Saturday, October 18, 2008

21 Weeks: My Life As A Simpson Character

21 weeks! I have a lot of posting to catch up on.

First, my 21 week belly pic:

Yes, friends, I am bearing a striking resemblance to Barney from the Simpsons these days. Especially at night, when I put on my pajamas and at least 5 inches of my lower gut hangs out from under my shirt because I am too cheap to invest in whale pajamas because I'd rather buy pink things for MAH BAYBEE!

(And let's face it, the chest hair and blank looking stare aren't far off, either. Plus! My lips totally look like waves when I burp uncontrollably all day long.)

You want proof? Last night's pajama ensamb:

Did you notice that you got a little sneaky peek at our nursery? We did paint it pink.

Like, PINK.

Like, the pinkest pink that ever pinked a pinkhole. For real.

At first, we were shocked, and were all, "Hey, did you notice that the neon pink reflects off the white ceiling and onto the hallway carpet?"

And once? I was in the room for too long, and actually passed out from the brightness, and when I woke up, I thought Mark had eaten me for dinner because we have no food in the house and I was awake in his stomach and all I could think was, IT IS REALLY BRIGHT IN HERE!

But it's grown on us, now that there are some actual things in the room to tone down the PINK. Because last night we had Christmas in October! And Mark's parents bought us our changing table, and we bought our crib! The crib is on order, but here is the changing's so pretty...

The actual set is here, but we are just getting the crib, changing table, and a night stand that matches. And! And! The bedding set is here.

I feel a lot better now that we pretty much have all the big stuff. The only other big item we need is the video monitor I want, but we can swing that if need be.

How about a real 21 week belly shot?

I'm up to 9 pounds gained. All in my face, apparently. And maybe some in my big fat grandma arm.


MDZ said...

Cute nursery!! And you look totally great! I think gaining 9 pounds puts you right on track (and if anything, on the low side of weight gain). I'm at 19 weeks today and have gained 8 pounds. And I'm trying hard not to complain about that damn back fat!

Emily said...

Ok, you do not look like a Simpsons character, lol. (Although I've never seen you burp, so I could be wrong). Nice bedding, totally love it! Congrats on 21 weeks!

Sweetpea said...

We are furniture twins! You have excelent taste. :)

Seriously? - Erin said...

Slightly jealous of all the pink! We are going to use a Kidsline pattern as well so good choice.

You look adorable.

battynurse said...

I like the pink. And as usual you look fantastic.

momofonefornow said...

I heart the bedding! That combo of pink and brown is so pretty!

Shanny said...

The "pinkest pink that ever pinked a pinkhole" looks very pretty with the furniture, and the bedding is just perfect!

PJ said...

OMG!!! I love Barney!

I had a kid in my class last year that completely reminded me of Ralph! I think I even accidentally called him Ralph, once or twice!

Yea, we are big Simpsons fans.

Your belly is ridiculous!

I'm hoping for a big ass beta on Monday too. :) You were right, way back when you said the waiting, it never ends. Gaaahhh!

Two Hands said...

You look fantastic.
The room is nice and with the furniture it is not painfully pink, but just nicely pink. The bedding will go beautifully (although I am anti-crib bumper)

Jen said...

Gorgeous! (You and the nursery.)

I've always worn those men's t-shirts as pajama tops. You know, the ones they sell in packages in the underwear section. I just get a men's small or x-small and they are so comfy. They still fit me now, even at thirty four weeks. Apparently they are longer than women's shirts. (Since nothing else covers my stomach, even the maternity clothes!)

Mel said...

Love the pink!!!! =)
You actually really do look great. I am gaining it all my face, for real. I have a pregnancy double chin that makes me want to barf.

Kristin said...

You look adorable!!!! We have the same set for our son in the dark wood. I just love love love it. We all have great taste don't we? And you really don't have pregnancy face, you just think you do.

Mrs. Moose said...

New reader/poster, but I'm psyched to find that you have chosen the exact same changing table as I have for my daughter - we love it - it's been great so far (she's not quite 8 months old).

alicia said...

you look great! and LOVE the furniture and bedding! I can't wait to see it all done up!

FSD said...

You DO NOT look like Barney from the Simpsons. You look very cute!!

The changing table is nice! Great furniture pics and the bedding is really cute and girly. We're still trying to figure out bedding. Argh!!!

Anonymous said...

OK I love, love, love your blog. But I have to say, PLEASE stop the "I'm so fat blah blah blah" but here is my ADORABLE belly pic.

Don't forget your roots as an infertile. You're making us feel kinda bad.

Shila said...

You look great and your room is really cute! I love the furniture! I can't wait to see the room finished.

Lisa said...

Creepy Jen, we chose the same nursery furniture. We just got the crib and the rest will come next week!