Sunday, January 18, 2009

And I shall call him: Dr. Handlebar Mustache

My 34 week appointment was another good one.

The OB office has the obligatory wall o' birth pictures. All the doctors, holding up the new babies they delivered. As I've mentioned, the people who work there are ridiculously good looking.

But there is a picture of this one doctor who is not ridiculously good looking. That's not to say that he is necessarily ugly. As a matter of fact, we've been talking about how we hope we get to meet with him because he fun. Like, maybe he delivers babies by day, and then rides his hog to The Handle Bar by night.

Mark has been coming to all of my appointments. But this one he decided to skip, because I had three this week and OH MY GOD there are only so many times we can drive two cars to doctor appointments then wait an hour then get home at 6 to two dogs who have been in their cages since 7 am.

So anyway, the day Mark skips is the day that I get to meet with Dr. Handlebar Mustache. Of course. Because I know that something funny is going to happen. It always does when I am by myself, and then I tell a story so outrageous and have no way to prove that it is true (or at least mostly true) and not me just exaggerating for the sake of my blog.

Dr. Handlebar Mustache is very prompt. He was five minutes early for my appointment, and pretty much ran it the same way as everyone else. But then, in what I imagine to be good doctoring, asks me the following question:

"So, has anyone told you what to expect as a patient with The Diabeetus?"

I shit you not, he called it THE DIABEETUS.

And I know, I know, it's time to move on from the whole Wilford Brimley thing. But it is kind of hard for my head not to explode when Dr. Handlebar Mustache, who looks like Wilford Brimley, calls the diabeetus The Diabeetus with a completely straight face while I am by myself with no witnesses to what can only be described as Too Much.

For a moment, I almost asked him if he read my blog...

So it seems that part of being all speshul with the diabeetus includes being all speshul with an induction no later than your due date, probably at 39 weeks.

Oh noes...

I admit, my birth plan goes something like this:
1. Drugs.
2. As Many As Possible.
3. As Soon As Possible.

Basically I have no birth plan other than: get this kid out of me and I don't really want to feel much, kthxbye. I plan to go with the flow and do what the doctors say is best.

But induction? I don't know. I don't really want that unless it is absolutely necessary. And while the Planning Whore part of my brain is all THIS IS GREAT WE CAN MAKE SO MANY PLANS! Another part, perhaps the Big Big Baby part, says, oh noes, an induction is not what I want at all. I'd like to go into labor at home, and be comfortable(ish) at home for a while, and...other stuff.

On Friday, we had an ultrasound to check my fluids and the size of Cupcake. And as it turns out, she is perfectly average. She measured at 34 weeks 1 day (I was 34 weeks 3 days at the appointment), and her weight estimate was 4 lbs. 15 oz. which puts her right at the 50th percentile for size.

No giant diabeetus baby yet.

My blood sugars are under control with the lowest dose of Glyburide and a diabetic diet.

My weight gain is great - I just hit 20 pounds.

So, why would I need to be induced, dear internets?
If you had GD, were you told that you would need to be induced at 39 weeks?
Did anyone protest?
If you didn't have GD, but had an induction, can you tell me how it was? If you'd do it again? The upside and down side?
Before you answer, though, please note: Obviously I will do what is best for the baybee. I could do without any of the "you're a selfish asshole" type comments here.


Courtney said...

I was induced one week early-not from the diabeetus-because my dr offered and I accepted! I was soooo done being pregnant. I think my experience wasn't good for me because of my dr. She wasn't in a hurry to do anything so I was in the hospital for 24 hours before I even started contracting. Then another 24 hours later I had the baby. I have since changed dr's and am hoping to not be induced. Most everyone else I've talked to has had a great experience and had their baby within 24 hours. Good Luck!

Anabelle said...

From a girl that was induced with pitosin (my baby wouldn't turn correctly and never fully dialted me... she started out pigheaded).... yeah it sucks... so I'd grumble... for the most part I beleive they do it because they worry about to large a baby... if yours is right on for size.. then what's the point.

uncomplicateme said...

I seriously about fell off the couch at him calling it The Diabeetus. I think he also looks like someone from Captain Kangaroo. I'll have to look that one up...

