Thursday, February 12, 2009

I know when I will get my stretch marks.

Friday, February 13, 2009.

That's because someone nominated me to win a maternity photo shoot by this amazing photographer, Felicia. AND I WON!! Saturday is the day of our session, so I know that I will wake up Friday morning with the most bizarre stretch marks that have ever graced a pregnant stomach. Because seriously people, that's just how I roll.

Also, to further illustrate how I roll, I should mention that I turn into a complete and total flaming moron around doctors. Really at any given moment I can flip the switch on total flaming moron Jennepper, but always around doctors. I can never get my point across, I feel like they are never really listening to me, and I always leave with more questions than when I arrived and end up adding continuing education credits to my Google MD. I know it is me, because other people see the same doctors that I see and don't have the same issues with them.

So, I had my 37 week appointment on Friday, and it went just like this:

Dr. Sexy Suzy: Well, I'm sure you know that we don't like to let diabetic patients go to their due date, so we'll probably plan your induction at the next visit.

Me: Yes, about that. I don't know that I want to be induced. I would like to go to at least my due date if things still look good.

Dr. SS: Welllll...we don't like to let the diabetic patients go to their due date, so we'll probably plan your induction at the next visit.

Me: Right. And my concern is that my body won't be ready, and that I will end up with a long, painful labor followed by an unnecessary c-section.

Dr. SS: Yes, that's possible. But, you see, we don't like to let the diabetic patients go to their due date, so we'll probably plan your induction at your next visit.

Me: Mmmmkay. See, as I said, I don't know that I want that. Doesn't there have to be a certain amount of dilation and effacement for an induction to be successful?

Dr. SS: Yes, that's true. But we don't like to let the diabetic patients go past their due date.

Me: So you've said...

Dr. SS: So we'll probably plan your induction at your next visit. It will probably be on 2/17.

Me: Um...OK?


I was so pissed off after my appointment. Mark was not pissed off and thought that Sexy Suzy was "pleasant." (I maintain that Sexy Suzy could kick me in the teeth and Mark would still find her to be pleasant because she IS very much with bringing the pretty.)

But really, couldn't she try to...I don't know? EXPLAIN why I need to be induced? You know, kind of like Instead of just shoving it down my throat with no reasoning? Isn't that what my insurance company pays for?

Let's be honest. I'm talking so much smack about arguing with her at my next appointment (Friday), but what will happen is that I will simply nod my head and hope for a sticker for being such a good little patient.

How about a belly pic?
37 Weeks:

That was last week, and I haven't taken a 38 week picture yet, but things haven't changed much. I'm convinced that Cupcake has moved out of my uterus and has decided to take residence in my ankles.

Also fun? Jimmy Dean is sending me some Omelet coupons. I was hoping for FREE OMELETS FOR LIFE! But I'll take coupons. Jennepper: 1, Diabeetus: 4,723.


O.S.B. said...

Hooray for the photo shoot! What a lucky photographer to get such an adorably pregnant client!!

I’m not good with Doctors either, but you might ask “why”, as in “Why don’t you like the diabetic patients go to their due dates”? or “What are the risks of going to my due date?” I don’t know that it would work, but maybe it would open the conversation up a bit??

I hope everything goes as easily and smoothly as possible, induction or not.

Oh and hooray for the coupons too!

MamaSoon said...

Wow. That is truly frustrating. And I agree. As you were writing it out, I was thinking, "BUT WHY do you induce early for diabetics!" There has to be some reason and curve on who has to go earliest to latest. With all these early births, I am starting to wonder statistically is 40 weeks is even full term. It seems like 38 is overdue according to doctors these days. Strange, don't you think?

cute belly.

alison said...

I would have thought you would have gotten a visit from Mr. Dean himself! But omelet coupons are better than nothing.

You look great!

