Saturday, December 6, 2008

28 Weeks: Getting the name change paperwork, just in case...

As it turns out, I received a big fat FAIL on my one hour glucose tolerance test. So now I have to do the three hour. Next week, which loosely translates as: finals week, you are totally screwed, dude.

So if profanity offends your delicate senses, please excuse me for a moment...


Now. I will be going in for my three hour on Friday, because I had to pull the "I have finals next week and need to study because I am a procrastinating underachiever so screw you and your Monday or Wednesday appointment."

The doctor, being a doctor who went to medical school and so probably understands the sheer doom of finals, was fine with me putting my appointment off until Friday. But the appointment schedulers? Oh, no. They were not happy. Because they already had a three-hour scheduled for Friday.

One. Three hour. Already scheduled. Please forgive me for not understanding the Big Deal. But a Big Deal it was, or, "A Recipe for a Mistake," according to the appointment ladies. Thank goodness for my (super hottie*) doctor, who said that was stupid, and made them schedule me for a half hour later than the first appointment.

But seriously? Is it that confusing to deal with two sets of blood? That is kind of pathetic, and also? There were three cups of pee in the little cubby when I left my sample, so if they can't keep blood straight, what do they do with the pee? What if they confuse it with their lemonade? Dear God! The sheer humanity!

The possibility of Wilford Brimleyepper is still pending until next week. Let's just hope I can get the day off work...

Other than the diabeetus scare, the appointment was fine. Heart rate perfect, growth good, no exposure to RH. Start my every other week appointments. Giddy up.

The belly is growing, the belly button is almost nonexistent, weight gain is 18 pounds. I can't sleep laying down in my bed, so I sleep sitting up on the big comfy chair in our living room. But I am feeling pretty great. Cupcake moves all the time. Life is pretty good right now, and will improve immensely after next week because I will graduate and will have a normal life like a normal adult.

I've been lucky enough to avoid any asshat encounters, save the lady at Macy's yesterday who asked me if my baby was due on Christmas, and then was shocked when I said February. I should have faked labor right there.

26 Weeks:

27 Weeks:

28 Weeks:

*Our doctor is hawt, much to Mark's delight. We call her Suzy (not to her face), which is wholly inappropriate and still hysterical to only us. It's all OK, though, because I have a hawt chiropractor (he has no nickname). We also have a hawt female insurance agent.**
**We are weird. And only do business with hawt people, I guess.


areyoukiddingme said...

I'd be asking the phlebotomist to only do one draw, and leave a needle with a tube and a clamp in your arm. I had the "let's stick this arm, then we'll stick the other arm, and hey, let's go back to the other, and why not once more for good measure to make everything even in the other arm" experience. It sucked. But they don't like to let you do the single arm stick because you usually have to wait somewhere other than the phlebotomy chair and they don't want you moving around with a big ole needle in your arm. But try to convince them.

I'd probably also opt for the earlier appointment. 3 hours of guaranteed study time! Nothing better than the pressure of finals to take your mind off someone sticking a needle in your arm every hour!

ka1t_lyn said...

Bah. I find myself disliking the staff at medical establishments quite often. Once they realize it'll take work or brain cells, they begin to get silly. Good luck with your finals and your 3-hour!

alison said...

Bleh for the GTT redo. But hey, it's finals week so you should have every right to keep your veins flowing with all-things-sugar to stay energized, right? Good luck with your tests! You look great. Only 12 short weeks to go! Yikes!

Jaci said...

Oh no! I'm so sorry you can't lay down. The last trimester is rough, but you look great!

Um...Jen? Why do you have three toothbrushes in your holder? Please tell me you don't brush the dog's teeth... :)

PJ said...

My RE is hawt!!! I'm just now getting over that. For a while I was like, "Dear gawd, that hawt doc is lookin' at my vajayjay every day!" And now, well... it's been almost a year so now he's kind of just the hawt doctor that is taking FOREVER to get me knocked up like he promised.

The other RE is like 800 years old. And thus, NOT hawt. Although if he gets me pregnant, I might change my mind.

Your belly is gorgeous! I have such belly envy!

battynurse said...

sorry about the 1 hour test. As far as the 2 3 hour tests on one day, if the phlebotomists are actually labeling their tubes when they draw them it really shouldn't be an issue. You as always look fantastic. Hope your finals go well.

Red Headed Mama said...

Maybe they messed up your blood work this time and it was really someone else that failed. Go demand a re-do! :)

You look adorable, as usual!

*~*Lis*~* said...

I won't lie - the 3-hour sucks. I had to do it twice with my twins, one at 16 weeks because I guess with twins they do it early and I failed the 1 hour then again at the "normal" 28ish weeks because since I passed the 3-hour the first time why not make me do it again.

Lovin' the belly!!

WiseGuy said... that long rant. You really do get it out of your system, don't you?

Aunt Becky said...

Dude, NEVER tell someone your actual due date, especially if they're about to make an asswad remark like "twins?" Always be vague, trust me. Otherwise your head might explode and you might cry. Or maybe it's just me.

Asswad: "When are you due?"

Aunt Becky: "Any day now. ANY day now."

Bekah said...

Jen, you are so super cute. Holy crap, I was a giant mountain of belly at the end there. I was huge. Anyway, sorry you have to do the three hour gtt. I had to do it, too, and it totally sucked. Take a ton of magazines or books or a freakin' dvd player and a movie or something. It is so boring.

Good luck with finals and your gtt!

Julia said...

You look great!

I'm sure you don't have the sugar, but to be on the safe side you may want to lay off the Oreos.

Mrs. Higrens said...

I've got the perfect book for you to read while at the 3-hour on Friday - "The Namesake" Because I really do think that a book about a guy whose life was screwed up by his parents choice of name is the perfect book to read before giving birth and naming your own child. /sarcasm

You are adorable & I lurve your rant posts.

Mel said...

That sucks about the GTT but on the up side, you look marvelous!
Fingers crossed you pass the 3 hour.

Amy said...

You are looking super fab!!

Good luck on your finals!

alicia said...

ohh lame 3 hour test! good luck! and yay almost graduating!!! are you having yourself one huge ass, bring out the sparkling apple cider kinda party??!! cause you should.

and you look super great! love the belly.

good luck studying!

Heather said...

I can't believe what the lady at Macy's said. You are so cute! You do not look big enough to be ready for a Xmas delivery!

Peeveme said...

Wow, between 26 and 27 weeks you popped. Still adorable. Best of luck on the 3 hour tour. The 3 hour tour..... I mean test.

Wishing 4 One said...

Wow look at you what a hawtie! You look great! Good luck with finals and the three hour, best of wishes!

Anonymous said...

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