Friday, November 30, 2007

So cheerful, it's almost gross.

I had a wonderful day today!

I will save you the boring details, in case you are not interested in the excruciating bore that is my life: MY MEDS ARE COVERED!

$6,675 for IVF and that's it!

Now for the boring details.

I was in a good mood today.

If you're dealing with infertility, you know how great it is to have the fog clear for a day and to just feel good. And normal and happy.

I got to work and got a bunch of stuff done!
I cleared out my inbox and returned all of my emails!
I successfully dodged my boss for 4 hours!
I planned out our budget until July!
I made a very yummy spreadsheet with formulas and workbooks!*
I finished my Christmas shopping during my lunch break!

I was feeling good, productive...I was kicking ass. Not taking names. No time for taking names!

Then I checked my cell and had a message from the insurance billing coordinator** at the RE office. She called my insurance company to verify that my meds are covered and they are. THEY ARE! Yessssss <------ Napoleon Dynamite style. The one true flaw for the day is that I did not get to enjoy a Frosty. I have a coupon book for 10 free Frosties (right? the plural of...ah, fuck it). I made the mistake of going to Wendy's at 12:30.

I couldn't even pull into the parking lot and I almost wrecked into a total douche driving a Lexus SUV, smoking a cigarette, and yelling into a cell phone while driving like Nick Hogan.****

So I decide to park and go in, but when I get to the door, I find that the line is actually out the door and around the building. In 30 degree weather. Call me crazy, but I said screw the Frosty.

*Organization = Orgasm

**I have no idea how Dr. Fabulous runs his office because it is insanely busy and I can always get an appointment, and I never have to sit in the waiting room. However, he has all kinds of staff with different titles, all containing the word "coordinator." IVF Coordinator. Finance Coordinator. Insurance Billing Coordinator. Nurses Coordinator. Coordinators Coordinator?***

*** I'd like that job. I bet I could really coordinate all of the coordinators. I'd coordinate the shit out of them.

****I hate rich people. I should have let him hit me, then filed a law suit for damages in the amount of $6,675.

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