Wednesday, July 16, 2008

8 Weeks 1 Day: Still Mental

This week, our baby is the size of a lima bean. Or, as I saw on one website, a gummy bear.


It is really weird to have your growing embryo constantly compared to food in relation to size. How can you ever eat that food again without kind of thinking that it's like eating your baby when it was XWeeks and XDays old?


A friend of ours said that at the first ultrasound for his daughter, she looked just like a gummy bear, and now he can't eat them anymore. I totally sympathize!


And I also feel like a freak. Because when I eat gummy bears (or any other food shaped like an animal), I methodically eat one body part at a time.

Arm. Arm. Leg. Leg. Head. Head. Body. (If chocolate bunny? Insert tail between 2nd leg and head.)


I'm like some sort of demented candy cannibal. And now I will always have to think about it in terms of baby body parts?



My all-fucking-day sickness seems to have subsided. Sort of. I am still exhausted, but I don't feel sick all the time. I only feel like I am going to vomit about three times a day for about 15-20 minutes at a time. It's worse in the car. It's an improvement, right?


Of course, I wouldn't be a stellar infertile if I didn't start to freak out a little at the abrupt disappearance of the all-fucking-day sickness. I am really nervous now to go to my first OB appointment tomorrow. Because I have this fear that the pretty little embryo I saw in my ute just last week will be replaced with an image of a big hand flipping me the bird with a message underneath: SUCK IT, FAILURE! And the heartbeat being replaced with a repeating, "Wah, wah, wahhhhhh."


Hopefully, we will go tomorrow and get another great view of our sweet, little cupcake.

And then on Sunday? I'm meeting a friend for cupcakes at this awesome cupcake place: Main Street Cupcakes.

I'll try to block out the vision of eating my embryo.


hairyfarmerfamily said...

Thank God you didn't post actual cupcake pictures. I'm starving hungry and would probably have attempted to consume the monitor screen with gusto.

I found the sickness came and went from day to day; try not to worry too much. And I have fingers tightly crossed that you see comforting, wonderful things on the screen tomorrow. Although, given your current cannibalistic mind-buggery, perhaps I shouldn't have mentioned the screen-munching concept.

Murgdan said...

Hmmmm. I'm just wondering where you got two headed gummy bears???

Glad your all day sickness has improved and good luck at your first regular old OB appointment!

Jen said...

I eat the head in two bites (one ear at a time).

BB and MTB said...

It takes amazing self discipline to eat gummy bears like that.... I eat whole... 2 at a time.

Good luck at your first OB visit tomorrow - sending you tons of good vibes!

PJ said...

I was a wonderin' about the 2 headed gummy bears too. Thanks for clearing that up!

I just inhale them. Kinda dangerous really, but I'm like that. I live on the edge.

Have you ever been to Presti's on Mayfield? Oh. My. Gawd. It is fantastic. I think I had a chocolate raspberry mousse, and then sampled Mr. PJ's and my sister in law's goods. Just, yum!

Tricia said...

OMG you always make me laugh my ass off. Thanks. Now gummy bear will also forever scar me. LOL

DawnsRecipes said...

Hey, I just wanted to say thanks for blogging about your IF treatments. I'm about to embark on the Good Ship IVF now that I finally have the ok from my insurance company. I have my IVF consult tomorrow. I feel so much more informed (and entertained!) for having read your blog. I made up a list of questions to ask, and thanks to you I know what questions to ask. Much better than walking in and saying, "Hi.'s IVF, anyway?"

Good luck to you and your cupcake tomorrow! I'm sure there will be no finger flipping at your appointment. (Maybe on your way to the appointment, depending on where you live. Lots of rude drivers here in Massachusetts, so I get to see lots of fingers!)

Michell said...

Ok so now I want cupcakes. With lots of frosting. Reading about food (especially sweets) does that too me. I also admit to the eating body parts of candy animals thing. Hope your OB appointment goes great and you get another look at your little one.

Adriane said...

All the food references were disturbing. Early on, I remember the sesame seed reference and lentil bean reference. I thought it was really strange because it made you size up everything you ate.

I eat chocolate bunnies exactly as described. :-)

Good luck at your appt tomorrow!

Red Headed Mama said...

I also eat food shaped like animals piece by does my son. Apparently we're a bunch of weirdos!


Katie said...

I stuff as many in my mouth as I can at once and savor the mix of berry-licious gummy flavors.

Don't go praying mantis on your young. Or would that be if you ate your husband? Cannibalism is not the answer!

Good luck tomorrow. I'm sure everything will be great!

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the appointment. Glad you are feeling better. Hope to see you on Saturday! I promise no animal shaped food!! ;)


Lost in Space said...

I eat my gummy bears the same way, except the orange ones - those go to the dogs. (:

Good luck tomorrow. I hope your cupcake looks great!!

Deborah said...

OK, I am trying to eat healthy for IVF and now all I can think about is cupcakes and unfortunately it's the ones you eat, not the cute little one growing in your ute, just so we are straight.

Good luck on your ultrasound, I am sure your wee one is just perfect!

Mrs. Higrens said...

Great. Thanks. That family-sized bag of gummy bears in my cabinet suddenly looks less like a treat than a subtle form of torture. Or an orgy.

Anonymous said...

Hey girly, you're perfectly normal in your crazyness about the changes in symptoms. I LOVE morning sickness. My family thinks I'm completely mental, but on the days I don't feel as nauseous, I freak.

Just RELAX, right? Isn't that the magic cure for everything.

I read your post on Redbook re: your GYN, and I have to say that if I were you I'd find someone else. That office sounds completely clueless, and your doctor sounds like an @ss. No point in cancelling your appointment for tomorrow, but I'd be finding a new office, stat. If they're cavalier about infertility issues, they'll be the same way whenever you call with a question about the pregnancy.

J. Nelson said...

Make sure you eat two. One for each cheek. And if you feel like it eat one for me. mmmmm..cupcakes.

Veronica said...

My morning sickness peaked at about 7 and a half weeks and then settled into bouts of nausea just like yours.

With bleeding and stress and everything else, I hit 13 weeks today and was rewarded with a strong heartbeat and the confirmation of flutters.

Jaci said...

I eat food with bodies head first and from behind--so it's quick and painless and they don't see it coming. Then I work on the rest of their corpse. My kitchen used to be death row for EL Fudge elves until I looked on the back of the bag and saw each little man I killed was 90 calories. What the hell?!? Damn you fudgy elves!

I hope you appointment goes really well today! Check your myspace for a bulletin about the reunion.

Fluffy Windover said...

Hi Jen, found your blog yesterday and read every. single. word. You are laugh-out-loud hilarious and I wish to congratulate you and yours on the pregnancy! Unsolicited advice: The only thing that helped me with the pregnancy sick was sucking on a lifesaver. And lounging with my dogs. Dogs have tremendous healing properties, as I'm sure you know.
Good luck with everything! I'll be reading (I'm pregs with my fist too; 30 weeks).

alicia said...

i do the same thing with gummy bears!! eat them limb by limb. good luck at your appointment! can't wait to see ultrasounds pics!

Sarah said...

Hoping for a good u/s!

suzy said...

jen, that cupcake place is the best. My co-workers brought in a bunch of cupcakes from their when I told them I was pregnant. The mint cupcakes are awesome!! The baby will love them!!!!!