Anyway. I'm not all anti-induction, but I do think the baby picking the due date would be the best possible thing, given a perfect scenario. I'm assuming they "normally" induce early becaues GD babies tend to be "giant" and they want to get them out sooner than later? Our hospital/dr won't induce before 39 weeks, but won't let you go to 41 either, so there seems to be a 2 week window of opportunity to get the kid out. But of course my kid has an apparently gigantic head, and a normal sized body, and I'm starting to think the sooner he can come out, the better, gigantic head-wise anyway. :)

Anonymous said...

If you had GD, were you told that you would need to be induced at 39 weeks?

No, and I actually WANTED/BEGGED/PLEADED to be induced...I was SO OVER being pregnant...but my Dr refused to induce.

He did say they wouldn't let me go more than a week past my due date. But no one can MAKE you do anything.

I ended up having a 7lb baby at 38 weeks (my water broke)

Kim said...

I had GD and was induced at 37 weeks because of high blood pressure and because of the "big baby" that I was going to have. I was like you, perfect on my numbers, low weight gain, measuring on target, etc but they kept feeling how long she was and how much fluid I had and they thought she was HUGE! Well, turns out she was 5lbs 10oz, but 20 1/2in, so a teeny-tiny thing and healthy. The induction wasn't my favorite thing, but I was trying to go drug free. Once I got the epidural, all was well with the world! It went fine and I would do it all again.

annacyclopedia said...

Ok, I'm still laughing about Dr. Handlebar and The Diabeetus. I'll probably be randomly laughing for the next few days every time I think of it.

On the induction thing - this is pure assvice as I've never been pregnant, so ignore at will - but I will say that almost anyone I know who was induced wound up having either other complications or just ridiculously long labour. And since they can be off significantly about the size of the baby (I'm having trouble remembering who, but a blogger just recently had a baby who was predicted to be enormous but was in the 8 lb range and not the giant they said), if it was me, I'd try to wait as long as I could. Among the people I know, induction hasn't worked very well in most cases, and they have just had to have long, painful labours that don't progress well and often end in a C-section anyway.

Again, just my assvice-ish perspective.

And now, I'm kind of hungry for oatmeal.

Dora said...

He called it The Diabeetus!!!! I just laughed so hard!

No advice, as I'm still working on the getting pregnant part.

Mama Seoul said...

You need to ask your Bishop Score before you consent to an induction or you are likely to end up with a c-section after a long, painful process filled with the epidural-pitocin cycle. Your Bishop Score is an evaluation of the readiness of your body to go into labor. If your body isn't showing signs of being ready, the chance of the induction succeeding is small.

Most recent example: My friend had gestational diabetes and they said her baby was 8lbs 13 oz at 39 weeks. At 39 weeks she had no signs of readiness. They scheduled the induction for 40 weeks and her body wasn't ready but they were afraid of "big baby". The induction failed and she had a c-section. Baby was 8 lbs 5 oz at birth. that was almost 10 days after the sono that said he was 8lbs 13 oz.

If your baby is measuring average and your diabetes is under control, you should wait until at least your due date to be induced, and even then, make sure your Bishop Score is high enough to give you a good chance of success.

Emily said...

Uh oh. You asked the induction question. Prepare to be amassed with people screaming their totally uneducated opinions. Next time ask about breastfeeding.

I was induced twice. The first time at 37 weeks because of for reals high blood pressure. The second time at 39 weeks because my doctor asked and I was like, hells yeah. Any complications that I had, had NOTHING to do with being induced. I strongly recommend it.

Aunt Becky said...

I was induced with my 2 boys and it's likely that I'll be induced again, altho not from The Diabeetus. Altho, reading that made me laugh which made me have a contraction. In short, call me, mmkay? Laughs = contractions = good.

And I loved being induced. Mainly because by this point in pregnancy, I'd give birth in the back of a Pinto if it meant I didn't have to share my body cavity with another whole person. Which is how I finagled my last induction. Pintos.

Aren't you glad you know me?

libby-ct said...

Hey there! As I've not yet been pregnant I can't help with your questions. But with you getting so close to your due date, I am inspired to tell you how very much I've been enjoying your blog for the past six months, and I hope you'll continue to blog even after cupcake arrives. Good luck these next few weeks!

Krystal said...

