Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Goodbye Second Tri

Hello third trimester, you sexy thang! Why don't you slip into something a little more comfortable? A t-shirt from the Big 'n Tall store, perhaps? Let me get you 5 oreos and a chilled glass of skim. We have much to celebrate.

So many things to say, yet so many accounting papers to write. Big events: 27 weeks, 16 pounds, finally purchased maternity jeans.

I think I may be giving off the misconception that I am completely uncomfortable. I am not. I am slightly uncomfortable, but really enjoying myself (mostly)(ish). The whole kicking thing is more of a distraction than anything else - like this: Wait, what were you saying? I wasn't listening because THERE IS A PERSON MOVING IN MY STOMACH.

This weekend, I spent my time like this:
9 hours: writing papers for school OH MY GOD.
5 hours: designing our baby announcements OH MY GOD.
2 hours: rearranging the baby's closet OH MY GOD.
1 hour: crying about stupid things OH MY GOD.
20 hours: sleeping.
Remainder: eating.

I fear that the end of school in two weeks will only serve to redistribute my time between sleeping, thinking about the baby, worrying about the baby, and eating.

Things that have made me cry or seriously want to cry this week:
- Walking into Target and seeing all the Christmas decorations. (Because Christmas is fun and I loooove it.)

- Seeing "Community Caroling" on the Community Event board on my way to work. (How cute is that? Need figgy pudding recipe ASAP, just in case.)

- Having the dog lay across the top of my belly. (Awe, he loves her already!)

- Reading that the baby hiccups. (OH MY GOD.)

- More things that make me sound stupid, and maybe I should just delete this list altogether??

27 weeks?! 13 more weeks to go?! I would post belly pics, but who has time, what with all the diaper packages needing restacked, and the closets needing rearranged, and the baby still needing a pediatrician and some daycare...and some other stuff...I don't know, but did you feel that? Was that an earthquake, or my child getting comfortable?


Jen said...

The whole human being moving inside me is really strange. Sometimes it reminds me of that Alien movie. Plus, mine likes to kick me in the ribs REALLY hard. I have vowed revenge.

alicia said...

wow!! 3rd trimester, that is crazy!!

good luck with the last 2 weeks of school!!! then you will have even more tiem to rearange and then rearange again the nursery over and over! fun fun!

C said...

I read the book "Dreamcatcher" by Stephen King when I was pregnant. It's about aliens that grow in your stomach and then eat a big hole in you to escape. Wish I would have known that BEFORE I picked it up.

My son had hiccups CONSTANTLY in the third trimester. Like 3-4 times a day. At first it was the coolest, cutest thing in the entire world. Then it was seriously annoying and distracting, sort of like what I imagine Chinese water torture to be like. When the hiccuping would wake me up at 3 am, I would wake up DH too so he could put his hand on my belly and suffer the sleeplessness with me. I think he really appreciated the bonding time.

areyoukiddingme said...

Don't worry - they save the completely uncomfortable portion for the third trimester. You might as well eat now, since she may start infringing on your stomach space soon. Mine just opted to brace her feet against my ribs to make more room, but I've heard it happens.

Shanny said...

Yay for your third trimester!!! Hope your new maternity jeans can expand enough with each kick =)

Good luck with school!!!!!

Mrs. Higrens said...

I know nothing bout carrying no babies, so this is what struck me...
My husband wanted to watch "What Dreams May Come" on Sunday night, so I spent most of that time with tears running down my face.

Robin Williams' character dies - sob
his kids are dead - sob
his wife dies - sob
the family finds each other - sob
they rediscover each other - sob

And it wasn't even one of those cathartic cries, it just left me feeling soggy. I never cried on a regular basis before this infertility shit.

Sarah said...

Quick question - what the hell kind of pants were you wearing before you bought maternity jeans?!! Or, alternately: hello, my name is Sarah and I'm 12 weeks pregnant AND already requiring maternity pants.

Aunt Becky said...

I cry pretty much every day over nothing. In fact, now that you mention it, I could use a good cry RIGHT NOW.


Elle Charlie said...

Third trimester here you come... hope you're enjoying the maternity jeans! At least school being done for the semester will give you more time to relax, if you can...?

B said...

i LOVE YOUR BLOG! =) although I long to be in your shoes, I have faith that I will...till then keep writing and keep making us smile! =)

ka1t_lyn said...

Congrats on the third :)

Emily said...

Congrats on 27 weeks!

Emily said...

Happy 3rd tri! Thanks for making me smile!

Erin said...

Here's a fun one...
Like many things during the third trimester that are evacuated from various orifices with alarming regularity and spontaneity, you may find yourself a bit more gaseous.
I was sitting on the toilet and the echo chamber thus presented to my nether regions performed as expected. I could feel the baby JUMP from the noise. That was just about the most standout event of my third tri, and i still get a chuckle every time i think about it.

Rach said...

You JUST bought maternity pants. I am impressed! I was slicing up my old pants and sewing them into maternity pants at like 21 weeks. You've done well!!

Sounds like nesting has kicked in high gear! We are trying to move at the begining of my 3rd trimester. CAN YOU IMAGINE the emotion that is going to follow that!!! Not to mention the nesting desire while surrounded by boxes!!! :)

Congrats on getting to your 3rd trimester though and it is wonderful that you are feeling so great.

WiseGuy said...

Wow...you are now sooooo close! All the best and take good care of yourself!

MamaSoon said...

Congratulations!!! YAY for the third trimester. From here, it looks like it is all going so fast!

MamaSoon said...

Congrats. The 3rd trimester is HERE!!! Is it just me, or is this going really quickly?

calliope said...

woo hooo!! 3rd Trimester!!

I'm also a super dork about when the cat or dog decided to curl up around my Snork gut. The other day I totally caught the cat just staring at my gut and I had this weird feeling that she was trying to converse...

Anabelle said...

do you feel the hiccups? i felt them constantly... she'd keep me up half the night with them lol

she still gets them all the time... at 2 1/2 haha

Anonymous said...

Congrats on entering the third trimester, Jen!
If you decide to do cord blood banking, there's a $250 coupon at
Best wishes!

Mary said...

I officially entered the third trimester this morning. Other milestones reached this morning:

1. found I could not bend over to tie my Chucks
2. put on pair of maternity jeans bought three weeks ago; discovered they are already too tight
3. panicked and got out the home Doppler because the baby had stopped kicking (she started again as soon as we turned on the machine)
4. made it five whole minutes into my commute before barfing, which I thought had stopped happening around week 22.

Please please please tell me this morning is not a harbinger of things to come.