Sunday, March 2, 2008

Gosh I’m Full!

From all the words I've had to eat lately!

"Bloated? Nooo…I don't get bloated on Clomid!!"

"Headaches? Nuh uh! I don't get headaches from Clomid."

"Hot Flashes? Nada! I don't get hot flashes on Clomid!"

"Exhausted? Not at all! I don't get exhausted on Clomid!"


NUM NUM NUM NUM NUM NUM NUM Cookie Monster Style!

Oh, the bloating. It would be cute if I was pregnant but guess what? I'm not. I'm just fat, really.

I have gained about 10 pounds since trying to get pregnant because I'm big on the comfort foods. Since December, I've lost 6 pounds because enough is enough. Every morning I weigh myself, but I can always guess (within a half pound) how much I will weigh just based on how I feel. Today I felt like I would get on the scale and see that I gained back 4 pounds. Nope! Just bloated. I haven't gained any weight back but all of my pants are too tight.

Mark keeps trying to convince me that muffin top is extremely sexy.


Io said...

Aw. At least he's being sweet and telling you it's sexy!

Mrs. Higrens said...

I'll 2nd io's comment.

Also: Bloating without pregnancy sucks. (whether from Clomid or progesterone)