Hello. I had a high-risk (after loss) pregnancy so I was already seeing a perinatologist on top of my regular ob visits..then I developed the diabeetus. When the 37th week came, we began discussing the induction due to diabeetus and my perinatologist said that its not just the size of the baby but that for some reason the risk of stillbirth in diabetes Mom's jumps up after the 38th week and that's typically why they induce. He couldn't really tell me WHY this occurred but only that there was a trend but it was probably due to the size of the babies and the risks of trauma during delivery. (I really didn't want to say that since it will freak peeps out, but that is what he told me) That said, we induced at the end of the 38th week (which I NEVER thought I'd do as I was an "induction is not natural person). I couldn't believe how nice it was. I knew when the baby would be here so we could finish everything, we casually checked in the hospital the night before and got settled. They gave me the cervadil that night to loosen my cervix and let it work its magic overnight. The next morning they started with the pitocin at 6am. By 10 am I was dilated to a 2-3. By 1230 I was at a 10 and the bebe was coming. By 130, our hard earned baby boy arrived in this world. As much as I was against being induced in principle, our experience was calm and controlled and I very much enjoyed it. There was a calming affect in knowing that everyone knew we were coming and what precautions needed to be taken so I was completely relaxed. I would definitely do it again. Hope that helps!

Tracey said...

tough one, having a big baby isn't the only reason for early induction in GD there's some evidence that still birth risk increases very slightly, but this is controversial but is quoted by some OBs.
I was induced at 39w for pre eclampsia it was awful, but I think most of the issues were not related to the induction. I hated having a date to have my baby and not going into labor at home and getting to do all the things we read about and learned about in the classes. For my second baby I was so anti induction that I discharged myself from L&D when my OB told me I needed to be induced again following a bad BPP. Luckily my baby was brighter than me and chose to arrive on his own that day. I didn't actually make it out of the hospital before going into labor, so I still never got my time at home in labor.
I hope whatever way you go, it goes well. I can't wait to meet cupcake

Alyssa Wright said...

I'm glad you're going to do what's best for the baby. I wouldn't doubt you would.

Because of my complete lack of baby experience feel free to ignore me, but I would highly recommend the induction if that is what the doctor recommends. Even if you're on-par with weight gain and baby size and stuff, if I were you I would be induced.

Actually, when I do get pregnant, I'll likely have to be induced given that I have Type I Diabetes myself.

mrsyak said...

So you know how I roll, but one of my good friends was induced and it was perfect. She went in, got her epidural and then her pitocin drip, labor progressed well and the baby was perfect! My midwife did say that studies show there is an increased risk for c-section w/ an induction (I don't know which study), and I don't know if there is also an increased risk for c-section if the diabeetus makes sweet lil'cupcake turn into the jolly pink giant!

Tiffanie said...

hey, thanks for the friendly reminder for the valium. the bad part about being a nurse though is i feel like they think i am a drug seeker. they should just offer it to everyone. my life would be much easier.

as for the induction - i used to work in labor and delivery. i will spare you any horror stories but leave you with this - pitocin is a nasty bitch. the queen of bitches. cervidil is it's evil step-sister. unless things have changed alot, this is mainly what they use. if i had the choice and the baby was fine i would wholly object.

Amy said...

LOL...Uhmm, you had me at "diabeetus!" I can't believe he said that! I have also had a hard time not saying it that way! One of your funniest posts--thanx for the laughs! (ps--I say go for it if you can schedule it on a Friday...your hubby will have more time off that way!!)

Ann M. said...

they were threatening to induce me cause I had the explodey high blood pressure but my water broke, conveniently without me being dilated at all. Didn't even notice the contractions when I called the hospital. But I had to go in, and then they essentially induced me with Pitocin, which sucks, and something that quite possibly looks like a turkey baster (at least that is what I imagined it looked like, they wouldn't let me see it and I couldn't bend that way what with the big ass baby in the way) that got me to 4 centimeters. The kid was at premium channels, her station was so high up there.

The pitocin was very uncomfortable and is what made me ask for the epidural. I got there at 10 am-ish, got three internals in triage thanks to a sucky nurse and an idiot resident ("I don't know, what would you say that is, a one?" "Let me feel it again." Ow), and ended up with a baby at 12:22 AM. Actual pushing time once the meds did their job was about 15 minutes.

Rach said...

So basically you are saying that you would be a +9 (from my birthing class book) in describing the type of experience you wish to have when you go into labor.

+9 = walking into the hospital backwards while asking for the anesthesiologist.


Anonymous said...

