Friday, November 21, 2008

Cheers! From my uterus!

Ready? OK!


My name is Cupcake.
*clap clap*
And I'm unborn.
*clap clap*
I step on mom's intestine.
*clap clap*
So she farts like a bullhorn!

*back handspring*

We've got Punches
Yes we do!
We've got Punches
How bout Youuuu?!

*clap clap clap*

Does this uterus have a door?
I don't know!
I'm not sure!
Let me try to claw my way out
Just a little bit more!

*clap clap clap*


Gimme An O!
Gimme A R!
Gimme A E!
Gimme an O!
What's that spell?

*clap clap clap*


1! I am your fetus,
2! You haven't met me,
3! I will eventually poop on you,
4! More, more, more!


Jazz hands!


Tricia said...

OMG... I almost spit out my drink!!! You are hysterical!

Sarah said...


FSD said...


C said...

LOL -- so cute. :)

Brenda said...

Now I need a video of you in an non-air conditioned gym, with a crappy cheerleader uniform, and a boom box playing "Push it" by Salt-N-Peppa to complete the routine!

Delenn said...

Very funny! I love the Jazz Hands!

JuLi-ElLe said...

Girl you have me rolling! I love your sense of humor and seeing that growing belly! GOOOOOO CUPCAKE!! YAY!!!!

Emily said...

I 2nd Brenda's request! Lol!

You are looking cute, cute, cute!

Jill said...

You are so funny! I always love to read your posts. I do think that Brenda's suggestion would top it off! LOL!!

Elle Charlie said...

So a little uncomfortable, yes? :)

still waiting said...

you have to keep writing after your baby is born... You make my day.

Brenna's Mom said...

You crack me up.

Crystal said...

Per Brenda's request, I think I could actually find a video to go along with cupcakes cheer...
Love your blogs!

MrsJoyner said...

So I just mosey'd on over from crazy lady ramblings, and I ADORE your sarcasm and how funny your posts are..and a late congrats on the pregnancy. I will be back to read more!

Melissa said...

Lol- need to add magic finger with that video!

Julia said...

I wonder if her hair is log enough for pig tails. Wouldn't that be cute.

Mary said...

Our girls are totally going out for varsity squad together.

Princess Hippopotamus said...

Hahahah you are just way too cute and fun!

To A T said...

ROFLMAO!! Seriously funny!

Kristie said...

I could have written this, but it wouldn't have been nearly as funny. Because I never would have thought of Jazz Hands. Brilliant, and abundantly true.

Shila said...

You are so funny! I almost peed my pants reading your cheers!

Shila said...

You are so funny! I almost peed my pants reading your cheers!

JoDee said...

Ha ha ha ha ha!!! Just found your blog (the name is one I've heard from my mother and grandmother and every other female I happen to be related to, or friends with, or just seem to pass in the street. I've relaxed about as much as I possibly can, and so now am choosing to NOT relax and see if that helps me get knocked up!). Am loving your view on things- cracking me up!! Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy!!