Umm, about those stretchmarks, I have the one weird one between my belly button ring holes that looks like a slice of DNA. But then last night I found the makings of another one on my belly itself, and I IZ NOT EXCITED. I mean I know there the "mother's war marks" or whatever, but I was just hoping the stretchmarks and I could pretend each other doesn't exist. You, on the other hand, I'm sure will be just fine and not get one ever, let alone by the weekend. Because Cupcake is a girl, and girls don't like stretchmarks. Cletus doesn't seem to give an eff.

queenofbirds said...

get them to give you a Bishop score ( - mmm Google MD) before you agree to anything. also, i totally agree that your doctor should be able to explain why diabetic patients would need to be induced early in the absence of any other problems.
if it's just the 'risk of a big baby' then I wouldn't be inclined to agree that that's a good enough reason given
(a) your controlled diabetes
(b) the unreliability of 3rd-trimester ultrasounds in estimating fetal weight
(c) the unreliability of fetal size in predicting labor outcome.
keep standing up for yourself and asking questions. good luck:)

queenofbirds said...

another thought: if you agree to an induction, an AROM (breaking your waters with an amniohook) will put you 'on the clock' because of infection risk and may not start labour. whereas, if the dilator/IV meds don't succeed in inducing labour but your waters are still intact, you can always wait a few days then try induction again.
disclaimer - so i've heard/read.i'm not a doctor/midwife/health professional of any kind: just very interested in this area of women's health. of course, do your own research and do what you're comfortable with.

Julia said...

Hubby thinks I should do one of those photo shoots. I'm not really up it. But hey if it's free why not.

I think Dr.SS could at least give the pros and cons of an induction.If anything just to settle your nerves about it.

Rebecca said...

You should definitely stand up for yourself. Assuming you are healthy, the baby is healthy and the fetal weight appears to be reasonable, there is no reason you shouldn't be able to go to your due date. I had GD and they didn't try to induce me. In the end I went in to labor (all by myself) at 39 weeks.

alicia said...

wow really! I would be so angry. although I am not one to talk, I have let all the OB's at my clinic walk all over my fancy questions. I never stand up for myself, I get all scared around Dr's and hold them on this pedestal and think that I am too pidly and small to bother them with my annoying questions. Keith is coming with me to my next appointment, as he is tired of the Dr's walking all over me! haha. I hope your next appointment goes better, and you can get some explanations out of her.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the others. It is your body, your baby and ultimately your decision to make. You and hubby need to press the doctor, get more answers and make your own decision on when and if to induce.


Kaitlyn said...

Oh, this just makes me mad mad mad. Mad enough to require a thrice repeat of the same word. I'm not even pregnant, nor have I ever been, but I find this whole "induction" nonsense quite ridiculous under many circumstances. I second Rebecca.

Callie said...

I am so with you on the Doctor Cowering Syndrome! My husband gets incredibly frustrated with me...I swear it's one of the few things we fight about. He wants me to call with every question I have (or more accurately, he has) and insist on answers, and I'm like...well, they know what they're doing. Since it's so important to him, I've now told him - fine, then you ask the questions, which seems to be working out for both of us because it turns out that I like having more information and he gets to ask all the questions he wants without being frustrated by my inability to do so. Of course, we're not dealing with Dr. Aren't-I-Pretty, so maybe that's why he's so tough...

Good luck on Friday!

WellaWitch said...

It is REALLY HARD to stand up for what you want if it doesn't go along with the standard procedures the Doctor/Hospital has in place. I felt like a broken record just trying to avoid pitocin with my last induction.

You can keep saying no. It's your body and you get to decide what happens to it.

Ask the doctor these questions:
What are the benefits of this procedure?
What are the risks or drawbacks if I choose not to have it?

Remember, you have the right to give informed consent to each procedure. Neither doctor nor hospital staff can force you to do something you don't want. They may try to make you feel so bad or guilty that you end up saying yes, but that's not consent, that's coercion.

Trust yourself.

Anonymous said...

Jimmy Dean sucks the big one for not giving you a much juicier reward for your HILARIOUS post about him. Seriously, how many times is he the subject of anyone's blog? Ungrateful bastard.

Second of all, Sexy Suzy bugs. I'm an infertile and have no clue how to advise you, but these fancy ladies above sound like they know the deal. Push back Sister until you get an answer you're comfortable with. Remember, you're the Momma now.

Lots of luck to you!

Lauren said...

I also wind up looking like an idiot with doctors. I think it's some sort of forcefield around their office that magically inhibits your ability to actually ask questions. So see, totally not you.

Bonus on the coupons! Lucky girl!

WellaWitch said...

Sorry for the second comment. I knew I had a list of questions somewhere to help advocate for what you want. I finally found them.

1. Necessity: Is this absolutely necessary; are my baby and my body safe?
* If “yes”, then the mother has two options. Accept the procedure or sign a hospital waiver stating that she has officially refused the medical advice that she received.
* If no, then move on the next question:

2. Alternatives: Are there alternative ways to achieve a similar outcome?
* If “yes”, then ask for the alternative options.
* If no, then accept the procedure or sign a hospital waiver stating that she has officially refused the medical advice that she received.

