Thursday, October 23, 2008

22 Weeks: Please, Don't Eat My Feet.

I think I've mentioned a few times that I'm a bit of a shorty. A peanut. 5'1" and a quarter. It's not something I mind at all, but more of just a fact. I was "tall" until third grade and then I apparently gave up on growing.

I am little and wee.

Being little and wee makes it difficult to find pants that don't make me look like I'm playing dress up with an adult's wardrobe. Even short or petite pants are too long even if I wear heels and always have to be altered.

So I admit that I skimmed over the part of my pregnancy book that suggested comfortable and sensible footwear. I mean, there are a lot of things that my pregnancy book says that aren't true - that I'm supposed to have a bunch of energy right now, and that Mark should be picking up my dry-cleaning for me - so I wrote off the warnings of swollen and painful feet and ankles as NOT APPLICABLE, AM ABOVE.

(To be fair, there is no dry-cleaning to be picked up.)

(But, maybe Mark should create some dry-cleaning and then go pick it up because I am pregnant and it would be nice of him?)

(No. Probably not.)

Imagine my surprise on Sunday, after being on my feet in un-sensible shoes for countless hours, when my feet were swollen and painful and looked so much like baked potatoes that I was afraid that my two starving, never fed* dogs would eat them right up! My right ankle was floating dangerously into kankle territory!

After a few hours with my feet up and under a heating pad, I was back to normal size wise, but my feet were so sore it hurt to stand up at all. I wore tennis shoes to work all week, which was really professional-looking, and I'm sure my superiors appreciated that oh, so very much.

I need to go shopping this weekend for something comfortable and wide enough to accommodate a baked potato.

So, lesson learned. Swollen feet: APPLICABLE, AM NOT ABOVE.

*I mean, you should see the dogs when we have food. It is so sad how HUNGRY they look, what with that giant bowl of delicious, nutritious, pricey dog food sitting right beside them. That food which is not acceptable for canine consumption, as there is actual delicious food in the room, and also? Puppy dog eyes.


Jen said...

I have lost my delicate princess ankles* and they don't come back no matter how long I stick my feet up.

My dogs are also starved and pathetic. Trin dog has actually convinced my husband that she should be fed a bedtime snack. (And is getting fat as a result.)

*This assumes my ankles were once delicate. Which I make no guarantees of.

KandiB said...

Our dogs do the same thing. Except they are RUDE! One of them, if we don't give him something after a few minutes of begging, literaly hits you with his paw. Hello!

Sorry about your baked potatoes. That's no fun.

Aunt Becky said...

Oh, how I wish I had photographic evidence of my feet circa my first pregnancy. Ben, my first son, was born in August. In the middle of one of the hottest Chicago summers in decades.

My feet were affectionately known as either "sausages" or "marshmallows." I'd wear flip-flops only to have the groove from the top of the shoes be etched into my skin for hours if not days.

It was comical to say the least. So hopefully for you, cooler weather will abound and you won't be stuck in flip-flops in January. Or if you are, you'll laugh like I did.

Man, I wish I had pictures.

Seriously? - Erin said...

I have wide feet to begin with (picture specially ordered wedding shoes in wide that weren't wide enough). I am having a terrible time with shoes and because I am not a tall person either they need some height!

Mrs. Higrens said...

I'm a big fan of Clark's shoes, mostly because the local outlet is the only place I can find size 5 shoes in town that don't cost 6 arms and 3 heads. BUT, their current styles are pretty damn cute (office appropriate as well) and most of them have nice padding in the insoles.

(In fact I wish I was wearing a pair today because the shoes I chose this AM have no padding left and after only walking around the office, ouch!)

alicia said...

ohh I am so worried about the swollen feet thing!! I don't want to give up all my pretty shoes for 9 whole months! haha but I will. Good luck wtih the shoe shopping, let me know if you find something that rocks!

battynurse said...

So if you really want to impress your superiors try some crocs. They are usually wide, loose shoes and super comfy and most people think they are also super ugly.

courtney said...

How fun, you're like Angela from the office! Do you watch that show? Angela is so small she buys large doll clothes and shops at gap kids.
If you don't watch the office then I hope that wasn't insulting. I'm sure your clothes are fabulous. Just trying to cover all my bases here.

*~*Lis*~* said...

I skipped over that part too! I figured with all the crap it took to actually have a baby I'd be lucky and not swell like a pig!

