Olivia loves to eat. Loves it. In fact, she screams when you take away her bottle. Which explains the recent development of rubber band wrists.

Not only does Olivia look exactly like me, but it appears that she may be plagued with my odd body shape (sorry, O - just get used to the fact that no pants will fit you right. Ever). Right now, she has outgrown her newborn clothes, but 0-3 too big. So most of the time she looks completely ridiculous, because I try to force fashion upon her because there is so much baby Gap in her closet and it goes so well with her new NOMable chubby thighs.

Leave my thighs alone, mom. Seriously.

The newest glorious thing to happen is that Olivia loves her cradle swing. LOVES her cradle swing. Like, will sleep in her swing for 3 hours during the day. Which causes me to Fisher Price two people? Are they men? Because I love the cradle swing so much that I would totally, totally make out with one or both of them.

The reflux. Sometimes better, sometimes not. There is no more blood in the stool, so we are just waiting until the May 1st appointment with the gastroenterologist to make sure everything is OK. We're sticking with the Alimentum, Rice Cereal, and Zantac.

5 Weeks: Oh, hello mother. This thing is WAY more interesting than you and Daddy.

6 Weeks: Tummy time is the worst, people.

7 Weeks: Did somebody say fresh diaper?

8 Weeks: This crib is a total waste of space. Taking photos in it makes the cost seem justified.

Two months! I swear, babies age in dog years. We keep looking at toys, and all of the 3+ month toys are SO COOL. And it is crazy to think that Olivia will be able to play with them in another month. And in another month? She will be a quarter of a year old.

Elton Johnnepper...her future's so bright, she's gotta wear shades.

I think we're going to have so much fun together.


courtney said...

These pictures are fantastic. I love your commentary about being a mom, keep it comin'!

Heather Rodriguez said...

She is so incredibly NOMable!!

Isn't it pretty to think so said...

Um...your husband has a point. If I ask my daughter her name, she tells me it is "Chickie Boonie." Don't ask me how I got that, but that's the nickname that stuck, and while she really does know her "real" name...she prefers the other one.

areyoukiddingme said...

I think you'll be seeing that "Seriously" look for a long time to come. Especially in the teenage years! She's so sweet.

When we were talking names, I told a friend that I didn't really like the name we had settled on (because it's unusual and I don't like unusual). She said that it didn't matter because we would go through all kinds of names for her before we actually decided on her official nickname. Apparently, namer's remorse is much like buyer's remorse...

Just Caz said...

You kill me, no seriously you kill me.
I don't think its so bad she wont know her own name..
Nope not at all.

She is so freakin adorable its like insane, how cute she is.

Glad the her relux/ bloody stool seems to be clearing up, poor little dear.

Again, so cute and loving the running commentary.

Jennisa said...

I have an Olivia too, so i just LOVE the name. I smiled when I read what you call her..My Olivia is Olivia Lynn, but we call her Livie Lou all the time too! Must just fit well together! ;)

She's beautiful, too...gotta love the baby gap!!!

poppy.f.seed said...

wow, fantastic pics + names. Very fun!

Sara said...

My Olivia is also Livie Lou Lou to go with her sister's Abby Sue Sue. Your Olivia is SO cute I just want to eat her up!

CJ said...

Oh she is too incredibly cute!!! I'm glad you guys are having so much fun. :)

My husband also worried that our son would never learn his real name because I called him so many nicknames. LOL He's a year old now and definitely knows it, so you can reassure your hubby!

lumos80 said...

love your post and the pictures are hilarious...Olivia seems so serious in some of the pictures.kind of like my boys(sometimes they have that expression,what is this moron doing?)
Love her shades(am guilty of doing such things too:)

Loretta said...

I called my cat so many things that now the only thing he responds to is "no".
Olivia is adorable.

Mrs. Higrens said...

Definitely nom-nom-nom-able. Who needs chocolate for Easter when you have those knees and wrists?

Emily said...

She is so cute! I have about a zillion names for my son (he's about the same age). I think they'll figure it out eventually!

JuLi-ElLe said...

Oh wow what precious pictures!! I don't remember Rylee being that small, so when Olivia is 6 you can look back at those pics and say the same thing!

I call Rylee Monkey Moo Moo. Why, I dunno. But she has already said that the new baby will be Monkey Boo Boo. At least she is sharing. lol.

Glad she is feeling somewhat better.

alicia said...

i think you are already having so much fun together!! she is sooo cute! ahhhh

Parsing Nonsense said...

My dog answers to about fifteen different names too, don't worry about it. She is adorable, so glad the tummy troubles seem to be resolving!

Anonymous said...

I've been enjoying your blog for a while, and usually don't comment but just wanted to post and ask you to please PLEASE post the birth story as promised. There's so much info in books about pregnancy and parenting, but no one ever tells you what childbirth is like. All the books will say is that it's different for everyone. Well, duh! But it would really help to hear what it was like for someone. Anyone. (And most people I know and ask claim to have forgotten). Before you forget, please do post about the pain, the puking, the annoying nurses, what happens after, what it smells like etc. All the gross weird odd details that no one tells you about in advance. Please?

andrea said...

love all the pictures - she is freaking cute! and i think our kids must have the same taste - b/c i have like half of those outfits in G's closet!

i am so glad to hear that the reflux is at least a little bit better. i am sure you are more glad.... ;)

Elizabeth said...

Okay this post made be cry. I just had to pack away two of the six outfits (the sleepers) you have her in just last night. No fair that yours still fits in them.

I seem to be getting this weird attachment to Anna's outfits.

Dana said...

Don't worry about the name thing. I called Simone "Shmoo" or "Mo Pants" for the first 15 months of her life and I still mostly call her "Mo" She knows her name is Simone and will even tell you when you ask her :)

iambrowneyedgirl said...

She's so beautiful! Great pictures!

Emily said...

She is beyond adorable! Love the photo shoot, love the nicknames, love the post!

Enjoy every moment with that little miracle!

Anonymous said...

AWWWW!!! Your baby is beautiful!! Congrats! I had my first baby (girl) on Feb 15th. They're not too far apart!