3. Privacy: Can I have a few minutes to think about it privately?
* If yes, then the mother has time to discuss the procedure with her partner. This allows the mother a moment to collect her thoughts, gather information, and not feel that she is making an impulsive decision under pressure.
* If no, then accept the procedure or sign a hospital waiver stating that she has officially refused the medical advice that she received.

Mel said...

How fun about the photo shoot, you will look marvelous I am sure. I have nary a sign of a stretchmark on the belly, BUT I have them all over my ass. It's cruel and inhumane punishment on top of carrying around a freaking mini-monster who bounces off my cervix and bladder all day.
I agree on the induction and feel the same way as you about it. I am sorry you even have to deal with it, here's hoping cupcake comes knocking at the door before said induction date and you won't even have to think of it as an issue at all!

Erika said...

Just watch, you'll go into labor right before your photo shoot. You see, the stretch marks know you've seen them coming so now surprise attack of early labor is going to flank you. Good luck with that.

Esther said...

First of all, on the subject of stretch marks I've said it once and will say it again: MOISTURIZE. HYDRATE. Cocoa butter and water are your friends. Makes the skin nice and elastic like a rubber band and can stretch with out cracking (stretch mark).

Secondly, Jen I am LIVID for you! Your experience outlines every single thing that is wrong with women's healthcare in this country. Case in point, I have a good friend who had a baby 2 weeks ago in the hospital that I work at. Her practice has both midwives and OBs and she chose to deliver with a midwife. In the final leg of pushing, doctor is standing over midwife's shoulder and proclaims that we need a c-section because baby is not progressing fast enough. No deceleration of heart beat, baby just fine, but apparently not moving fast enough. My friend fought for her vaginal delivery and had a happy healthy girl. doctors are so quick to immediately suggest intervention when the majority of the time it IS NOT NEEDED.

Jen if your cupcake is healthy and doing well, then you FIGHT for the kind of delivery you want, you hear me??!! You do your research before your next visit and you tell your doctor what you want. In the end, they can't force you to induce short of strapping you to a bed! If the baby is doing well and not too large, then they can't force you to do anything.

I will volunteer my ass kicking services if you need...

Minta said...

I have the feeling you are going to be one of those lucky peeps without a stretch mark in sight. Or, I hope that for you, anyway. Congrats on the photo shoot.

libby-ct said...

Hey Jen,
So glad to see your post today-- I've totally been blog-stalking you, waiting for your next post :)

So sorry to hear that Dr. SS blew you off like that...are you seeing her next week, or one of the other docs? Regardless, at the next appointment why don't you ask the doc point blank to explain why they feel so strongly about early induction. Sometimes I write out my questions ahead of time, so I can word them just the way I want, and then read them directly from my notes so that when put on the spot with a doc, I don't lose my cool. (And believe me, you're not the only one! this happens to me too!) I have several friends who are docs and they've all told me that when patients come in with prepared questions and take notes, they take them more seriously. Sad commentary that it makes a difference, but at least you know that you don't have to feel bad about bringing notes/questions in. Good luck - keep us posted!

The Happy Hewitts said...

Please don't let your doc pressure you into an induction without giving you reasons and ALL the pros and cons. Doctors are usually just trying to cover all the bases (some don't care if they deliver the baby or cut it out--all the same to them) and often tune out the patients concern which are very valid.

I urge you to do all the research you can before agreeing to be induced. All my friends who have been induced before their bodies were ready (i.e. not effacement/little to no dialation) have eventually had a c-section.

You can always ask for more testing like a non-stress test for baby and an ultrasound to check grwoth. Although the ultrasounds can be off by more than 1.5lbs.

Good luck to you and stand your ground!

KimboSue said... have the right to do whatever you want. It's your body and your baby. And until she tells you W.H.Y., you don't have to listen to her one bit.
The prego photo shoot will be amazing because you are such a cutie pregnanny lady!

Amy said...

It is YOUR body and you should be in control! Do NOT let the doctors pressure you -- they want it to be convenient for them and really do not have the best interest of you all the time! Also someone mentioned infection after your water breaks --- it was over 30 hours with 2 of my children before I delivered (at home) and it was fine! Ultrasounds can be off by over a pound either way. Your body knows what it is doing and as long as you and the baby are doing well --- let it be -- do not let them force you!

