Saturday, July 19, 2008

Adventures in Baby Making: A Timeline

October 2005: Quit birth control pill. It was giving me migraines, and we want to start trying to conceive right away.

March 2006: Married! (No more condoms!)

September 2006: OBGYN swears I will conceive by spring and says to come back in 6 months if not pregnant.

December 2006: Maybe we are timing it wrong? Start charting basal body temperature.

March 2007: Enough is enough. Much panic ensues. Call to schedule appointment with reproductive endocrinologist.

May 2007: Consult with Dr. Condescending.

June 2007: Hysterosalpingogram: uterus normal, no blockages in tubes. Semen analysis counts look good, but there is a high white blood cell count in the sample.

July 2007: Urologist says no prostate infection. Mark starts 4 months of Cipro and Motrin, for 7 days starting on my cycle day 5.

September 2007: Consult with Dr. Fabulous. Internal ultrasound shows small cyst on right ovary. Will monitor.

October 2007: Cycle Day 3 blood work and repeat semen analysis. Hormones normal. Semen analysis shows low morphology - will look at strict morphology to assess. 10/29 Laparoscopic surgery - no endometriosis. Just a badass uterus and ovaries.

November 2007: IUI #1 - Big Fat Negative. Find out that strict morphology is LOW (1.5). Need IVF but have no coverage. Shitsky.

December 2007: Learn that we have IVF coverage, but not with Dr. Fabulous. Taking a break because beating my head against the wall is starting to hurt.

January 2008: Submitted application to the Cleveland Clinic IVF program to work with the alternate Dr. Fabulous. Narrowly avoid poking my eye out with a fondue-style fork. *whew*

February 2008: Consider buying a baby doll and pretending it is real (no poopy diapers, no actual responsibility, disability pay for being bat shit crazy...). Instead, schedule a consultation at Cleveland Clinic since our application was approved.
100mg Clomid and bloodwork.

March 2008: IVF #1, starting early March. Start Lupron 3/4, suppression check 3/21.
Find new talent - would make an excellent druggie because I can give myself an injection like it's nobody's damn business.
Start Stims 3/21: 5 units Lupron, 225 Follistim
3/25: Reduce Follistim to 150, Lupron stays at 5.

April 2008: Retrieval 4/1. Transfer 4/4. Beta 4/18.
2 embroys frozen in clevage stage, 1 frozen blast. Crazy since 1980. Beta Negative - IVF #1 = Big Fat Negative (BFN)

May 2008: Bring on the science, part deux! IVF #2 on like Donkey Kong.

June 2008: BFP at home on 6/10 @ 9dp3dt!! Beta #1, 6/16 @ 15dp3dt: 964!!! Beta #2, 6/23: 27,820!

July 2008: 1st Ultrasound, 7/8: 1 healthy, 7 week heartbeat! Due date 2-24-09

August 2008: Into the second trimester! NT scan came back perfect (Downs, 1/greater than 10,000; Trisomy same). Countdown to gender determination (read: SHOPPING).