Thursday, March 13, 2008

Mediocrity! Coming to a University near you...

As an undergraduate, I was an excellent student. There were very few classes in which I got less than an A.* I would fume and beat myself up over a 92 or 93 because if I didn’t get at least above a 95 then that was basically failure. When my friends in class did better than me, by even a point, I would be so pissed because I am clearly better than you! And I want it in writing on paper in the form of numbers!

I would be “that” person in a group project who would gladly volunteer to do the lion’s share of the work. Because if you wanted a job done right, you had to do it yourself. Will I edit your portion of the paper? Sure! Can I work all weekend on making some graphs to include? No problem! Will I go to your class and pretend I’m you and take your management test? Maybe, let me check my schedule!**

At graduation in 2002, a person in my marketing group came up to us and told my parents that I was the reason he graduated, because he had a D in our marketing class and the paper we (read: I) wrote earned us the 100% that bumped him up to a C and allowed him to graduate.***

Now it’s 2008, and I’m not the same person I used to be. Mediocrity is my BFF, and my motto is “B’s get Degrees!” I am “that” person in the group who is more than willing to let the overachiever revise my paper just as long as I can get by with the least amount of work possible.

Last night, I got my auditing test back and I got an 80. And you know what? I was THRILLED! Because I didn’t study (or even read) any of the four chapters on the test until the two days before. And also, I was feeling completely sick and exhaused from Lupron the day of the test. There were times during the test where I had to stop, rest my eyes, then restart. I had to read the long questions 2 or 3 times because I would get done and not remember what I read. It’s safe to say I was struggling to get through the test without turning it in covered in drool.

My graduate record started off stellar, but went seriously downhill in the past year.**** I just can’t bring myself to focus most of the time, which sucks because it makes me stressed out at test time because I have to cram like crazy to take a test. I try to read on my lunch breaks or after work and before class, but I find my mind wandering from Accounting and Auditing to Lupron and Follistim. (Sometimes I also think about Thin Mints and wonder why no Girl Scouts live near me.)

The good news is that I only have 8 more weeks of classes, 4 more tests, 1 term paper, and 9 assignments until summer break. Then two more classes in the fall, then GRADUATION!*****

On a side note, sometimes I write my posts at work then save them to disk and just copy and paste onto blogger. I just realized that I left my disk in the computer at school the last time I did that. Guess which post was the only file saved on the disk?

My Vagina: The Revolving Door. HA!

*Except for my sophomore year, in which I got zero A’s but did manage to make it to the bar 6 days a week. Totally worth it, and I wouldn’t trade that year for anything!
** I never did that.
***He was proof that ANYONE can get a college degree. Truly.
**** By downhill, I mean B’s with a few A’s. Am dramatic.
*****Then probably 2-3 more years in my same job because I N


PJ said...

You are superwoman! I went to school and worked for years. I know how hard it is. I can't imagine going through IF stuff at the same time.

Spring break can't come soon enough!

katie said...

I was the same way in undergrad-- complete overachiever. No one cares about graduate school grades; honestly, B's are aiming high.

Have you gone in to Dr. G for an ultrasound yet?

Mrs. Higrens said...

Keebler makes a thin-mint twin if you are in need of that minty chocolaty goodness.

Congrats on passing the test!

Stace said...

I second the Keebler suggestion, they are pretty tasty in a pinch...and cheaper :)