Friday, February 8, 2008

Fun with Drug Paraphernalia

Tah Dah!

Here is the giant stash I got yesterday at the RE.

Please note: big sack o’drugs has not yet arrived.

This is merely the ouchy needle sticky part of the blogram.

Left to Right: Follistim Pen (so cool, by the way), about 100 diabetic needles, 2 big scary needles I hope I never use, alcohol swabs, extra Follistim needles, and gauze.

Just to show you just how much time I had on my hands yesterday:

My Follistim Pen

Should be called: Injectibles for Dumbasses

It. Is. Awesome.
It looks like a pen, so if you have to take your shot out with you, you won’t look like a weirdo freak.

The clicker at the top measures the medicine, you just spin the yellow part.

The needles containers look like little coffee creamers. (cries a little over void in life since coffee is gone)

Eff You, Needles!

Oh Clomid. Dear, sweet, innocent Clomid. How I miss thee and your feelings of innocent hopefullness. (You are a total bastard for not knocking me up on demand.)

Follow the Orange Syringe Road! (but watch your step. That shit is SHARP!)

Big scary needle.

I’m sure she put these in by accident.
Not for those evil intramuscular shots that I won’t have to do because I am SPESHUL (dammit!).
Are you scurred?

I am, you know, a little scurred...


Io said...

I would be scurred as well. I am hoping that by the time I do my IVF (ya know, like next few months or a year maybe?) they have come up with a magical way to take this shit. By drinking it with beer or something.

(By the way, you are very funny and I will now proceed to cyber stalk you until you become one of my online bffs.)

the Babychaser: said...

Hey Jen, I just tagged you for a little thingie (I daren't use the word "meme" because I have no fucking clue what it means), if you want to play. Come visit me and see.

You're one of my favorite blog chickies, so I'm giving you lots of good press. Many others will soon stalk you as well, and you will have to change your blog title to something less cool.

Malloryn said...

Yes, I am here because of my favorite stalker, the Babychaser :)

Jen, I would definitely be scurred too... even though I admire the artistic placement of the objects in your pictures, it's quite scurry!

I appreciate how you INJECT humor into a difficult topic (har har).

Mrs. Higrens said...

Yikes! That's a lot of needles. I'm scurred just looking at them.

And I'm with io on finding a magical way to do this shit. Forget drinking, if we are talking magic, I want the wand that you wave and "poof" you're pregnant!

Dreamer4agift said...

I found your blog through the babychaser...just wanted to say that you have quite a way with writing that made me laugh continuously. Not b/c of your situation, but in how you word everything. I hope you don't mind, but I'm joining you in your journey.

Good luck with the needles...I'll be starting that in a few weeks. Don't be scurred cuz I'm goin' off of your reaction:)

Anonymous said...

Hey, I think the big needles might be just for MIXING the concoction! At least I hope so. I freaked when I saw the needle for the HCG shot, but it turned out to be the mixer, and then the needle for the actual shot was much better. Same thing with Menopur.