Friday, May 9, 2008

What does meme mean, anyway?

My blog buddy Io tagged me for this meme, and I love tasks so here goes:


4 Things I did 10 Years Ago (1998)

  1. I graduated from high school. Which was interesting, because I got the chicken pox my senior year – 3 days before prom and a week and 3 days before graduation. I have a funny story about that, which I will save for another time. Here's a preview: it involves herpes.
  2. I quit everything – all sports, all clubs, everything that was an obligation (well, except work) and just had fun. How nice would it be if that was an option now? Ahhh…the good old days.
  3. I ate ice cream every single day. And was still skinny. But thought I was fat. But didn't care, because I worked at Dairy Queen, and who passes up free daily ice cream?
  4. I may or may not have discovered the joy of the Screwdriver. I will not confirm or deny whether I am talking about the delicious beverage, or the helpful tool.


4 Things I did 5 Years Ago (2003)

  1. Met my future husband. We spoke almost exclusively in movie quotes during our entire first year of dating. I still have all the emails we sent to eachother, since we worked opposite schedules and only saw eachother twice a week. They could be made into one of those ridiculous movies that people go see and then say, "Why would anyone watch that?"
  2. I was still living in an apartment with my roomie Stephanie, and we were so stupid. We had these hot guy neighbors, and for some reason we decided to start leaving love notes outside their door on banana note paper. And we thought it would be a one time thing, but they wrote back, and starting buying us really cheesy stuffed animals and writing us funny poems. They were hilarious.
  3. Got my first "real" job at a financing company, and learned a lot of things about the "real" world. I loved my boss at that job, but it sucked out at least a quarter of my soul.
  4. Started, then quit, graduate school. After one class. Not sure why. I started again in 2005, and kick myself every time I think about how I could be done with school right this very second if I had the ambition in 2003 to go to class and not go to the bar with my friends.


4 Things I did Yesterday

  1. Wrote this scary entry for Redbook's Infertility Diaries
  2. Read 200 pages of "Such a Pretty Fat" by Jen LancasterJen Lancaster. If you need a laugh, please please please read her books. Read them in order: Bitter is the New Black, Bright Lights Big Ass, then Such a Pretty Fat. She is kind of my hero.
  3. Ate Pizza Hut for dinner, and then had a horrible stomach ache all night.
  4. Watched the "Business Time" video no less than 45 times. So productive.


4 Shows I love to watch

Unlike Io, I do watch a depressing amount of TV. So narrowing down to 4 was tough.


  1. The Hills – and the answer to your question is YES, I am ashamed of myself. But really people, the drama in this show is just delicous, and I love watching those skinny bitches stab eachother in the back. Who cares if it's scripted reality? It's a good script!
  2. The Soup – so snarky and funny. So many things I love. The segment names crack me up: Let's Take Some E! Let's Talk About Chicks, Man. Oprah's Va-jay-jay. If you don't watch this show, you need to.
  3. The Office – I really think that this is a show that you need to watch from the very beginning to really appreciate the humor. We DVR The Office, since I am old and crotchety and go to bed at 9. And I always watch it at least 3 times because there are so many subtle things thrown in, that I usually find a few more things to crack up about after the initial viewing.
  4. Project Runway – Who doesn't love Heidi Klum? She's adorable. And this show is so crazy addicting. The people on it are actually talented. And this past season, I was introduced to some cool new catch phrases, like: TRANNY HOT MESS. Love it.


4 things I love to do

  1. Read. I love to read, I always have. I can get through a good book in one day if I have the time. I'm not a book snob, either – I'll give anything a try. I am especially excited for the summer because I will have time to read for leisure, which is definitely not the case when I am in school.
  2. Cut my toenails. I fully realize that this is weird. But seriously? I think it feels so good to have freshly cut toenails.
  3. Lay out and swim. Especially in quiet, private places where I can relax and enjoy a nice day. I grew up with a pool, and loved to lay out and swim on summer days when school was out. Yes, I know, sun is bad for the skin and I'm going to be a prematurely wrinkled old hag. But still. My parents moved last year, so they no longer have a pool, but my in-laws still have a pool. I die a little bit inside every time they talk about filling it in…
  4. Walk our dogs. They love it! They get so tired that they get that happy face – their mouths are hanging wide open, tongues dangling to the side. We recently discovered a dog park, and they didn't really know what to do but seemed to like it.


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Marie said...

So very funny, we did toco bell last night and in a red(flo) rage I almost threw my order back through the drive thru window. My husband has never rolled up and window and drove off so fast in his life. My husband is a big man but there was fear in the man's eyes.

JJ said...

I love The Soup! Mook and I let the stress of the week go by watching it Friday night before we go to bed--yea, we're old and boring--we watch TV instead of being out partying like rock stars.

Mrs. Higrens said...

Hey thanks! DH and I play the quote game - we'll slip one into a regular conversation and the other one has to guess which movie. I usually know his quote but can't place it to the movie. On the flip side, I usually mis-quote badly enough that DH can't guess what it is.

Jill said...

Thanks for tagging me Jen! I will be happy to play along. And, it gives me something to do during this long 2ww!!!