Saturday, February 23, 2008

COMMENTS! Me likey.

I have to say, I love the comments!

It is so fun to check my email and see that hey! I have 3 new blog comments!

Then I whip out my I-phone*, put on my cape**, and go to my bloggers because they need me! To publish their witty comments!

GAWD, am so important and fabulous.



*Yes, I have an I-phone. Yes, I do love it. Yes, it was really expensive. No, you cannot touch it.

**My cape has a big logo on it, kind of like Superman, but better. Instead of the S, there is a giant sperm wearing an eye patch.***

***A lot of people mistake it for a hammerhead shark, but it's not. It is a sperm with poor morphology.


Io said...

*drool* pleeeaaaase can I touch the iphone? Pleaaaasssse?

andrea said...

i just laughed out loud, literally.