Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I promise not to lose my baby.

Like I almost lost that IVF book from the library.

I felt like such a bad citizen because I lost a book on IVF that I checked out from the library. I was waiting around in hopes that I would find it but I looked everywhere and couldn't find it. Mark found it when he cleaned out my car yesterday. (yes, he was off work and cleaned out my car for me, AFTER he took it to get an oil change and before he made me dinner. Am lucky. In your face!)

After many phone calls (and near brain-numbing calls transferred around the insurance industry) I got all of my IVF meds ordered. I should be receiving my stash in a week or so.

Clomid is going well. No side effects so far. I get my CD 10 bloodwork on Saturday, then my IVF protocol on Monday or Tuesday.

Also, have had ZERO caffeine since Friday.

You know how I said before that I quit coffee? I lied. I didn't really. I just wanted you to feel like a bad infertile for drinking coffee while I sacrificed for the good of my nonexistent fetus. (Really, I was weaning myself off, and Friday was D Day (D=Dammit I want some coffee rightfuckingnow please)).

But now, no coffee. Am sad. Send chocolate and maybe guns.


Io said...

Ooo. Most impressed - my husband cooks and cleans, but he hasn't cleaned out my *car*
I think he's scared of what he might find. I have everything you could ever need in the back of my car. Seriously.
I'm glad you found the book though - I hear those librarians can be mean.

the Babychaser: said...

Glad the Clomid isn't making you crazy. Made me a raging bitch. Not that I didn't think mean things before, but they would just pop out of my mouth in a heated rage. At work. Very very bad.

And you did manage to make me feel guilty about the coffee. I don't tend to go off it until the retrieval. Only have one cup a day, but still, not I'm all paranoid. Shit.

Kara said...

Kudo's to you on the coffee, that was one of the toughest things for me to do when we were on Chlomid. I kept thinking- if I spend all this time and money on meds - why won't I just quit caffeine.

The first week is the worst, this too shall pass. You'll get through it. Keep your eye on the prize.

PS - love the video in your previous post. I think I'm going to have to post it to my blog.

Mrs. Higrens said...

My first thought: No Caffeine. Inconceivable! ("I do not think that word means what you think it means.")

My second thought: Hmmm. Maybe inconceivable is a bad word to leave in the comments of someone TTC.

My third thought: I hope my 1 Mtn. Dew / morning habit doesn't have to change. Because caffeine headaches are a bitch.

kate said...

Yeah, totally impressed that your husband cleaned out your car for you. My husband generally keeps my car tidy from the get-go (I'm not allowed to leave trash on the floor ever, apparently), and keeps the house immaculate, irons, vacuums (all that fastidious shit that I could care less about), but he can't seem to be bothered to take care of errands in the mean time (like changing the mtherefking oil on the mtherefking car...).
I mean, he's the one with the flexible schedule, and I have to BEG him to set up appointments with repair people and such that I cannot take care of because I work normal hours and we share a car (that he has during the day...).

And yes, librarians can be real assholes when you misplace books, or so I hear. I'm no longer allowed to have a library card because I never paid my fines back in Texas and apparently that shit can follow you...