Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Oh Miranda, I relate.

I'm so nervous for our appointment tomorrow.

Nervous, like, want to shove food into my mouth nervous.

*chomp chomp chomp chomp*
*chomp chomp chomp chomp*

This picture is from SATC when Robert ( hot doctor) gave Miranda a giant cookie that said "I Love You" and it freaked her out, so she ate the entire cookie.

If Dr. Goldfarb tells me we can't do IVF in March, he may as well frost it onto a damn cookie, cuz I'll need to be eatin'.

In other related news: I have given up coffee. My favorite thing.

Oh sweet lover, how I will miss your warmth and energy in the mornings.

*violent sobs*

Just so we're clear, I am not giving anything else up. Especially not my second favorite thing (saying fuck as sport) or my third favorite thing (Perez Hilton).

But really, it's pretty sad that I have a massive headache and a stomach ache because I didn't have my coffee today.

Bein' off the junk is hard work. *

*I don't really know if it was the lack of coffee, or the existence of Chipotle today that made me sick. I ate a ridiculous amount of Chipotle. So much that maybe we'll have a mexican baby.

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