Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Oh, Hai....

What? Am I pregnant?

Ah hahahahahaha! No you silly goose! I am not, but thank you for asking.

Not only am I not pregnant, I am having the worst. Period. Ever.

And also - we need to do IVF.

See? I'm so much fun to be around these days! If you haven't been around me, you're missing out. I am a barrell of laughs. I have many interesting and funny and witty things to say, and people's eyes do not glaze over as I talk about ANOTHER setback in trying to just have a damn baby. I am so not bitter. I'm so happy for the million people I know right now who got pregnant after a few months of trying. I'm so excited for the holidays so I can see people who will all say the wrong thing. I can't wait to have to talk about our adventures in baby-making - because damn this is all so much fun! Wheeeeee!

You know how sometimes you get on an amusement park ride or roller coaster? And after about 30 seconds you just want to scream to the controller - "STOP THIS RIDE! I WANT OFF!"

That sums it up. I need a break.
And maybe copious amounts of alcohol.

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Anonymous said...

this is where i am right now...bring on the alcohol...:)