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I didn't stick up for myself in a similar delivery situation and ended up with a completely unnecessary c-section and am so sad and angry about it. If you would regret the induction if it ended in a c-section then stick to your guns! I had a baby 3 months ago and I'm still p.o.ed that the doctor bullied me into the c/s.

iamagrownup said...

DO IT WHEN YOU WANT! When I had GD they told me they wanted me to deliver by 39 weeks because the baby could get too big. But they can measure/weigh the baby ahead of time, so I don't understand why the push to have the baby early if they know you don't have a 10 pounder in there. Keep what you want!!! You do not have to be induced early. Good luck. You are so close!!!!!

calliope said...

that is kick ass fantastic about winning a photo shoot! I am all kinds of jealous that the stretch mark fairies have left you alone- you will look great! you think your doctor will let you go past your due date?


Tricia said...

WOW WOW WOW! I can't believe she just blew off your concerns like that! I would be fuming. Please don't let her pressre you into something that you don't want.

Also, congrats on the shoot. I also won a pregnancy photo shoot. I can't wait. I am having it at 30 weeks. I hope it's not too early!

Tricia said...

WOW WOW WOW! I can't believe she just blew off your concerns like that! I would be fuming. Please don't let her pressre you into something that you don't want.

Also, congrats on the shoot. I also won a pregnancy photo shoot. I can't wait. I am having it at 30 weeks. I hope it's not too early!

Anonymous said...

Hi I'm Rose. I love your blog I think you are so frickin funny. I have beend trying to get pregnant for a year and a half, I like reading funny success stories like yours. I am a labor and delivery nurse at a busy hospital in Portsmouth. As long as you aren't measuring too far ahead of your due date and the estimated fetal weight isn't too high you would be smart to want to postpone your induction. They induce gestational diabetics at our hospital one week prior to their due date to try and avoid a c section caused by a larger baby (due to all that excess sugar) and a little bitty pelvis. If you are dilated 3 or more or effaced 75% or more I would go for the induction. If you're less than that I would wait another week. Ask for cervadil for ripening and don't let them break your water until you're at least 4 or more cm's, otherwise you're setting yourself up for infection. She should have explained all this to you! I'm sorry. Hope you have a good experience. Keep up the great stories, your writing cracks me up. Good Luck!

Dreamer4agift said...

Yep, stand up for you and Cupcake. You can do it! Make lil' Miss Sexy Suzy EXPLAIN things like a doctor is supposed to,instead of just telling you how it's gonna be--not her body, not her choice.

Can't wait to see/hear how the photo session goes--and will be hoping those annoying stretch marks hold out for another day.

Ben and Meg said...

Stick to your guns with the docs. They don't always know best...often they know "this is what we always do" or "this is what is easiest for us" or "we don't want to be sued". If you don't want to be induced, bring research with you--then you can have backup and something to reference to bring you back out of doc-shock. My friend who had "the Diabeetus" went to 39 weeks, no induction and delivered a moderately-sized, 8lb10oz baby).

Also, congrats on the preggers photo shoot. I will pray for the stretch mark fairy to steer clear!

Sarah said...

That is so cool about the photo shoot! I wish I had some good belly pics of my first. Then again, I was a whale so maybe its ok that I dont.

You however are so friggin cute! Look at your belly!(Sorry!! I had to)

the misfit said...

So we hate your doctor here. BUT you were not a moron. You were intelligent and sensible. You just didn't know how to respond to somebody being totally irrational. Anyway, I, too, have unsolicited advice. Doctors often think patients are dumb so they ignore them or steamroll them. But patients have a secret weapon! I have found that if you start a sentence with, "I will not consent to this procedure unless..." they begin to listen miraculously. You could follow that up with anything you like - " explain, in detail and to my satisfaction, why this procedure is necessary," or "...I have consulted with one of your colleagues who will explain the need for this procedure" or "...I obtain a second opinion" or " can document that there is a significant health risk to me or my child if this procedure is not performed."

If you refuse consent (unless you're unconscious and dying), they CANNOT perform the procedure. They risk losing their licenses.

battynurse said...

I agree that asking "why" is a good thing. I'm fairly sure it's because they don't want the baby to get too big and you end up needing a c-section but reality is that often with induction you end up there anyways. For the record it is your right to refuse treatment (induction at a certain point) but that could maybe possibly end up with you not having an OB.

KristenWiley said...

Hello Ma'am.

