Friday, January 18, 2008

Babies Bawl at Benihana

There aren't many times I am tempted to say this, but:
GAWD I'm glad I don't have kids!

Mark and I went to Benihana for Japanese food tonight. (It was good, but Tokyo House still holds my heart in its greasy little hands.) And there was a kid at the table next to us. Having a FIT. For, oh I don't know, 45 minutes? And everyone was just shooting daggars at their table. Truly, it was so irritating.

Chopsticks are sharp. It was downright scary at moments.

But seriously...what do you do when your child is screaming nonstop for several minutes in a public place? This little boy was probably 4 or 5. To me, it seems like his parents should've taken him somewhere private to calm down and brought him back.

Some mom-blogger is reading this and saying "stupid infertile idiot. what do you know about kids?"

I don't know anything about kids, so ha! And I had a nice glass of wine, flirted with my husband, and ate my dinner in peace (with the exception of your screaming child). Jealous??

OK, I have to go obsess over IVF now. ;)


The Baby Chase said...


Ever try to have a conversation with someone caring for a toddler? I savor those moments now....

ggop said...

I agree with you! Don't the books say remove the child from the situation if the tantrums don't cease? (At least my friends count to 10 and we just take our food to go)

My parents never took us to restaurants till we were 8-9 years old. The ice cream shop was our weekly treat.