By the time I hit 38 weeks with my first hubs was calling me Fred Flintstone! I've got a picture that makes me cringe when I look at it. With the twins I made it to 30 weeks before I blew up like a balloon - I wore flip flops in October to a wedding! Went well with the $50 dress from Motherwhore Maternity!

Anonymous said...

I spent the first 4 weeks after having my daughter admiring the return of my ankles - now, I've never had really thin ankles, but they certainly seemed shapely and pleasant after several months of swelling. I even had to give up cheetos to try and keep down the swelling. Sad.

Just be happy that you a. aren't pregnant during summer, and b. you get to go shopping for shoes.

Denise said...

I'm 5'1" and a HALF, so ha, I'm taller than you! Okay, not really. It is so annoying to have to alter EVERY single pair of pants you buy. Especially when they are maternity pants and you will only wear them for a short time.

I went to DSW and bought two pairs of loafer-looking slides, one black and one brown. The black ones are Clarks and the brown ones are Merrills. They are comfy and were pretty cheap. No, they aren't the most fashionable, but they aren't bad and I do feel safer in them. If you do invest in new shoes, keep em cheap because you never know how long you'll fit into them!

Emily said...

Uh-oh, kankles! Hippo ankles! Just kidding! It sucks to be short. I'm 5'3. Just boughts some yoga pants, OF COURSE I have to alter them... lets just take in 3+ inches on every pair of pants, shall we? I can't even imagine what it would be like to add pregnancy to the mix.

Good luck finding comfie shoes! :)

This_Cross_I_Embrace said...

You are too cute and adorable... sometimes I think I'd like to eat you up (and I haven't even seen your ankles) :)

I haven't been around in a while, so missed all the DRAMA down below (YIKES!!!)- - but wanted to say kudos to you for calling out the anonymous b-yotch. The fact of the matter remains: this is YOUR blog. YOUR feelings, YOUR thoughts. Yes, IF makes you bitter, but CMON people! I would MUCH rather here a fellow-IF-now-preggo gal complain after earning that right to complain, than a "I get pg whenever he looks at me" girl complain about something she clearly doesn't appreciate. But even in the latter case? I would never call that girl out on it. Sheesh. Whatever happened to manners?

Can't wait for your next post :)

Erin said...

How about ballet flats? They come in an enormous range of colours, and many of them aren't much more than slides with covered toes and a little bit of a heel-covering (but flat), so you can be cute and comfortable :)

I have insanely broad feet and even I've managed to find many a pair of ballet flats that fit. Getting a pair with an ankle- or top-of-foot-strap means that they'll be even more comfortable, too. Just go for the fabric-y (these still come in black), rather than leather, varieties.

Elle Charlie said...

Oh, I feel for you! For some reason when we moved from Boston to MN my ankles were swollen for the entire moving adventure (3 days in the Penske truck). My ankles and feet. It was crappy. I put them up on the dashboard when I wasn't driving, but they were so disgusting to me I didn't want my dad or husband to see them ;) It was weird. Unexplained to this day. But my point is, I totally commiserate - there is something so unsettling about swollen ankles and feet.

Anonymous said...

I, too, assumed that I could continue wearing my favorite heals without issue. But I recently learned my lesson after experiencing sausage feet (that's what I call cankles) for the first time :)

bmac said...

Try The Walking Company for shoes.

The nice thing is that after you have the baby your ankles look super dainty by comparison.

Shila said...

This post made me laugh so hard! I wish you would have posted a picture of your baked potatoes!!

Britt said he looked down at my feet after we walked around the zoo for about 5 hours and said my feet looked like sausages! said...

You know your ankles will turn into "kankles" right?

Geohde said...

Oh the swelling!

And the cankles!

So many many bad memories of just how shit being heavily knocked up with multiple babies at once are flooding right back reading this post.....not being able to see my feet, the bedrest, the constant contractions, the endless digits up the lady business checking on the state of my cervix....

But, lest I forget the massive breaking of the waters all over the carpet of our (fortunately) rented abode and the two divine babies I now parent.

It is all worth it, even if you do end up with cankles, my dear!

(PS not to scare you, but the swelling gets horiffically worse AFTER delivery- the sides of my ankles touched the floor)


Amy said...

You're gonna smack me for saying this....... Crocs. They have a baked potatoe size. ;)

FWIW... I've been wearing mine since June. Even out in public.

(GASP!!! Oh no she didn't!!).

I finally wore real shoes yesterday. It was divine.