Saturday, February 23, 2008

Cycle Day 10 Bloodwork: Donesky.

And holy crap! Dr. Goldfarb (the king himself) was there. On a Saturday. And drew my damn blood.

I might never wash this arm again.*

So anyway, I got the results of my CD 2 Bloodwork, and the doc said, "they couldn't be better." Well, good, because I like being all that I can be. (Not with the Army or anything, but just in general.)

My FSH was 5.9, and he threw out some other number that was really good, but I forget because HEY! MY FSH IS ALL THAT IT CAN BE! ***

I didn't pass out during the blood draw, but I was laying down so I don't think it is cause for back pats on my part. And Mark was smirking at me the whole time, like "you dumbass." However, he gets woozy too so next time he gets blood drawn I am going and I'm going to smirk at him the whole time, like "you dumbass."

I'm supposed to hear from Dr. Goldfarb today about my results, which I find amazing. One because it is SATURDAY. And two, because what the hell Dr. Goldfarb? Why are you so awesome that you would have time to call me? On a SATURDAY?!** I'm thinking the doctor switch was a little lucky on my part, since the other Dr. Fabulous wanted to bring me in for an appointment if he had to say one word to me about anything (read: $20 copay, $150 from my insurance company, Vacation in Maui for Dr. Fabulous). They blame it on HIPAA, but whatever.

Monday I have to use OPK's again. A friend of mine calls them a tool of the devil, and I agree. Evil, evil, evil. I can never tell if the lines are the same color because infertility has made me totally unable to read OPK's or Pregnancy tests. (Is the line the same color? Is that a second line, or an evaporation line? Did my Clearblue Easy Digital just tell me to fuck off? AHHHHHH!)

On a non-fertility-related note, I'm going to see Wicked tonight. It was my Christmas present, and I'm pretty excited. I love an excuse to get dressed up. Plus I've purchased, like, 7 dresses lately and it gives me the chance to say, "See? I needed this dress! Don't you want me to look pretty?" Musical theater isn't really Mark's thing, so I'll be enjoying it alone, I think. We saw Phantom of the Opera on the night we got engaged, and he didn't like it. However, I loved it! If I had an unlimited supply of money, I think I would want to see shows all the time.


*I really hope Dr. Goldfarb doesn't Google himself and find this post and think, "Ew, icky stalker patient!"**

**Just in case: Dr. Goldfarb – I love you, but not in THAT way. Don't worry.

***FSH = Follicle Stimulating Hormone. According to Taking Charge of Your Fertility: "the hormone produced by the pituitary gland that stimulates the ovaries to produce mature ova and the hormone estrogen." If your level is high, it indicates that your ovaries are failing, which means poor egg quality, which means suckage. They like to see the number under 12 in the beginning of the cycle, so 5.9 sounds pretty good.


andrea said...

have fun tonite! who cares if mark doesn't have as much fun as you do - you will look hot in a new dress enjoying the wicked ness!! that is all that is important right?!!

glad your FSH is looking good!

the Babychaser: said...

One of the best things about IVF (and yes, I did just start a sentence that way), is that you are suddenly a LOT more important to your doctor than ever before. Think about how much money they're making off of you. They SHOULD call you any day of the week! They know you by name, know your stats by heart, and (at least in my case) actually CARE what happens to you.

It's kind of nice. I mean, I'd gladly go back to an impersonal doctor that ignored me if I only had to pay a $20 copay for an IVF cycle. But apparently that's not a deal being offered right now. So I'll take the personal attention along with the bill, please.