I can't speak from experience, but my mom had 3 inductions without an epidural. All of them were pretty fast, from needle in to baby out. Her first induction was REALLY fast, under an hour. But her inductions were all from going two weeks past her due date. We were all big babies (between 8 and 9 lbs, due to the extra time cooking, not GD) and, like I said, my mom did it all without drugs. So it can be done! Good luck!

CrazyRN said...

If you're measuring right on for size/dates, I wouldn't worry too much about rushing for induction just b/c your doctor suggests.

I'm an OB nurse, so I see lots of inductions, medically necessary & not. We mainly use Cytotec for cervical ripening and Pitocin if cervix is already favorable. Cytotec, I believe, from what I've witnessed is easier to handle than Pitocin. I had Pit with my 1st daughter and thought it was pure evil.

Every person's induction will be different. If your body is ready, it will happen. If it's not ready, it will take much longer. We always tell our 1st time mom's expect 24 hours. I must admit, where I work, our doc's are not "cut happy" and don't rush pt's off to a c-section if they aren't delivered within a certain matter of hours, or before 5pm like I've heard other facilities of doing.

I'd just make sure that if you do proceed with an induction, make sure the doc's will give you ample time to make the cervix change. Making labor happen isn't always easy and some doc's out there get impatient.

I'd be happy to answer any questions you have if you want! I love your birthplan BTW!

Betty Boop said...

I haven't made it there (only 28w) but my Dr said that I may be induced at 40w with GD. He doesn't like to induce as it can lead to lots of other problems. If the diabetes has been kept under control, I will be treated like any other patient. I'm trying really hard to kept things under control for less intervention and effects on the baby.
Not long for you know...she sounds a good size.

Seriously? - Erin said...

I don't have the GD but I have a DVT in my leg and need to be induced to. For me it will happen at 38 or 39 weeks.

It isn't what I wanted but, I don't want to risk bleeding out or having to go under general anesthesia if I need an emergency c-section.

I hope you go into labor on your own two days before your induction :)

Amy, queen of the world. said...

I think the guy looks like he wants to paint some happy trees. :)
Eh.. I was induced. It hurt, but I'm prepared to give you an entire QUARTER if your labor DOESN'T hurt, with or without induction. But I'm not a fan of telling people what to do with their own bodies, so protest away if that's what you feel. Or at least make them give you good reason why they need to induce early.

Minta said...

This is far and away the funniest thing I've read today. It totally reminded me of this picture of a very pissed of looking baby the hubs and I saw at the OB office. We even took a picture of the picture on his phone and continue to laugh about it (the baby's expression says "Who disturbed my slumber" like the cave of wonders from Aladin, but for real) after we left. So we got a huge kick out of this baby for like three weeks, then I went for a follow-up without the hubs and there in the waiting room was a 3 month old "slumber" (yes we nick named the baby from the wall o'births) looking every bit as pissedy as his pic. Obviously, I can't just whip out my phone in from of the waiting room and take a pic, so I have no proof and hubs only partially believes me. So yeah, really long way of saying "I so know what you mean about the best stuff happening when the hubs doesn't come to the appointment."

Good luck with getting cupcake out of the easy bake uterus, however it's done. Also, nobody who reads you on the regular would doubt for one second that you would do what's best fer yer baybee.

Julia said...

I would freak too if my Doc mentioned that. I've had it in my mind my water would break and we'ed rush to the hospital.

My 2 cents on who Dr. Handlebar Mustache looks like..........

David C.rosby from C.rosby,S.tills and N.ash.

Fun fact about David. He donated sperm to M.ellisa E.theridge.

Hope that doesn't make you lose your breakfast.

Rebecca said...

I had diabetes and was told they would induce me if I went too far past my due date. I didn't want to be induced either because I had read that Pitocin (the drug they use if the other methods of induction don't work) causes really strong contractions. In the end, I went in to labor on my own a week before my due date. I also got Pitocin eventually because my water had broken 24 hours before and I wasn't far enough along and I can tell you that Pitocin induced contractions are definitely worse than regular ones and you will definitely want an epidural!! I certainly did.

Mel said...

This entire blog post made me laugh. You realize I never think of Wilford Brimley now without thinking of you as well? ;)
I don't want an induction, either, blah! Hopefully cupcake will say "screw you guys!" (in a Cartman from Southpark voice) and come whenever she wants. I am also wanting the epidural like the week before I go in to labor if possible. PAIN FREE BIRTH at all costs. Ahhhhh... Is it sad I wake up at 2:30 AM every night and pray for my water to magically break at 37 weeks?

