Friday, February 15, 2008

Cycle Day 2 Bloodwork - Done!

I got my CD 2 Bloodwork done today after much drama.

Bloodwork is such a pain in the ass for me in the first place, because I pass out like a wee little baby. It's ridiculous. Something about needles makes me want to grab onto my mom's leg and throw a tantrum in the doctor's office. This is a problem, because IVF requires much bloodwork, and also because AM GROWN-UP, sonofabtich what is my problem?! AHHHHH!

So I am always all worked up for bloodwork, because I pass out and am all "woe is me, I passed out" for the rest of the day whenever I have to get it done. I went over on my lunch break, and the damn place was closed. For lunch. Because it was lunchtime and the worker at Quest thought it was OK to break for lunch! On MY cycle day 2! (the nerve)

So I had to wait 40 minutes for her to come back. I should mention that there was a woman at the office who was CLEARLY there for drug testing (and CLEARLY about to fail fucking miserably), who filled out atleast 32 entries to win a $50 gift card, and only stopped filling out said entries because she used up all of the cards. Wow. And she was really excited that this particular Quest just opened because it was really convenient for her. And I was so happy to have made a new friend who wouldn't stop talking to me.

She took down all my information, then asked for my insurance card. And guess what? No. damn. insurance card. I even dumped the entire contents of my giant purse out on the counter and she helped me look. And then she said, "You irresponsible douche, you don't deserve a baby! You can't even remember your insurance card! How will you remember your baby?"

(so she didn't really, but, you know, I felt like a real asshole and I wouldn't blame her at that point.)

I went back to work, printed out a temporary card, and took it back. She said she didn't think she was supposed to take it, but would because she knew I had to be testing with my cycle and didn't want me to miss my window. Then I asked her to marry me, but she said no and I was OK with that.

And I got a little woozy after the bloodwork, and she told me that sugar would help. Which was really cool because there was a Cold Stone next door, and so I got myself good and sugared up afterwards. You know, phlebotomists orders.

Many words just to say: CD 2 Bloodwork - done! 3 days to Clomid, 19 days to Lupron.


Anonymous said...

I want you to know that I was that lady at Quest today going in for my weekly, court-ordered test for PCP and meth. I find your perception of me cruel and untrue... Of course I am going to win that goddamn drawing.

Katie said...

Ha, ha. I was testing the limits of anonymous posting. That was from me.

Jen said...


Kate said...

Oh goodness. I was looking for ways to relax during blood work and came across this post.

I'm so glad that, as a grown-ass woman, I'm not alone in being completely freaked out by needles and the fact that I pass out as soon as they stick the damn thing in my arm.

Not to mention the headache afterward and the nurses talking about me behind my back.