Awesomesauce about the photo shoot. That is really wonderful!!

At your appointment on Friday, I would just keep askig "Why?" like a 4 year old. Like we talked about on Saturday. You are going to do what is best for your baybee. But if there is no medical reason for an induction, and they just want it to be convient for them, I would fight tooth and nail... Ooooor just not show up. What will they do, come to your house?!?!?

Our BIG appointment is tomorrow at 10:45. I will be thinking of you tomorrow!! Hope the book reading is going well :)

Jaci said...

I was so smug about my stretch mark free tummy--then one day I woke up and saw one furiously wicked purple streak running from my belly button on down. The next day there was another...then another... The good news is that they faded within 2 years. (Hopefully you'll skip that whole issue.)

Come on, Jimmy Dean! Coupons? You could have at least thrown in a few scratch off lotto tickets. Or sumpin'.

PJ said...

I am the same way - ESPECIALLY with Dr. Ho Hum, who is a very quiet, very VERY old, southern dude. Somehow I feel disrespectful if I question him. I'm ok with asking Dr. Wonderful questions though.

So naturally, who do I get most of the time? Dr. Ho Hum, of course!

JuLi-ElLe said...

Hooray for coupons, boo on Jimmy Dean for being so cheap.

Hooray for free photo shoot and hooray for making it this long without stretchmarks!

Boo on Dr. SS for being a B*tch. Even if they are worried about GD causing cupcake to be huge, they need to think about how long it's been since you were diagnosed with GD. It's not like you have had GD since you were 11wks and she has been retaining all that extra sugar for that long. In fact you are fairly new to the Diabeetus clan, so that shouldn't affect you or cupcake in a major way.

I think that if I would have refused induction then we would not have ended up with an emergency C-section. But then again I was 17 and when asked, "Want to be induced in a few hours?" I thought, OMG, seriously, I can see my baby like, today? Labor progressed good, but they told me my pelvis was too small (for a 6lb baby?) and the cord ended up being around her neck 3x causing her heart rate to drop.

Write your questions out. ALL of them. Even if you decide not to ask one or two of the questions while you are in the office with them, at least you know you had them there to ask.

Also, always ask for a few minutes to think over any decisions. Don't let them bully you into giving an answer immediately. It's your body and you are the one having to live with the choices you make.

Lastly, if you lose your nerve to ask real questions, then do what another lady suggested: Go into 4 year old mode and just ask "why" after every thing they say.

I have already written out my birth plan for our next baby (which we are still TTC) and going into labor at 3am at home while mopping my floor for the 5th time, is at the top of my list. Second to that is a VBAC for sure.

We are so excited for you and hope everything goes well. I'm so happy that you finally get to experience child birth and motherhood. You and Mark deserve it so much. We will be right there with you two during this whole ordeal. Even if it is in spirit. Keep your head up honey, you are just now getting to the exciting parts!!!

Lots of Love!!


Mama Seoul said...

Just maintain your position. Ask for your Bishop score and tell her you will do a Bio Physical Profile or Non-Stress Test, but you won;t be induced without medical indication. Suspected Big Baby is not medical indication. They are usually wrong. Small women can push out a big baby.

Just recently my friend had gestational diabetes and was told she need to be induced for "big baby" because she was SO HUGE. She had nothing going on in the dilation and effacement departments when they induced her so of course it failed and she had a c-section. The baby's weight was 8 lbs 5 oz 10 DAYS AFTER she had been told the baby weigh 8 lbs 13 ounces. This story is very common.

She held her line. You hold yours.

Lauren.Furrer said...

I got induced for something that people with gestational diabetes get called a "mature placenta." Still don't know if I actually had diabetes, because I too am a moron. Anyway, the placenta matures faster than the baby, and can stop working as well as it needs to to deliver oxygen and nutrients to the wee one. So it's usually better to induce to avoid oxygen and nutrient depravation. In summation: the placenta poops out early.

Anonymous said...

oh, I hate be a pain or bearer of bad new, but just so your prepared.....I didnt have any stretch marks before or during my first pregnancy. I was pregnant for 41 6/7 weeks. Granted he was 9 lbs. But I had not one. That is until after I gave birth. Ugh, my hips, and some on my boobs and belly. I believe it is due to the extreme speed of weight loss and boob enlargement when we give birth. So just be prepared, cause I wasnt and I was really upset. Hope the best for you and your impending delivery!

Rebecca said...

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