Another Julia said...

Didn't have an induction, so I can't offer assvice. I had a spontaneous delivery at 39w5d with a nearly 9 pound baby--(the beautiful part about IVF is that you can be OCD precise about your gestational age)--he was just fine. I didn't have GD, just a family history of ginormous babies.
Just wanted to wish you good luck making a decision, and congratulate you on your extremely sensible birth plan! I ended up going natural, but told the OB anesthesiologist beforehand (I worked with him) that I wanted an IV in each extremity dripping whatever narcotic was handy!
By the way, you don't get a medal for natural delivery--use whatever you need to get through labor. Whatever you decide, I hope Cupcake's birth is wonderful and complication-free.

WellaWitch said...

Nothing wrong with inductions, I had two of them and everything was just fine.
My first induction was at 38 weeks because my daughter had stopped growing and they wanted her out.
They started me on pitocin which sucked and didn't do much. After 8 hours the doctor finally broke my water and 3 hours later I had a baby.
My second induction was scheduled on my due date by my doctor for his convenience. I didn't mind at all, I like to plan ahead and I see no reason to stay pregnant longer than necessary.
With the second induction I asked the doctor PLEASE no pitocin, could he just break my water and give me an hour to see if I would contract on my own. He did, I did, and three hours later I had me another baby.
I hope yours works out just the way you want (with lots of drugs) and ends with a healthy and non-gigantic baby.

Amber said...

LOVE. YOUR. BLOG! I'm constantly checking for updated posts (and by constantly, I mean like three times a day. I so wish you didn't have a day job so that you could be a full-time blog comedian!)

Not preggers yet, but wish you the very best with however Cupcake is delivered. I hope to start my first (and hopefully only!) IVF cycle in mid-Spring.)


alicia said...

that is so funny that he called it that!! I think he will be delievery the baby, just have a feeling now! haha!

Ms. J said...

I have ZIP to offer on this topic, having never been where you are.

However, I do feel compelled to tell you how flippin' & friggin' hysterical YOU are, my dear!!! I don't know anybody else who is as funny as you are, and sober while at it?!

You made my day!!!!!!!!!

Paranoid said...

Sigh. Forgive me for saying so, but it looks like you're being given the same "your body can't be trusted to birth this baby so you'd just better let us handle it for you, instead" treatment that so many women receive.

Please know, I am not some radical, hippie-dippie "homebirth is best" kind of girl. I went into my first birth open to anything that resulted in a healthy baby, only to find myself bullied first into pictocin, then the epidural, etc. I was told constantly that my body wasn't producing strong enough contractions and that I was taking too long to progress. To nobody's surprise, I ended up with a c-section.

This time around, I'm getting the same song-and-dance, except that my prior c-section means induction isn't an option. My OB told me I can't go past 40.5 weeks, even though my GD is totally under control, I'm measuring on track and there's no reason to believe the baby is big. And the same docs that claimed to be pro-vbac 2 months ago are now hemming and hawing and threatening me with a c-section under general anesthesia if I don't come to the hospital the second I have my first contraction and immediately agree to an epidural and continuous fetal monitoring.

The upshot? I'm sure your doctor means well. But if he's treating your "diabeetus" and not you, then he's not really looking our for your best interests. There's no reason for an induction if there isn't some compelling proof that the baby's ginormous and/or in some kind of distress. Ask him exactly what he's trying to avoid, what the risks of induction are, what percentage of his inductions "fail" and end up as c-sections, and what the risks are IN YOUR SPECIFIC CASE if you decline induction.

Sorry for the rant; if you visit my blog, you'll see that this is an issue very much on my mind at the moment. Good luck with whatever you decide to do.

Christine said...

In my experience the early induction is not the concern. The concern is your dialation and effacing numbers. If you are not naturally dialated to at least a 3 or 4 and at least 80% effaced prior to the induction, it will be very long and you may run into complications. If my baby is measuring right and I'm not seeing any natural signs of progression, I might conveniently get stuck out of town on my induction date and show up no later than a week after the baby is due. Don't let them pressure you into anything - they can't and don't have the right.

