Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day! I got my period!

I'm so glad that good old Aunt Florence could show up and be my Valentine. I am glad she's here for once, but I still think she's a whore.

This officially starts our IVF cycle! In 20 days I will take my first shot of Lupron.

I am going to get my bloodwork done tomorrow, then on Monday I start the Clomid.

Happy freaking Valentine's Day!

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kate said...

Found you via Io's blog (I'm another of her internet BFFs! Welcome to the club!).

Eesh. Yeah. Happy valentine's to you. AF is a *total* whore. She's such a whore, in fact, that I refuse to even use her name. What an asshole.

At least it marks the beginning of your cycle. Go IVF! WOOT! Do your job, etc. and all of that.