Friday, March 21, 2008

Quickie Update

Had my suppression check today, and I'm officially growing my own Easter Eggs! (I prefer Reester Eggs, because peanutbutter.)

Lining was good, 16 antral follicles, no cysts, blodwork normal.

Lupron goes down from 10 units to 5, and starting 225 iu Follistim.

Next ultrasound is Monday.

More amusing post will follow...probably.


PJ said...

Yay, eggs! We love em'!

Keeping my fingers crossed for ya!

apronstringsemily said...

Woo-hoo! And let's hope there'll be some great hatchings!

(Now why do I have the incredible urge to squalk -- is that a word?! -- like the Cadburry Easter Bunny?!)

andrea cg said...

Good luck with your IVF cycle. I'm starting my last injectibles cycle tomorrow too!

I really enjoyed your blog - you wry sense of humor is so up my alley.

Formally from Toledo, but today glad to be in Indianapolis. My mom just called me about the snow.

Io said...

Yay eggs - I hope your's are as good as the peanut butter kind. Heck, I hope they're better. Reese's taste good, but they do not turn into babies.

Jaimie Galayda said...

Howdy! I am re-reading your blog archives for the umpteenth time : ) After two years of trying and three failed IUIs we've moved on to IVF and I decided to pass the time by reading your posts and re-living all of it with you virtually. Good golly does that make me sound lonely and stalkerish. I've been very inspired by your humor and grit for over a year now. My IVF cycle is pretty much three years after yours to the day and I felt it was time to post - so thanks, and I've been praying for Ainsley. Olivia is gorgeous, and you are a rock.