My first was an emergency cesarean at 33 weeks. They told me he'd only be about 3 lbs, but that little pig came out at 4 lbs 9oz and scored an 8 apgar. I had gained 37 lbs. (maybe I had the diabeetus...but my glucose levels were fine)

My second I gained 33 lbs and he was 1 week overdue. I did a VBAC. They did induce me, but I was in natural labor that morning, dialeted to a 3 and 90% effaced prior to the meds. It was all over in 3 hours...and the recovery was 300% better than the bummer c-section recovery, even with an episiotomy. He was 8lbs 3oz - typical for a week overdue, and scored an 8 apgar.

Anonymous said...

I'm normally a lurker but wanted to pipe up and comment...

I did not have GD so bear that in mind. I was induced at 41 weeks, it was fairly painless and both I, and my baby, were a-ok. Pitocin started at 9am, epidural was placed by noon, and I had my baby at 3:45pm. No complications, pain was managed by the epidural, and I was home from the hospital in less than 48 hours.

You have to do what's best for you, and do what you're most comfortable with, but thought you might want another example of an induction that went well for both mom and baby.

sarah23 said...

I don't have the diabeetus, but I'm at 40 weeks today, and I'll probably be getting an induction early next week if my sweet baby girl doesn't make an appearance before that. On the other hand, I don't really like the idea of "choosing a birthday", and after such an unnatural conception (IVF) it seems nice to at least have a "natural" going into labor story to balance things out.

It's kinda cracking me up that a lot of the commenters seem to think that your pic of Wilford Brimley is actually a pic of your doctor. Tee hee. I do remember the diabeetus and oatmeal commercials from... jeez, the late 80s or something. But for the life of me I cannot remember the TV show that he was on. Something that was way to sappy for me to watch, even though I was about 10 years old.

Cassandra said...

He totally looks like fun. But I've never seen a doctor who looks like that before -- several orderlies, and one nurse who only worked the night shifts (for a reason).

Hope you have a great birthday!!

sheilah said...

I seem to be some freak of nature in that my induction took 2.5 days (chronicled at ). I did not have the diabeetus but was induced because of chronic hypertension.

Love your mustachioed doctor. My OB was a hoot too.

Anonymous said...

Let me chime in as well... I've had two children - one induced, one not. The first one came on her own at 41 weeks, the day before I was to be induced. I went into labor on my own and stayed at home until I knew it was time to go. I did not make it to the hospital in time to get any drugs so it was all natural. And it wasn't bad.

My second daughter was induced, because she was a week late. The pitocin made the labor much more 'uncomfortable' and I thankfully had the epidural, which took all the pain away.

I went in with the same attitude as you... no plan, just get the baby out and use whatever drugs necessary. I think its a good plan and it worked for me.

Love your blog and sense of humor!

Anonymous said...

Okay, I didnt read all 40 other comments because, hey, I have a toddler and a growing cupcake myself and I don't have the time! So, maybe someone else mentioned these things but what they hey...

First off, I was induced after my water broke unexpectedly at 36 weeks but contractions and labor did not ensue. I had virtually no choice - the baby had to come. BUT, I would have asked for some time before being induced (like a few hours) because maybe (just maybe) my body may have started on its own. And, honestly, that pitocin is a Biaaatch. Plus you get no feel goody body hormonal natural pain killers when your body is thrown unwillingly into labor. And, you do have to labor for a while before they will give you drugs. I was attempting natural but after contractions every 2 minutes for 16 hours and only dilated 3cm - I said "Give me whatever you've got!"

Okay, this is getting lengthy. Something to consider though is proportion - not only size. A friend of mine had a large baby (10 lbs at 37 weeks) and she had diabeetus. However, they did a c-section because the shoulders and body were larger than the head (which is opposite most babies). Apparently this is a problem with diabetic babies (called shoulder dystocia) and you run the risk of getting the head out but not the body. Make any sense? I don't know. I may be waaaaay off but it might be something to ask about.

Good luck in any case!

Jennisa said...

I had an induction on my first child 1 day before her due date.

Pitocin, the drug they give you, is straight from is so painful and is SUCKS.

I had rectal contractions with it (don't even ask), and the epidural I got kinked inside of my like a hose, so I wasn't getting all my dear sweet meds.

I ended up in too much pain, stalling at a 6, baby's heart rate dropping here and there, so they cut me open.

I LOVE C-SECTIONS!!! It worked for me, so I'd say do what you and your doctor decide, but don't be scared of the c-section...they are marvelous! ;) (in my humble opinion...i've had 2 now)

Laura said...

