Thursday, February 7, 2008

Dr. Goldfarb = the bestest.

We had our appointment today!

It went really well. I liked Dr. Goldfarb very much, and I liked all of the nurses and administrative staff I met. They seem busy, but very nice and very willing to take time to answer questions.

We discussed our overall situation, and Dr. G felt that we could try a few more IUI cycles, but we could also move on to IVF, whichever felt right. And I said, "Bring on the science, bitches!"*

Then he said something that totally took me off guard: You can start your Lupron TODAY if you want.

Then I said, "What you talkin' bout, Willis?"*
Or maybe I said, "I'm not mentally prepared for February. I am mentally prepared for March."

The words tumbled out of my mouth like drool after a dentist appointment, and I was completely surprised. After 22 (very soon to be 23) months of trying to get pregnant, I totally wussed out at jumping on a pretty-sure thing. Weird.

Since we're basically skipping February, Dr. G suggested trying the Clomid Challenge to check my hormones the first and second parts of my cycle to see which IVF protocol will work the best. I think it's a good idea! So I'll be on 100 mg of Clomid this month on cycle days 5-9.

The cool part about the Clomid thing is that I will make some good eggs, so we can try on our own without any science. Not that I mind science, me and science are LIKE THIS! But it makes me feel like I'm being proactive instead of sitting on my ass and eating carbs and generally cursing life for a month.

I will start Lupron to suppress my egg development starting on cycle day 21. It is safe to take while pregnant, so if hell freezes over and we do get pregnant on the Clomid cycle, it will all be fine.

After the gets a little fuzzy. I'm pretty confused. There are about a billion things that need to happen, and will happen, and I'm sure someone will tell me to be at whatever place at whatever time. I'm sure dumber people than I have figured this out.

Other things involved are needles, Follistim, and needles. And HCG, needles, needles, and Progesterone, and needles.


I asked about the Progesterone in Oil shots, because they are intramuscular and let's face it, I am a pansy ass. I don't think Mark can do it, and I don't want to do it. Dr. G said that there is no real proof that the vaginal progesterone is not as good as the shots, so we can use that instead.

Basically, he said everything I wanted to hear, and that's probably why I liked him. I like getting my way.

Here's some good news: I managed to stay awake while getting blood drawn! So I guess I now join the other 99% of the population who can get blood drawn with their big girl underwear on, and not crap their pants and pass out! Go me!

Bottom Line: We will start all the meds in early March, and we should get our negative or positive test results in early April.

*No I didn't. I'm not that funny in real life.


suzy said...

wow, looks like you got a lot accomplished during your first appt. Thats more then I got out of my last m.d. on all three encounters with her. I'm sure its a huge relief. I can't wait until my appt. with Dr. G next friday. Hope it goes as well!!!

the Babychaser: said...

Hurray for science!!! If IVF weren't so hideously expensive, and if the stakes weren't so fucking high, it would be a pretty cool experience. First, you give yourself these shots, which makes you feel like a total badass because you've got your own personal sharps container sitting by the TV in the kitchen, and you'll actually FILL it and need a NEW one.

And then these shots--which are small enough that it seems like they could not possible do anything--make you develop TONS of follicles. You sneer at the 2-4 follies you created during IUI. Now you have FIFTEEN of them!!! And they just keep GROWING!

And if you're really hard-core (a.k.a. male factor infertility), the doctors will actually inject a chosen sperm into each egg. How cool is that?

Sigh. I wish it weren't so damn important. If only I didn't care so much....

Good luck with the clomid-crazies!

(Oh, and the best progesterone option is fairly new--endometrin. It's a vaginal suppository (eeewww!), that is easy-peasy to use.)

casicola said...


Thats all I have to say.

and some more hahahahahhahha

Good for you staring so soon. And I am so glad you are doing the clomid on the wait month....Yay for you. This is sososo soon!

Mrs. Higrens said...

Yay for a great first appointment with a new doctor! I'll cross my fingers and send some moonbeams and unicorns your way to add some magic to that the clomid/lupron cycle.

(what is it with RE's having "Gold" in their last name? Ours does too - and I wonder if it has something to do with how much these efforts to fulfill our dreams cost?)