Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Lupron shot, totally not a big deal.

Mini update:

Not a big deal at all - I couldn't even feel it. And the only negative was that my skin broke out for about 15 mins from the alcohol swab! I am a freak of nature and have super sensitive skin.

I didn't make Mark watch. He was going to sit with me while I did it but not watch. However, I got out of class early and felt like I was having a mini panic attack from waiting until 9 to do the shot. So while Mark was in the bathroom, I just thought, "Screw it," and I got my kit out and gave myself the shot without taking time to even think about it.

I'm glad it's over! Because now I know that it's really just fine and not a big deal.

I'm on Lupron until the 21st, at which point I go in for an ultrasound to make sure I'm menopausal enough, then hopefully start stims that day.


Io said...

Whoot! Good job!

Katie said...

Yay! Good to know that they aren't bad! We got our shot "lesson" today...

My day/consult wasn't great... my blog goes into the self-pitying details. But I am glad to be on my way.

PJ said...

Yea, that's how I was. I was kinda freaked out about it, until I did it. The needle is so small.

You'll be a Lupron junkie in no time! :)

the Babychaser: said...

One of my coworkers who did the Lupron thing (not part of my protocol, so I have no firsthand knowledge) told me that it made her seem like she was on crack. She didn't really notice it, but some of her friends--who didn't know she was doing IVF at the time--had thought she was "on something".

I'm always convinced someone's going to notice my track marks on my arms and think I'm a junkie.