Hey! I'm an ob nurse, and the American College of OB/Gyn's recommends delivery of gestational diabetics around 39 weeks. The reason being of course, the baby can get big and also with the diabeetus (that kills me!), your placenta can age faster. That said, an induction when your cervix isn't "ripe" can take days. And you certainly don't have to consent to an induction. They can do regular non stress tests and/or biophysical profiles to make sure the baby is safe in there. Whatever you decide, Good Luck!

mlk19804 said...

I had GD with my first pregnancy. My due date was 9/29. I was having contractions and 4 cm dialated on 9/09. My son was born 9/10. He weighed 9lbs 3oz. Another commenter mentioned shoulder dystocia, I dealt with it. My son's head came out and his shoulders did not come out for 7 minutes. My OB tryed to break his clavicle to get him out. This did not work. He eventually came out and had to receive oxygen. He had a lot of breathing problems as a toddler and I believe it was because of his delivery. I was having ultrasounds to measure him weekly and this still happened. Do not want to scare you but these things do happen. I would have much rather had a C-section, I would not have been ripped from my cooch to my ass. Very difficult recovery.

Elle Charlie said...

I have no advice, I just wanted to say the whole 'diabeetus' thing cracks me up (not the you having GD, but the word and pronounciation thing) - I had to share it with my husband because he always also refers to it (jokingly, I hope) as 'the diabeetus'.

Bianca said...

I would NOT be induced. No way. Sure, some people have a fine experience with it (ie their baby was ready to come out and it was seamless). More likely than not, it adds to longer, more complicated, AND EVEN WITH AN EPIDURAL, more painful labors. Baby not ready? Baby will not come out easily.

Anyway, ultrasounds are notoriously off (I work as a MW apprentice and see it all the time) and as a mother who delivered her first baby (weighing in at 9 lbs, 12 oz) in seven hours, with twenty minutes of pushing, I can tell you that it's usually the induction with a unready uterus that makes it hard to push the baby out, rather than the size.

Most first time moms would be, wait for it, 8 days late, if left to their bodies devices. I was 10 days late with my first and had a baby, other than being big, which had no symptoms of being "post-dates".

Of course, I'm one of those crazy women who had natural childbirth and found it to be an awesome experience, so perhaps my assvice is not your cup of tea. But most of my friends who had epis, had much easier births when they were not induced.

Of course, some people HAVE to be induced, and that's just the way it is (pre-eclampsia, more than two weeks late, signs of low amniotic fluid etc), but I would not consent to an induction merely because I was identified as having gest diabetes, which I then controlled successfully.

My .02 cents.

Anonymous said...

I had GB and my son was breech. She scheduled the C-section for 39 weeks and said if he was not breech, she would have induced me at 39 weeks. However, he did not want to wait and I went into labor at 37 weeks. Since I was having a c-section, I rushed to the hospital so I could have the c-section asap because why go through labor if I don't have to? All went well.

dannygirl13 said...

I was induced at 40wk-3days, doctor's decision. Nothing was wrong so there was no reason to other than her personal recommendation. I went with it b/c I wasn't even dilated a little bit! Even with the pitosin, it took a few hours for anything to really happen. Once it started though, everything was smooth sailing so don't worry if you do it. It'll be like a "normal" birth.

Anonymous said...

induction sucked for me. the induced contractions are horrible. make sure you get an epidural organised before they induce you.

Anonymous said...

Jen...HI, it is Lori, the mother of Mark's first child (ha, inside joke everyone)...anyways LOVE your blogs...too funny!!! let's cut to the chase, I was induced with 2 of the 3. With #1 I was 38 1/2 weeks, I had strep B and was already dialated to a 2 and 80% thinned out. So the dr was concerned about making sure I got all the meds before going into labor so that they didn't have to give it to the baby. I was scared to death! Normal fears, what do they do, what if I end up having to have a c-section...I had to go to the hospital the night before to start me on monitors and such, but didn't give me an IV until the next morning. What sucked the most was sitting around waiting for evrything to happen. They said I was having contractions, but I couldn't feel them. (high tolerance, or extremely lucky)Anyways when the contractions kicked in finally at 3pm it was a quick but very painfull experiance. (mostly because I tensed up, not good, the putocin-however you spell that- really makes the contractions so much stronger. and i went to fast to have the epidural) but all went well.
baby #2, normal ho-hum birth and everything (actually it was my favorite experiance)
baby #3..again I was already dialated, thinned out. Husband works midnights 25 minutes away, had gotten the flu earlier in the at 38-39 weeks the dr offered induction and i said ok. again i felt guilty for not just going at it naturally, but my births were too fast i didn't want this baby at home alone. so we went in at like 7, big bang boom, had the baby by 11:15.
I will say though that I agree with a couple of the others and that if your body isn't ready, then it isn't worth it. It would be a long process waiting at the hospital not able to move around because you're hooked up with monitors.
I've also had friends with GD who weren't induced and everything was fine, no monster babies.
I think no matter if you are induced or natural there is always the chance of something going wrong. So unless your all for knowing exactly when the baby is coming and are having doubts, I would hold off if you have the option. Sorry to go on and on, Good luck can't wait to hear from you guys!

Anonymous said...

I sure hope you watch 30 Rock. It appears Tracy has "die-uh-BEET-us" too!!

Kristin said...

This is a great post. Your birth plan sounded like mine, plus if you add the fact that the uterus doesn't read your birth plan why the hell do one. I thought that was so lame ass hippie, and I know hippie people I live in the damn Santa Cruz Mountains...tons of them! Drives me nuts but I digress.
I am the queen of the GD, had it twice. First preggo was diet and the second was insulin/Gly at 5 weeks preggo! My first came on her due date so I didn't have to be induced, the second I was popped @39 weeks. Really the Pitocen was no biggie but that's just how I reacted. I have seen others on it, different story. Everyone has a different birth story and they are happy to share their hell of it...most of that does it scare the hell out of you. NOT helpful. If you want more info, happy to chat w/you b/c you have TONS of spare time.

Leah said...

I was induced at 38 weeks with the twins (IVF of course). I got the inducin' juices (aka pitocin) at 7:00 a.m. and pushed out babies at 12:51 p.m. and 12:58 p.m. Got my epidural at 11:00 when I hit five centimeters. While I won't call it cake, it wasn't bad at all.

Lola Goetz said...

My kiddo measured just fine and they had estimated him at 6 lbs something. But he was 9 lbs 10 oz when he was born. My sugars were under control with the diet and a small dose at night (to keep my morning numbers down).

They weren't planning an induction - we were hoping I'd go into labor on my own. But I developed pre-eclampsia, so they put me in the hospital the day after my due date. Otherwise, they were going to let me go a week or so before inducing. But I don't think much more than that.

I hear that induced labor is stronger than natural labor.

Unless your blood pressure shoots up, I think you could try to put it off as long as possible and see if it happens naturally. My guy was too big - and never descended all the way - and there's no way he would have gotten out without help (but his daddy is 6'2" so it stands to reason that he'd just be a big baby & not that it was GD).

This_Cross_I_Embrace said...

Hi Jen, I haven't stopped by your blog in a while, which is a real shame because you always make me laugh :)
I can't believe how close you are!! Fa schizzle??!! 34 weeks?! And yet I haven't aged a day. Go figure.

I am so excited to finally see your cupcake. Congrats on nearing the end of this journey, and the beginning of all the fun times ahead :)

tigerjen77 said...

I had my c-section at 38 weeks and 2 days and my dd was STILL 10 pounds and 5 ounces!! EEK!

My "diabeetus" (we called it that too!) was pretty bad. I was diagnosed around 22 weeks and was insulin shots twice a day.

Best of luck to you w/the meds and thank you for your humor! You had even DH cracking up tonight w/this post!

The Blonde Duck said...

Saying hi from SITS!

Emily said...

Your blog makes me laugh, esp. the part about the funeral. I can picture my husband doing the asking.
Do whatever the doctor says, for sure. They're the experts. You pay them to provide this service and their expertise to you, the best thing you can do is trust them. Esp. if it's Handlebars!

iamagrownup said...

I did have GD and was induced at 39 weeks and 3 days. It went fine I guess. I was in labor for 22 hours, though, and I kinda blame that on not being ready. My daughter turned out to be 7 pounds 8 ounces....not the huge gd baby they promised me. In retrospect I might refuse the induction, but I'm not sure. Hang in will all work out in the end. As long as you don't have any real plans for how it SHOULD go, you'll be fine because you won't be disappointed.